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#1 Aaron Patterson - Edge
Showing 582 commits

Hash Date Message
3e92806 2014-11-21 raise a better exception for renaming long indexes
78e7a0d 2014-11-18 pull the preloader allocation in to a factory method
690bdf9 2014-11-17 Merge branch '4-0-sec' into 4-0-stable
042c7cb 2014-11-17 Merge branch '4-1-sec' into 4-1-stable
4dacedf 2014-11-16 correctly escape backslashes in request path globs
aeb917d 2014-11-13 exec_prepared is GVL friendly, so lets use it.
049caa9 2014-11-09 Merge pull request #17217 from codeodor/fix-17119
cb97637 2014-11-08 Merge pull request #17493 from petewest/duration-comparable
c2fc984 2014-11-08 default scopes should break the cache on has_many.
ffb6d37 2014-11-04 Merge branch '17106'
9dbcac7 2014-11-04 add lib to $LOAD_PATH on application inhertence. fixes #...
0d5a384 2014-11-04 add a test for #17106
3dae34e 2014-11-01 fix set_pk_sequence and add a test for it.
bc3490c 2014-11-01 remove unused and untested API
c6f9518 2014-10-30 Merge branch 'master-sec'
6dc1787 2014-10-30 add bigserial pk support
99798b9 2014-10-16 we don't need a HWIA and a hash allocated for just one k...
66cd96d 2014-10-16 just look up the primary key from the columns hash
574234b 2014-10-16 add table.bigint support
2eee8af 2014-10-14 make sure cache is not used for collection assocations too
b59d47d 2014-10-14 break cache if we're inside a "scoping" call. fixes #17052
2a0d97b 2014-10-13 measure record instantiation time in AS::Notifications
f0c2c64 2014-10-13 add length to ActiveRecord::Result
9c37d8e 2014-10-10 FileHandler should not be called for files outside the root
d1123f2 2014-10-10 FileHandler should not be called for files outside the root
5127857 2014-10-10 Merge pull request #17014 from grosser/grosser/fast-fixt...
23ef525 2014-10-03 Merge pull request #17160 from lsylvester/duration-hash
a455e3f 2014-09-29 Merge pull request #17093 from phiggins/remove-dynamic-s...
c363fff 2014-09-27 some object allocation reduction for new AR objects
4e8ea13 2014-09-23 Merge pull request #17020 from Sirupsen/ar-override-rack...
9a4e183 2014-09-22 add a truncate method to the connection
808070b 2014-09-20 Merge pull request #15791 from zev/add_model_to_recordno...
8a47e87 2014-09-15 handle <%== nil %> cases
97ef636 2014-09-14 Stop nil checking on safe_append=
ed7c851 2014-09-05 Merge pull request #16788 from codeodor/fix-16761
2e6625f 2014-09-04 always reorder bind parameters. fixes #15920
0942100 2014-09-03 extract updating all fixture cache to a method so we can...
00775e7 2014-09-02 Merge pull request #16762 from eileencodes/refactor-add_...
ba7d35c 2014-08-31 Merge pull request #16755 from codeodor/master
365aa65 2014-08-30 reduce object allocations in utc_offset
6d86762 2014-08-28 Merge pull request #16637 from Agis-/redirect-with-const...
cab85e9 2014-08-28 remove useless parameter
7a2622b 2014-08-28 remove dead code
4751a8c 2014-08-14 Merge pull request #16504 from schneems/schneems/fix_url...
6c51cc8 2014-08-14 extract methods and metaprogram less.
43ce6e2 2014-08-14 ask the scope object if it is a resource_method_scope
e4cb381 2014-08-14 ask the scope for the action name
374d66b 2014-08-14 reduce calls to scope_level
677bc21 2014-08-14 scope_level is no longer a hash key, just use the ivar
047af8d 2014-08-14 change to attr_reader
19bb677 2014-08-14 move the scope level key fully inside the scope object
911ef97 2014-08-14 move scope_level to a method on the scope object
0127f02 2014-08-14 only look up scope level once
91608dc 2014-08-14 only test `prefix` once
318eea0 2014-08-14 pass consistent parameters to canonical_action?
3b908cb 2014-08-14 fewer operations on the options hash
d4981c3 2014-08-13 this should be accessing the hash, not calling a method
efb835c 2014-08-13 UnexpectedErrors may reference exceptions that can't be ...
dde91e9 2014-08-08 save a hash allocation per request.
5b27f1e 2014-08-08 add a test for prepending SCRIPT_NAME to generated urls
e81453e 2014-08-07 need to call super
8121eef 2014-08-07 add a new constructor that runs load hooks
2296989 2014-08-07 defer running after_config hooks until after the object ...
