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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 3.0.5
Showing 12 commits

Hash Date Message
ecc6bb5 2011-02-27 prepping for 3.0.5 release
ef31b87 2011-02-23 updating to 3.0.5.rc1
30a0e3f 2011-02-22 silencing deprecation spam
ac73f50 2011-02-22 adding a test case for custom locking
3ab82d8 2011-02-21 Gem.cache is going to be deprecated, use source_index in...
ff5db18 2011-02-17 updating changelog
41c35ab 2011-02-16 explicitly anding queries of the same column
2b8fad6 2011-02-14 Merge remote branch 'jonleighton/deprecate_string_interp...
4dc5505 2011-02-11 psych does not emit a space after the type
cab7cb4 2011-02-11 no more text-format for Ruby 1.9 compatibility
4433b50 2011-02-11 skip this test on mysql2 as well
ff00cd2 2011-02-09 comma limits do not make sense on oracle or pg