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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 3.0.4
Showing 25 commits

Hash Date Message
354da43 2011-01-31 limit() should sanitize limit values
f420c2e 2011-01-24 Merge remote branch 'jonleighton/deprecate_habtm_attribu...
97d4766 2011-01-18 Changing sqlite3-ruby to sqlite3. backporting 8f88a2841...
a58670b 2011-01-17 minitest added @__io__, so we should ignore it too
9d87f41 2011-01-16 updating sqlite3-ruby => sqlite3
10fa49b 2011-01-13 include_in_memory? should check against @target list in ...
58f90b2 2011-01-12 remove locales external to the system before assertion
8874733 2011-01-12 use raise to create exceptions and to set the backtrace
20062e7 2011-01-12 reraising should be in the rescue block
4781673 2011-01-12 sorry, the CI cannot lie to us anymore
2cb497b 2011-01-10 adding to_d to BigDecimal
b7e5a64 2011-01-10 use SQLite3::VERSION rather than the deprecated class
09f3736 2011-01-10 calculate to_s on the primary key once
60744d2 2010-12-09 just wrap as a sql literal
873616c 2010-12-02 adding a test for YAML round trip
c42a7c6 2010-12-02 fixing space errors
a5e7d9f 2010-12-01 avoid deprecated methods
0d055de 2010-11-20 do not require ruby-debug automatically. please require...
3c12ab9 2010-11-18 testing multiple ORd queries
cdf4055 2010-11-18 delegating path and open to internal tempfile
6da2a3e 2010-11-18 removing space errors
ab299c5 2010-11-18 group can be done by left side only
fdc5913 2010-11-18 collapsing same table / column WHERE clauses to be OR [#...
044e23d 2010-11-18 use shorter form for sql literals
c9b2736 2010-11-16 using a merge with a Hash[] rather than a loop to add SA...