399f5f6 2014-08-07 use the uri parser so that newer version of Ruby work
69adfc9 2014-08-07 Merge pull request #16421 from tsukasaoishi/prevant_many...
d25fe31 2014-08-07 lazily instantiate application subclasses
2090615 2014-08-06 refactor Redirecting so we do not need a controller inst...
acb371c 2014-08-05 call the routes method on engines
9a36fac 2014-08-05 a rails application should be an engine subclass
7067375 2014-08-05 no reason to lazily instantiate the routes
ed180ee 2014-08-05 just assign the instance variables on the test
3300fde 2014-08-05 avoid testing only_path
ea7fc2e 2014-08-01 just set the host, no need for another hash allocation /...
8cbcd19 2014-08-01 always return a string from find_script_name
e9bbe4a 2014-07-31 use `get` instead of accessing the named routes internals
ed9b23d 2014-07-31 invert check so we fail faster
3e9158b 2014-07-31 do a hash lookup for collision detection
316b32d 2014-07-31 Merge pull request #16355 from xaviershay/validate-in-gr...
3429b0c 2014-07-31 remove useless deup
20ec0d2 2014-07-31 push options inside the scope object
dc3f25c 2014-07-31 turn scope in to a linked list
20a277c 2014-07-30 don't access named routes internals
68aea29 2014-07-30 remove alias_method_chain
0960327 2014-07-30 avoid instrospection on the module
d9108ab 2014-07-30 fix variable name
210b338 2014-07-30 split path_helpers and url_helpers
cf6658c 2014-07-30 `add` will remove the method if it exists already
d7b726b 2014-07-29 oops! :bomb:
f889831 2014-07-29 ask the named routes collection if the route is defined
0088b08 2014-07-29 helpers should be a Set so it doesn't grow unbounded
41931b8 2014-07-29 pass the module to define_named_route_methods
a2e9266 2014-07-29 only ask for the routes module once
d2d3376 2014-07-29 eval_block should be private
9f63a78 2014-07-28 remove the mounted? method
099fd0e 2014-07-28 remove some caching
0b773c3 2014-07-23 specify N=0 to prevent parallel tests (just run tests on...
d4c8068 2014-07-18 reporting is only done in one thread, so we can safely r...
be9f868 2014-07-17 %i doesn't work on 1.9
5737c8e 2014-07-17 fix thread safety issues
5751b7e 2014-07-17 pass the test reporter by reference
abd7430 2014-07-17 fix filesystem race condition
8d126c9 2014-07-17 do not restart the service, just stop it
d548a36 2014-07-17 only parallelize on forking systems
c64bff2 2014-07-17 [EXPERIMENTAL] run actionpack tests in parallel
932386b 2014-07-17 `recall` should be `path_parameters`, also make it required
212057b 2014-07-17 pass the route name to define_url_helper
2888f86 2014-07-17 use a strategy object for generating urls in named helpers
a9765c5 2014-07-17 helper methods are public, so we can just call them
c6a97b8 2014-07-17 subclass Rails::Engine
0e26271 2014-07-17 extract path building to a method
69799ed 2014-07-17 break out path building logic to methods
f875331 2014-07-17 only extract :params from the options hash once
1e930e7 2014-07-16 we do not need to dup the options hash, it is private an...
9b15828 2014-07-16 push rails app testing up
4a7b959 2014-07-16 Rails-ish apps should descend from Rails::Railtie
d66536d 2014-07-16 app should always be a class (I suppose)
832d2c4 2014-07-16 we should be checking if the app is a class
f636652 2014-07-16 extract inner options before delegating to the helper
90f0cdc 2014-07-16 always transcode the file to utf-8
7880f39 2014-07-16 Fix 1.9. uggghhhhhh get it together @tenderlove :bomb:
993ca82 2014-07-16 fix for 1.9 kwargs syntax
1ae9f05 2014-07-16 routed applications will respond to these methods
f3c1832 2014-07-15 stop passing recall to url_for
8e105a5 2014-07-15 rack 1.6 encodes the filenames in posts correctly now
3ef98a1 2014-07-15 fix warnings
8eb7bcb 2014-07-15 stop calling url_for with recall parameters and actually...
a3ca700 2014-07-15 execute a request and check the path_parameters
ab1e322 2014-07-15 set `set` in the setup method
07f7f3a 2014-07-15 remove useless ivar set
0777b17 2014-07-15 RouteSet should be in charge of constructing the dispather
85343d9 2014-07-14 Merge pull request #16089 from eileencodes/refactor-refl...
6e76031 2014-07-10 * gcampbell-rosetta_flash:
93fb4c1 2014-07-10 Merge branch 'rosetta_flash' of
97d62a3 2014-07-08 Merge pull request #13999 from jamox/update_rack
e0c6b35 2014-07-07 test i18n against a routed app
1e7f28c 2014-07-07 remove the mounted_helpers respond_to check
09eeb3f 2014-07-07 always test against a routed rack app so there are alway...
9d599ab 2014-07-02 do not hold on to a stale connection object. fixes #15998
da57d0b 2014-06-30 push host / port / protocol extraction up
ef686a6 2014-06-19 add both branches to the only_path conditional
d7f780c 2014-06-12 only check named_host? once in normalize_host
977a2f3 2014-06-12 lookup subdomain from the options hash once, defaulting ...
