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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 3.0.2
Showing 84 commits

Hash Date Message
29b3af5 2010-10-30 only returning where values for the corresponding relati...
3bc12d3 2010-10-30 adding tests for #5234 and #5184. Tests were from Akira ...
ae7a354 2010-10-30 no need to merge where values if no new where values hav...
4d2a53d 2010-10-30 reduce duplicate where removal to one loop
4772abc 2010-10-30 swap out some n^2 for some n
4fd9c20 2010-10-30 dup rather than create so many arrays
f73a3e6 2010-10-27 reducing the number of parameters to select()
4480521 2010-10-20 bumping mysql2 requirement
85ffbfe 2010-10-12 stop using deprecated arel API
0a8eaff 2010-10-11 we should always cast the value based on the column
5e685ca 2010-10-07 only forwarding enough methods to work. People should gr...
fc9e9ed 2010-10-07 making sure respond_to? works properly
d752447 2010-10-07 raising an argument error if tempfile is not provided
003d67e 2010-10-07 if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must b...
c4528de 2010-10-07 delegate to the @tempfile instance variable
1e50fae 2010-10-07 adding tests for uploaded file
c13aaaa 2010-10-04 calling correct method on minitest for test name when te...
4a77431 2010-10-04 [#5406 state:resolved] calling the correct method on min...
87104a7 2010-09-30 does not do anything anymore
fc1c799 2010-09-30 type_name should check for blank because people may have...
b0b2d41 2010-09-30 build_where should be private
7e73344 2010-09-30 type_name is never a blank string, so use faster .nil? call
ea63054 2010-09-30 speeding up object instantiation by eliminating instance...
fc1bd2b 2010-09-30 [#5441 state:resolved] refactoring code to determine agg...
de3c0d7 2010-09-30 group clause must be more specific
f640af5 2010-09-29 removing more useless code! yay!
a35c8c6 2010-09-29 SqlLiteral is a string, so we can dry up these conditionals
e080144 2010-09-29 shorten up or sql literal creation statements
8ae8125 2010-09-29 we only care about arrays and strings
ddc2f2e 2010-09-29 dry up calls to arel.join()
a01547c 2010-09-29 removing unused lasgns
2e01141 2010-09-29 refactoring to remove crazy logic
439a0ce 2010-09-29 removing a conditional that is not used
3daf822 2010-09-29 fisting the postgresql tests
1685bd2 2010-09-29 convert inject to map + join
ede0466 2010-09-29 each works well too
bf388f3 2010-09-29 no need for splat and flatten
93096ae 2010-09-29 avoid calling to_sql when we can
c493624 2010-09-29 removing an inject + merge in favor of Hash#[]
6059c96 2010-09-29 use new skool Ruby instead of Ruby Classicâ„¢
721f434 2010-09-29 be kind to the garbage collector: only instantiate objec...
e6e9083 2010-09-29 adding test cases for the dynamic finder matcher match m...
ecbfed2 2010-09-29 constructor should not do so much work; avoid allocating...
409bd22 2010-09-29 @klass also uses DynamicFinderMatch, so no need for it o...
1e687e9 2010-09-29 no need for a case / when statement
cab1207 2010-09-29 do not need intermediate variable, avoid lasgn
1efeb5c 2010-09-29 DRY up our regular expression
10d9740 2010-09-29 reduce method calls in the dynamic finder matcher
40bc0cb 2010-09-29 where_values_hash always returns a hash
9edaf10 2010-09-28 porting 066518295032a8e3f3468737337b8c8299442867 to mast...
c2c6f12 2010-09-28 porting 515917f5d8678af6c57842ca5dfd7c18e67ff1fe to master
b32bd08 2010-09-27 make sure we use the engine assigned to the table when q...
e677275 2010-09-27 depending on arel 2.0.0
f38c46c 2010-09-27 Revert "depend on the arel gem, not the arel git repo"
a88af8a 2010-09-27 removing nonsensical tests, limit now actually adds a limit
d5e9165 2010-09-27 depend on the arel gem, not the arel git repo
f90a298 2010-09-27 do not pass nil values to arel
1a61a79 2010-09-24 fixing bug with rails use of rack-test
7a6c715 2010-09-21 removing lolinject
bfd4022 2010-09-21 fixing tests. woo
a0fc2f7 2010-09-21 providing arel with column information when possible [#5...
3479c1e 2010-09-10 passing the quoted id to arel if the object has a quoted id
89cc742 2010-09-10 converting an inject to a map + Hash[]
465dd6f 2010-09-10 specific number of spaces should not be enforced
2ef6069 2010-09-10 avoid method_missing and reduce method calls
2820add 2010-09-09 creating a new array is required. who knew? :-(
7108daf 2010-09-09 no need for Array.wrap, also avoid array creation
378728b 2010-09-08 eliminate present? for fewer method calls
662ce52 2010-09-08 returning arrays lets us avoid Array.wrap
ad781a1 2010-09-08 removing unnecessary conditional test
16cff17 2010-09-08 switch to blank? to avoid method calls
5297e64 2010-09-08 refactor to use faster empty?
7ddf663 2010-09-08 drying up joins()
41e0f68 2010-09-08 reduce method calls, use reject + blank? instead of sele...
a746090 2010-09-08 refactor a couple injects to map + Hash[]
1276c28 2010-09-08 avoid an inject in favor of dup
9a28d42 2010-09-07 attributes should be constructed with table objects
442e4d0 2010-09-07 attributes should be associated with tables
b1c1042 2010-09-07 serialized attributes should be serialized before valida...
ef66a08 2010-09-07 no need to freeze this string
3091cb3 2010-09-07 removing useless code, cleaning variable names
d73fcfe 2010-09-07 select should raise error when no block or no parameter ...
b8899bb 2010-09-07 select does not need a *args
bd1059f 2010-09-07 cleaning up confusing logic