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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 3.0.6
Showing 19 commits

Hash Date Message
38df020 2011-04-05 bumping version to 3.0.6
857ec16 2011-04-05 updating CHANGELOG
6bb9efe 2011-04-05 updating CHANGELOG for actionpack
61ee344 2011-04-05 do not return html safe strings from auto_link
b13be61 2011-03-31 bumping to 3.0.6.rc2
ba117b2 2011-03-29 Revert "Improve testing of cookies in functional tests:"
f13fe8f 2011-03-28 bumping version to 3.0.6.rc1
90e9f2c 2011-03-28 updating AR changelog
004fc1c 2011-03-27 cleaning up typecast test a little
c9708ad 2011-03-27 refactoring tz to a variable rather than repeating it
f28b08a 2011-03-26 adding a test for attributes after type cast. thanks nra...
7643dfd 2011-03-26 fixing whitespace errors. :bomb:
7222786 2011-03-21 escaping binary data encoding when inserting to sqlite3....
66c8c6c 2011-03-21 oops, forgot to commit this test!
eb1eac9 2011-03-21 schemas set by set_table_name are respected by the mysql...
e508d9e 2011-03-21 updating ar changelog
cdfee85 2011-03-01 use a subclass of AS::TZ for testing html output
ef5e817 2011-02-27 Merge branch '3-0-5' into 3-0-stable
77d4211 2011-02-24 observers leak across tests, so rather than modify the o...