160f56c 2014-06-12 only extract domain from the options hash once
21c6261 2014-06-12 reduce calls to `named_host?`
caf1bfc 2014-06-12 use Ruby for mocking
df3c782 2014-06-11 remove useless to_param call
ba1c685 2014-06-11 only look up the subdomain once
3327dd4 2014-06-11 scheme should contain one or more characters
a64914d 2014-06-11 pull the port out of the options hash once
ed37698 2014-06-11 remove useless nil check
3aabac5 2014-06-11 these methods are always called with a tld_parameter
1b14bff 2014-06-11 rm `same_host?`. The same conditional is two lines down.
3654f1b 2014-06-11 Revert "rm `same_host?`. The same conditional is two li...
79469b4 2014-06-11 rm `same_host?`. The same conditional is two lines down.
85ba47e 2014-06-11 cache host on the stack so we only look it up once
ec1cadd 2014-06-11 only pull :protocol from the options hash once
aaaff36 2014-06-11 cache protocol on the stack to reduce options hash lookups
1c432d1 2014-06-11 eliminate nil checks in normalize_port
a6f30be 2014-06-11 reduce hash lookups and disconnect normalize_port from t...
a5ab38c 2014-06-11 remove deprecated code. Rely on `describe` provided by m...
32b6873 2014-06-09 Merge pull request #15595 from eileencodes/abstract-away...
17fc6f1 2014-06-06 eliminate more wasteful allocations
092f740 2014-06-06 remove another wasteful AS::SafeBuffer allocation
e9f215d 2014-06-06 eliminate wasteful AS::SafeBuffer allocation
805c31d 2014-06-05 Merge pull request #15513 from zenspider/remove_flush_ou...
1ce0cc0 2014-06-04 Merge branch 'master' of
3f7e482 2014-06-03 push splitting "to" up the callstack
f39fad0 2014-06-03 force table creation
df8e89e 2014-06-03 oops! :bomb:
cc26b6b 2014-06-03 Routes specifying 'to:' must be a string that contains a...
4097ff5 2014-06-03 use the factory method to construct the mapping
e3df1dd 2014-06-03 add tests for mixing :to and controller / action
af1c866 2014-06-03 push some options munging to an alternate constructor
eaaf899 2014-06-03 remove options as an ivar
92d16ec 2014-06-03 only loop over `options` once (hopefully)
10c1787 2014-06-03 push options_constraints processing up
5029c37 2014-06-03 only do is_a checks on `formatted` once
a217071 2014-06-03 add tests for nested lambda constraints
404feeb 2014-06-03 return early from add_request_method
522038a 2014-06-03 move options_constraints tests next to each other
981029b 2014-06-03 only do Regexp === option once
c94504c 2014-06-03 remove :defaults from the IGNORE_OPTIONS list
c0fc116 2014-06-03 only loop through constraints once
03de3a0 2014-06-03 only look up scope[:module] once
4d3955a 2014-06-03 change defaults allocation to a one-liner
5b71006 2014-06-03 :only is never used in Mapping, so rm the key
d00bbe6 2014-06-03 no longer need the scope ivar
43d2105 2014-06-03 remove IGNORE_OPTIONS
82f1157 2014-06-03 remove :constraints from IGNORE_OPTIONS
496e25a 2014-06-03 disconnect options and scope from the `blocks` method
3346d52 2014-06-03 disconnect normalize_defaults! from options[:constraints]
fb9f01b 2014-06-03 pull up via extraction and remove it from options / IGNO...
2c32e94 2014-06-03 always make :via a list
e975b7d 2014-06-03 disconnect the constraints method from the options and s...
4bc441c 2014-06-03 :on is removed from options before the Mapping is instan...
6a3cbac 2014-06-03 always pull out a via variable and simplify logic
5491710 2014-06-03 remove another value from IGNORE_OPTIONS
c91648b 2014-06-03 remove :as and :anchor from IGNORE_OPTIONS
a04767d 2014-06-03 shorten up IGNORE_OPTIONS
16e2107 2014-06-03 test with an empty via
57d0da8 2014-06-03 add a test for missing "via" parameter
f28788b 2014-06-03 only look up the format option from the hash once
e2a97ad 2014-06-02 call `capture` fewer times from `form_for`
8899503 2014-06-02 drastically reduce object allocations
29a1b77 2014-06-02 reduce AS::SafeBuffer allocations
9e4bb99 2014-06-02 concat is a hotspot (via AV#append=), so just directly d...
b5d53f8 2014-06-02 just use `assert`
74b73f1 2014-05-29 Mapping never actually uses @set, so rm
be137b0 2014-05-29 no reason to make a Mapper object if the path is blank
c767fbf 2014-05-29 Merge branch 'mapper'
da2cf93 2014-05-29 no more is_a checks on instantiation
bb207ea 2014-05-29 Path::Pattern is instantiated internally, so make the co...
