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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 3.0.8
Showing 43 commits

Hash Date Message
b341e45 2011-06-07 bumping to 3.0.8
ce23c6e 2011-05-31 rebuilding rc because of syck. :'(
f4073d5 2011-05-30 bumping to rc3
636124e 2011-05-30 Merge branch '3-0-stable' into 3-0-8
60a7c34 2011-05-29 Merge pull request #1397 from sirlantis/3-0-8
f07fd69 2011-05-29 Merge pull request #1362 from sirlantis/patch-1
3332b49 2011-05-28 Merge pull request #1369 from arunagw/3-0-stable
c3cbd2c 2011-05-27 fixing test for mysql2
d756525 2011-05-27 bumping to 3.0.8.rc2
57958cb 2011-05-27 extend with Rake::DSL in case of rake 0.9.0. fixes #1322
179a8a4 2011-05-26 quoting id columns when doing hm:t joins. fixes #1322
579d044 2011-05-26 adding a test for #1322
072e1ca 2011-05-26 Merge pull request #1317 from parndt/3-0-stable
8b0806e 2011-05-25 bumping to 3.0.8.rc1
eecbc10 2011-05-25 updating changelogs
cae1d46 2011-05-25 add Psych::SyntaxError to the list of rescued YAML excep...
5856fc5 2011-05-25 use ! " " YAML string literal syntax rather than removin...
e4594f7 2011-05-25 load and prefer psych as the YAML parser when it is avai...
03f0f3c 2011-05-25 require Psych if possible, use Psych output when enabled
8e6b757 2011-05-25 load psych by default if possible
f55a171 2011-05-25 prefering psych as the yaml parser if possible, fixing a...
929e5c4 2011-05-25 fixing psych support in big decimal, fixing tests to sup...
2649db7 2011-05-24 make open_log private
79abb70 2011-05-24 rescue record invalid exceptions and return false from t...
1c079c5 2011-05-24 add tests surrounding behavior of save and save! for ass...
f0c09f7 2011-05-24 adding a test for create! with invalid associations
99cfdba 2011-05-24 do not bother with assert_nothing_raised, the test will ...
78f855c 2011-05-17 bumping gem dependency for arel on 3.0.x
f2c6f04 2011-05-16 make sure log file is written in binary mode. fixes #497
a2b1be2 2011-05-16 simplifying buffered logger for easier and slightly more...
dc2b999 2011-05-13 supporting infinity and -infinity for timestamps in PG. ...
e4f48b9 2011-05-13 backport skip to the AR base class
7775670 2011-05-13 test/unit in ruby trunk adds a new instance variable. YAY!
81535fa 2011-05-13 use encoding name since SJIS is Windows-31J on 1.9.3
00da7bc 2011-05-13 use valid yaml in tests
ea9ef39 2011-05-13 RedCloth will not install on 1.9.3
840f0a9 2011-05-10 removing splat flatten as we no longer support 1.8.6. fi...
c751d84 2011-04-29 only use mysql2 0.2.x with rails 3.0.x
5663e63 2011-04-29 Merged pull request #351 from vijaydev/3-0-stable.
d657b9e 2011-04-29 Merged pull request #351 from vijaydev/3-0-stable.
1e19a05 2011-04-29 Merged pull request #347 from pkmiec/SyntacticalSugar30.
d9bca64 2011-04-18 adding a rake task to help generate changelog notes for ...
9382cb4 2011-04-18 Merge branch '3-0-7' into 3-0-stable