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#1 Aaron Patterson - Edge
Showing 22 commits

Hash Date Message
1fb9e6e 2015-01-28 improve performance of integration tests.
4080dd2 2014-12-30 stop referencing `env` in url_for
87a7591 2014-12-30 use methods on the request rather than direct hash access
6818c2c 2014-12-30 Merge pull request #18219 from jaroslawr/master
047b2a9 2014-12-23 Check `respond_to` before delegation due to: https://git...
4c2aaca 2014-12-13 Merge pull request #18019 from eileencodes/pass-connecti...
e47b523 2014-12-01 ugh, forgot to add this test to cdd90f39d796986dabf1678b...
c9a5ed2 2014-12-01 Merge pull request #17827 from rkh/rkh-fix-or-pattern
4dacedf 2014-11-16 correctly escape backslashes in request path globs
9c37d8e 2014-10-10 FileHandler should not be called for files outside the root
ace0322 2013-12-04 Merge pull request #13151 from hone/3-1-stable
5aeb472 2013-12-01 Only use valid mime type symbols as cache keys
e97530f 2013-12-01 Only use valid mime type symbols as cache keys
4d47885 2013-04-09 Merge branch '2-3-later' into 2-3-stable
46c26e8 2013-04-09 Merge branch '3-1-later' into 3-1-stable
77403a9 2013-03-16 fix protocol checking in sanitization [CVE-2013-1857]
f2839f1 2013-02-11 Revert "Merge pull request #9126 from mbarb0sa/bugfix/js...
182d4e3 2013-02-11 Merge branch '3-0-sec' into 3-0-stable
360af4e 2013-02-11 Merge pull request #9126 from mbarb0sa/bugfix/json-decod...
f8a2ec2 2013-02-10 adding test for CVE
b0bf30c 2013-02-10 adding test for CVE
10513d2 2013-01-30 Merge pull request #9111 from jsomara/3-0-json-fix