5682596 2014-05-29 Strexp#names is only used in a test, so rm
333a4d0 2014-05-29 pass the parsed path from mapper to the Strexp
15ffbed 2014-05-29 add an alternate constructor to Strexp that takes a string
eabe504 2014-05-29 ask the strexp for the ast
7da98d0 2014-05-29 remove dead code
b3719d3 2014-05-29 disconnect path from the instance
ffbe1b1 2014-05-29 reuse the ast we already made
3a102a5 2014-05-29 use a parser to extract the group parts from the path
b5ea25b 2014-05-29 pass the parsed parameters through the methods so we don...
295e912 2014-05-29 Merge branch 'master' into mapper
8ed1a56 2014-05-29 "controllers" should be a valid path name
7e61a32 2014-05-29 controllers with slash names are also not supported, so ...
d311922 2014-05-29 only validate controllers
75bfe64 2014-05-29 golf down a bit
3d0dc81 2014-05-29 only error handling between controller and action is the...
6cabf1d 2014-05-29 add a test for controllers without colons
89bf31e 2014-05-28 move nil check to a method that yields to a block if the...
78deb7f 2014-05-28 translate action / controller to the desired object
309ff10 2014-05-28 only one nil check on the action variable
a729f40 2014-05-28 change to case / when on types
b27a3af 2014-05-28 only do one nil check against the controller
8d30983 2014-05-28 extract controller and action parsing to a method
bc916a7 2014-05-28 we don't need the call to presence. that is my present, ...
3c03e7e 2014-05-28 swtich to returning early if to responds to call
ac9a3a9 2014-05-28 return early if we have a valid controller name
996e9f5 2014-05-28 trade 2 is_a? checks for a nil check
60ae505 2014-05-28 invert logic to remove nil? and exclude? checks (use rub...
353df48 2014-05-28 fewer blank? calls
c99d28f 2014-05-28 reduce action.blank? calls
f0eff10 2014-05-28 reduce blank? checks
ddda5e7 2014-05-28 extract controller checks to methods
1ad50aa 2014-05-28 set defaults at the top so we can avoid the ||= test
e135bba 2014-05-28 add a test for existing mapper functionality
5bbab51 2014-05-28 add tests for argument error cases
cd03778 2014-05-27 rm dead code
2ffa126 2014-05-27 PARAMETERS_KEY is only used in the request, so move the ...
cfdab77 2014-05-27 Merge branch 'constraints'
406b1b6 2014-05-27 rm reset_parameters because we automatically do it from ...
4797c4c 2014-05-27 move path_parameter encoding check to the request object
97a5228 2014-05-27 dispatcher doesn't need `call` anymore
9ad01d0 2014-05-27 call `serve` with the request on dispatchers
7fe1443 2014-05-27 constraints class does not need the request class anymore
402c2af 2014-05-27 give all endpoints a superclass
85bfb08 2014-05-27 Merge pull request #14834 from al2o3cr/issue14155
40514aa 2014-05-27 skip the build business if the stack is empty
02a9401 2014-05-27 stop hardcoding path_parameters and get it from the request
d1012b6 2014-05-26 we do not need to cache rack_app
8a826f5 2014-05-26 a redirect is not a dispatcher by definition, so elimina...
605ab03 2014-05-26 push is_a check up to where the Constraints object is al...
b18f22d 2014-05-25 pass the request object to the application
62c013d 2014-05-25 pass a request to `matches?` so we can avoid creating ex...
cff0d15 2014-05-25 nothing is passed to `rack_app` anymore, so rm the params
c1bc70e 2014-05-25 one fewer is_a check
8a51ec0 2014-05-25 Constraints#app should never return another Constraints ...
b6ec5e2 2014-05-25 eliminate dispatcher is_a checks
633589c 2014-05-25 push is_a?(Dispatcher) check in to one place
229c9ed 2014-05-25 Always construct route objects with Constraint objects
98c7fe8 2014-05-25 unwrap the constraints object on initialization, elimina...
cf2a40b 2014-05-23 Constraints contructor should always return a Constraint...
2b7b136 2014-05-23 default value is never used, so make it required
d991b67 2014-05-23 push options decomposition up so we can extract
6d48d97 2014-05-23 glob_param is never used, so rm
93ae747 2014-05-23 use to automatically do parameter checking for us
02f3081 2014-05-23 there is no formatter on the router object, so rm
f117544 2014-05-23 pull request allocation up one frame
6ed5b01 2014-05-23 switch to the `serve` method so we can remove the reques...
6fd8346 2014-05-23 pass the correct custom request to the recognize method
aaceca6 2014-05-23 extract request allocation from the main app serving rou...
0f5e3a9 2014-05-23 decouple the router object from the request class
ca02296 2014-05-23 use the accessors on the request object rather than touc...
559d89c 2014-05-23 find_routes only use the request, so stop passing env
890e0a9 2014-05-23 remove NullRequest and just always pass a request class
a6e9454 2014-05-23 use the request object since we have it
8b36471 2014-05-23 Merge pull request #15240 from chancancode/fix_attribute...
9ca4839 2014-05-22 stop using PARAMETERS_KEY, and use the accessor on the r...
1b76c7e 2014-05-22 pass the instantiated request to the find_routes method
925bd97 2014-05-22 use symbol keys for path_parameters
8d8ebe3 2014-05-22 just return path parameters
28d52c5 2014-05-22 Avoid slowing down AR object initialization
b89190f 2014-05-22 fix test from 7537057888d2d63c3b6c2019d5828bc445fbd6c9
b754d9b 2014-05-21 drop hash allocations during match
6bd9ade 2014-05-21 fewer object allocations and method calls during route m...
dd1f23d 2014-05-21 middle variable is never used, so rm
c5d64b2 2014-05-21 use the existing constant rather than the hardcoded string
15adf77 2014-05-21 remove dead code. @klass isn't used anymore
40e7763 2014-05-21 we can just use Ruby here
620cb01 2014-05-21 push the formatter up to the Route object
da83a6f 2014-05-21 make variable name more clear
931ee41 2014-05-21 reduce object allocations
7bc25f0 2014-05-21 do not mutate parameters, let the caller do mutations
4d1b3a1 2014-05-21 reuse path formatter from the non-optimized path.
089d9ba 2014-05-20 we don't use this parameter for anything, so rm
ba487b9 2014-05-20 fewer string allocations per url_for
b610104 2014-05-20 mutate the path string to avoid object allocations
5f49da8 2014-05-20 push only_path conditional up
960398c 2014-05-20 push arg checking up
6004c75 2014-05-20 fewer method calls and string garbage when there is no u...
5e181ed 2014-05-20 fewer hash allocations when calling url_for
84bf3a0 2014-05-20 fix variable names, only pass hashes to the positional a...
25c6726 2014-05-20 remove dead code
c99ff6d 2014-05-20 cache the formatter on the path object
e883db0 2014-05-20 translate AST to a formatter before url generation
74a8477 2014-05-20 prepopulate the dispatch cache so we don't need the Thre...
e086964 2014-05-20 make the each visitor top-down left-right
b713e20 2014-05-20 fix multiple hash preloads. Fixes #14994
fe06e9a 2014-05-20 make the AST go from left to right, rather than right to...
dc2e3ea 2014-05-19 fix escaping in generation
62d1b33 2014-05-19 Revert "Rewrite journey routes formatter for performance"
239f560 2014-05-18 Feature detect based on Ruby version.
125cc78 2014-05-14 Merge pull request #15070 from ayamomiji/sse-patch
dd16a10 2014-05-14 Merge pull request #15099 from eileencodes/refactor_dele...
348af15 2014-05-14 _recall should be set to a hash or not set
760aa3b 2014-05-14 we never call url_for with a block, so rm
33d6e3b 2014-05-13 drop || test for cases that do not need it
67f815a 2014-05-13 no need to check for presence, script names can be blank
d08810e 2014-05-13 extend with a module then use define_method
6457ed4 2014-05-13 this method should always have a parameter passed to it,...
567aa54 2014-05-13 options should always be passed to url_for
89d9756 2014-05-13 calls with :host should still use the optimized path
6f3c8fb 2014-05-13 use fewer method calls to determine the url_for options
48cce9d 2014-05-13 just merge instead of dup and merge
ca9fd76 2014-05-13 the :only_path option is applied by the time the helper ...
566f25b 2014-05-13 options already have symbolized keys, so we can avoid th...
f0f7c4f 2014-05-13 Merge pull request #15068 from josepjaume/patch-1
84908bb 2014-05-13 fix bad merge
325c9d5 2014-05-13 avoid array allocation when extracting usernames and pas...
3ccd24a 2014-05-12 Revert "reduce conditionals in url_for"
5478815 2014-05-12 :cry::gun: use an empty hash for magical speed.
3d9bd2a 2014-05-12 this class is a model, so it should act like one
74a6ad2 2014-05-12 undo optimized calls until the builder object is finished
6634e9c 2014-05-12 adding a method to handle strings using the same api
cfdda38 2014-05-12 use the helper method builder to construct helper methods
9656640 2014-05-12 probably should not check in a raise
56ff626 2014-05-12 remove suffix from the handler methods
cc1ff82 2014-05-12 push list handling to the builder object
e14ec12 2014-05-12 push model and class handling to a helper builder object
3095f5b 2014-05-12 push string handling to the builder object
e821045 2014-05-12 remove dead code
89e0718 2014-05-12 fix url_for with classes
d94cd86 2014-05-12 remove should_pop variable
a572a0e 2014-05-12 only send options if there are any options
b451648 2014-05-12 add a test for the parameters sent to the url helper for...
34b2ded 2014-05-12 only test `persisted?` on the record once
4b8ab79 2014-05-12 break each polymorphic type to it's own method
b89dcde 2014-05-12 simplified route method name generation
7b9964c 2014-05-12 small refactoring
ad31afe 2014-05-12 only pop records when we get an array
a20cd88 2014-05-12 remove unnecessary array allocations
e73740f 2014-05-12 push all is_a tests up, always pass options to the named...
8d572ad 2014-05-12 pull nil checks up
1606fc9 2014-05-12 pulling helpermethods up before refactoring
e937df3 2014-05-12 always pass a list to build_named_route_call
de1b9f8 2014-05-12 we always convert this variable to a list, so we can rem...
42d6700 2014-05-12 stop popping in build_named_route_call
6eeb76f 2014-05-12 skip another Array is_a check
a3b8926 2014-05-12 remove extract_record since we have extracted the list
f2fa291 2014-05-12 only do the Array is_a check once
b5d2548 2014-05-12 record as a hash is not possible, so rm branch
38dcb27 2014-05-12 add a test for passing two models to the polymorphic_url...
45c8a97 2014-05-12 add a test with three objects
9df6069 2014-05-12 reduce conditionals in url_for
2d73a73 2014-05-12 extract route key translation to a method and reuse it
ffa53ff 2014-05-12 make the module version quack the same as the instance
eacb426 2014-05-12 Hash#except is expensive and this is a hotspot, so use a...
35864db 2014-05-10 feature detect for FNM_EXTGLOB for older Ruby. Fixes #15053
dbb0bd8 2014-05-10 skip dealing with params if none are provided
73a7b52 2014-05-10 don't mutate the options hash, so we don't have to dup
727ae97 2014-05-09 use fnmatch to test for case insensitive file systems
20d5ebf 2014-05-09 use unless and || since these options are boolean
314cbea 2014-05-09 just call the method and assert the return value
ea58684 2014-05-08 add tests for path based url_for calls
2a10028 2014-05-08 don't manipulate the testclass, just add helpers to the ...
66274d6 2014-05-08 add a test for classes with options
5dd6e1b 2014-05-08 add tests for the polymorphic_path method
de6cda5 2014-05-08 add more tests around the polymorphic url api
6ffce17 2014-05-08 set a constant for the "anonymous" habtm model fixes #15022
37d4415 2014-05-07 test for inconsistency between String and Symbol url_for...
bfcbd6f 2014-05-07 add tests for symbols passed to polymorphic_url
af86444 2014-05-07 apparently passing a string to polymorphic_url is someth...
57e5098 2014-05-07 make sure url_for works similar to polymorphic_url
e60c55d 2014-05-06 add a test for the parameters sent to the url helper for...
193eb62 2014-05-03 Merge pull request #14956 from akshay-vishnoi/refactor
c1c6f51 2014-05-02 passing a nil in the polymorphic array is not supported....
3d87c26 2014-05-02 push up bind params on "simple" subquery calculations
dece005 2014-05-02 passing a nil should always raise an ArgumentError
280e76e 2014-05-01 only add the optiosn if they are not empty
b44bfa4 2014-05-01 always pass options to the _url method
7f97eac 2014-05-01 never merge url options in to the first data hash
8761557 2014-04-30 avoid calling extract_record multiple times
f1c0358 2014-04-30 eliminate conditional when sending the named route method
6e34d09 2014-04-30 do not allocate strings while creating urls
5c5c1cc 2014-04-30 don't allocate string on hash access
fd92437 2014-04-30 split nil / Hash cases in url_for
7763cff 2014-04-29 Merge pull request #14899 from eileencodes/fix-delete-al...
7707eb9 2014-04-28 Merge pull request #14892 from eileencodes/breakup-compl...
ccdeb43 2014-04-25 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
b395265 2014-04-23 Revert "Edge Rails applications doesn't need to use arel...
86d6f05 2014-04-22 use statement cache for belongs_to relations
bdd6491 2014-04-22 extract record fetching to a method for belongs_to
94cd2f7 2014-04-20 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
5cbf73c 2014-04-15 use cache queries for hm:t associations
1cd40d4 2014-04-15 oops. should probably double check in the DCL
bd3b28f 2014-04-14 cache scope building on associations
316ee25 2014-04-14 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
a1e2db2 2014-04-14 Merge pull request #14735 from byroot/idempotent-counter...
af549a1 2014-04-13 again, read_attribute is public, so just call it
feb88bd 2014-04-13 read_attribute is public, so we should just call it
09608ce 2014-04-13 use an array for bind params to simplify substitution
711a882 2014-04-12 don't bother with an offset if the offset is zero
8c2b79d 2014-04-12 only add the offset and index when we need to
0405d5a 2014-04-12 remove branching logic from calls to find_nth
e533855 2014-04-11 please use Ruby, not ActiveSupport
85f3a57 2014-04-11 propogate bind values collected in arel to SQL generation
dbc8c0e 2014-04-11 decouple the factory method from the constructing model
249fd68 2014-04-11 remove intelligence from StatementCache#initialize
2d3969c 2014-04-11 stop caching the class on the statement cache object
8de3c43 2014-04-11 fix ivar names and add reader methods
f85e4bc 2014-04-11 eagerly build the cacheable query builder
4962040 2014-04-11 eagerly build the bind map
47037b6 2014-04-10 eagerly build the relation object
90c9a09 2014-04-10 remove dead code
febfc57 2014-04-10 Merge pull request #11411 from dscataglini/master
82cb477 2014-04-10 Merge pull request #14675 from laurocaetano/make_reflect...
6388b4b 2014-04-09 speed up parameter substitution
b1ba768 2014-04-09 tests still pass when caching unprepared statements
57ee6b0 2014-04-09 oops! Fix Gemfile. :bomb:
c954a74 2014-04-09 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
89e569d 2014-04-09 remove the bind visitor since the collector handles subs...
8caaa08 2014-04-09 push the collectors up to the abstract adapter
f6d46d9 2014-04-09 sqlite3 tests passing again
8522365 2014-04-09 mysql tests are passing again
d073fc3 2014-04-09 all tests passing on mysql2
42a1bf1 2014-04-09 working against arel/collector branch
70bd5eb 2014-04-09 fix bind collecting for mysql
ee54e9b 2014-04-09 add a bind collector, remove the bind visitor
1794ac0 2014-04-09 remove the bind substitution visitor. to_sql should neve...
1368311 2014-04-09 Merge pull request #14668 from laurocaetano/source_optio...
a14f746 2014-04-09 use the compile method so we do not have to specify the ...
db5e578 2014-04-09 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
3321d1a 2014-04-09 working against arel/collector branch
a38e957 2014-04-08 wrap the literal value before handing it to arel
426ae86 2014-04-07 where_values should extract the value of the Casted node
347d74a 2014-04-07 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
5fa65f9 2014-04-01 Merge branch 'rmc'
6c6dc32 2014-04-01 push move_string in to `move`
0e53d11 2014-04-01 combine move_regexp and move_string so we only loop over...
ee453a1 2014-04-01 do not create memo objects since we'll just throw them away
d04bcf9 2014-04-01 only ask if `t` is empty once.
e9f53f7 2014-04-01 Merge pull request #14546 from eileencodes/fix_delete_al...
b88cfed 2014-03-31 Merge pull request #14532 from thedarkone/polymorphic-pr...
c81e4e6 2014-03-28 Merge pull request #14154 from al2o3cr/issue12770
30b94a8 2014-03-25 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
f72058a 2014-03-25 do not rely on method_missing hitting arel
c7191e3 2014-03-25 use ARel factory methods for building AST nodes
34e54fa 2014-03-18 test should only pass if the pool.size+1 checkout fails
4db4f90 2014-03-18 use a latch to avoid busy loops
8f21826 2014-03-18 Merge pull request #14360 from matthewd/thread_aware_reaper
ba3ad25 2014-03-17 Merge pull request #14090 from Fortisque/kevin/stream_er...
f8fb1fa 2014-03-13 Merge pull request #14375 from laurocaetano/test-depreca...
499c6aa 2014-03-13 require actions rather than create_file
23ffd03 2014-03-13 add the deprecation to adequate record too
7658dc3 2014-03-13 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
d35f003 2014-03-13 passing an instance of an AR object to `find` is deprecated
d92ae6c 2014-03-13 passing an ActiveRecord object to `exists?` is deprecated.
d99974b 2014-03-13 `where` automatically uses bind values now
66e0321 2014-03-13 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
e88da37 2014-03-13 make tests pass on Ruby 2.2
3df07d0 2014-03-13 use the body proxy to freeze headers
c0a7836 2014-03-12 just ask the response for the commit status, we do not n...
77a0921 2014-03-12 only write the jar if the response isn't committed
28d05f0 2014-03-12 use method_defined? to check whether or not a method is ...
b719214 2014-03-06 Merge pull request #14285 from sikachu/master-revert-ren...
ef7e7ad 2014-03-05 Merge pull request #14261 from MSch/bound-parameters-for...
401787d 2014-03-01 make sure we wait for the threads to shut down before as...
a7b059e 2014-02-28 use built-in exception handling in live controllers
30d21df 2014-02-28 live controllers should have live responses
9af4258 2014-02-28 set the error callback to a nice default in case nobody ...
422906d 2014-02-28 Merge pull request #14226 from senny/14109_partial_revert
37ca1b4 2014-02-27 we can't cache when the arguments are a hash
2630642 2014-02-27 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
8d8ea78 2014-02-26 Merge pull request #14105 from twooster/fix-controller-t...
59ec456 2014-02-26 pass strings to the underscore method
707dfcd 2014-02-26 speed up `underscore` in cases that don't need to do any...
fea1cdc 2014-02-26 pass the class name to `tableize`
bf3ddfa 2014-02-26 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
b1656fa 2014-02-25 let `insert_record` actuall save the object.
b189f28 2014-02-25 Merge pull request #14152 from schneems/schneems/fix-ar-...
358802b 2014-02-20 Revert "context in validation goes through has many rela...
7eaebd8 2014-02-20 adding a test for #14106
e5a6e6f 2014-02-20 Merge pull request #14124 from arthurnn/fix_14116
e5e440f 2014-02-18 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
20fd254 2014-02-18 cache queries in the Model.find(id) path
77b18d7 2014-02-17 add AST cache to the find_by method
23ce2f6 2014-02-17 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
fe42eff 2014-02-17 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
5ac2879 2014-01-17 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
15ff426 2014-01-17 fix the method signature
cf3840e 2014-01-17 run the damn tests @tenderlove
3281d5a 2014-01-17 Merge branch 'adequaterecord' of ...
d091c8f 2014-01-17 oops!
a0d704a 2014-01-17 don't cache the connection (because we don't need to)
9c04b55 2014-01-17 fixing explain tests for sqlite3
5927f55 2014-01-17 Revert "adding set_binds"
ed5b076 2014-01-17 remove dead code
c71df74 2014-01-17 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
e7f5317 2014-01-16 change query strategy based on adapter
060fbd6 2014-01-16 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
f19ba68 2014-01-16 Merge branch 'master' into adequaterecord
f3e379f 2014-01-15 use a params hash so we know what bind parameters are used
7fff71b 2014-01-15 use edge arel
2c4c523 2014-01-15 some databases do not have bind params (mysql2) so take ...
5e5118a 2014-01-15 fix exception translation
438fce7 2014-01-15 Merge branch 'master' into set_binds
07a9f47 2014-01-15 test bind value equality
e0b623a 2014-01-15 translate exceptions on prepared statement failure
7d14e03 2014-01-15 reorder bind indexes if joins produced bind values
03118bc 2014-01-15 expliticly make STI column a bind value
2fff094 2014-01-15 Merge branch 'master' into set_binds
58e5ba0 2014-01-15 take in to account existing bind parameters when buildin...
b6c7275 2014-01-14 match against bind values
9c290db 2014-01-14 comment out the sqlite3 debug code (for now)
2de1bb8 2014-01-14 fix statement cache execution
74bfbfd 2014-01-14 fix cache class interface
a924e0d 2014-01-14 unscoping a where should remove bind values
8b9ddab 2014-01-14 remove dead code
9bdaba8 2014-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into set_binds
40be2ea 2014-01-14 drop the dual encodings table
f5a635e 2014-01-14 where needs to bring the bind params when creating a new...
b5f679b 2014-01-14 `where` makes bind values, so stop manually creating them
c65cfd7 2014-01-14 switch to arrays for bind removal test
2f88530 2014-01-14 `where` creates binds, so do not create them manually
6392cd9 2014-01-14 we should not be copying these. fixes test_find_all_usin...
09035e6 2014-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into set_binds
c7cf7f4 2014-01-14 remove dead code
034762a 2014-01-14 adjust AST tests to respect bind values
25bc0fb 2014-01-14 where uses bind values so we don't need to manually crea...
f4d6008 2014-01-14 remove test that does not apply anymore
e2e9a13 2014-01-14 explains for prepared statements should never have binds...
fd97f35 2014-01-14 fixing column alias resolution
91d3d00 2014-01-14 fix tests for explain plan + binds
b8264ef 2014-01-14 replace bind values on calls to to_sql
5f2dd14 2014-01-14 do not clear out bind parameters on unscope
bf48af5 2014-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into set_binds
aec4aa1 2014-01-13 check bind parameter uniqueness
9b5d603 2014-01-13 adding bind values to the manager object
3086881 2014-01-13 bubble bind parameters up when building join dependencies
c4e9dc2 2014-01-12 force table creation
11e8bad 2014-01-12 Merge branch 'master' into set_binds
ace0322 2013-12-04 Merge pull request #13151 from hone/3-1-stable
5aeb472 2013-12-01 Only use valid mime type symbols as cache keys
e97530f 2013-12-01 Only use valid mime type symbols as cache keys
474ebc5 2013-05-21 adding set_binds
68a97e8 2013-05-21 Merge branch 'master' into experiment
eb2bb7d 2013-05-21 push binds through relation objects
4d119ce 2013-05-18 Merge branch 'master' into experiment
3cb2c14 2013-05-17 Merge branch 'master' into experiment
9933ab1 2013-05-17 experiment
822dac1 2013-05-17 Merge branch 'master' into stmt
c0cdd2e 2013-05-17 more testing
ff22fe4 2013-05-17 just a test
f796ed6 2013-05-17 Merge branch 'master' into stmt
4d47885 2013-04-09 Merge branch '2-3-later' into 2-3-stable
46c26e8 2013-04-09 Merge branch '3-1-later' into 3-1-stable
77403a9 2013-03-16 fix protocol checking in sanitization [CVE-2013-1857]
f2839f1 2013-02-11 Revert "Merge pull request #9126 from mbarb0sa/bugfix/js...
182d4e3 2013-02-11 Merge branch '3-0-sec' into 3-0-stable
360af4e 2013-02-11 Merge pull request #9126 from mbarb0sa/bugfix/json-decod...
f8a2ec2 2013-02-10 adding test for CVE
b0bf30c 2013-02-10 adding test for CVE
10513d2 2013-01-30 Merge pull request #9111 from jsomara/3-0-json-fix