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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 1071 commits

Hash Date Message
505e845 2011-08-31 bumping to 3.1.0
aa94342 2011-08-30 Merge pull request #2756 from guilleiguaran/manifest-loc...
6376e66 2011-08-30 Merge branch '3-1-0' of into 3-1-0
1db0f20 2011-08-30 Merge pull request #2748 from guilleiguaran/assets-versi...
94e3059 2011-08-30 Merge pull request #2747 from guilleiguaran/manifest-on-...
4a60a9e 2011-08-30 Merge pull request #2741 from guilleiguaran/assets-manif...
a045033 2011-08-28 clear and disable query cache when an exception is raise...
93a9cad 2011-08-24 `load` should also return the value from `super`
b359628 2011-08-24 require needs to return true or false. thank you Ryan "z...
d7dc94a 2011-08-24 bumping bcrypt-ruby requirement
1f1d4aa 2011-08-22 Merge branch '3-1-stable' into 3-1-0
1d354fa 2011-08-20 Merge pull request #2605 from ernie/3-1-stable-2602-back...
bf4714f 2011-08-20 Merge pull request #2602 from ernie/fix_predicate_builde...
633a569 2011-08-16 bumping to 3.1.0.rc6
a19ee5c 2011-08-16 properly escape html to avoid invalid utf8 causing XSS a...
66c3e31 2011-08-16 Tags with invalid names should also be stripped in order...
f9b642c 2011-08-16 prevent sql injection attacks by escaping quotes in colu...
09ad48f 2011-08-16 Properly escape glob characters.
cdf6251 2011-08-10 Revert "Ensure original exception message is present in ...
47c6a77 2011-08-10 add the gem requirement for sqlite3
4c49286 2011-08-09 reduce file stats by improving our dir glob pattern
b0b7070 2011-08-04 we should not ignore all gems in here
3727232 2011-08-04 fixing assert_difference issues on ruby 1.8
e63d3f7 2011-08-03 make assert_difference error message not suck
c1b85ed 2011-08-03 fixing deprecation notice for dynamic finders that use h...
3e56758 2011-08-03 add a migrate class method and delegate to the new instance
ebfad37 2011-08-02 use as Dir.exists? is only 1.9.2+
61c5c3d 2011-07-29 delay backtrace scrubbing until we actually raise an exc...
d13df74 2011-07-29 default writing the schema file as utf-8
4e1f6ab 2011-07-29 dump IO encoding value along with schema.rb so the file ...
1768b6c 2011-07-26 fixing tests on ruby trunk
5f6accf 2011-07-26 fixing whitespace errors
a518833 2011-07-25 bumping to rc5
6dcdcdc 2011-07-25 bumping up arel version
64cb34d 2011-07-25 updating sprockets to beta 12
5b88219 2011-07-24 just use normal ruby for stubbing
7f7ed15 2011-07-24 Merge pull request #2229 from gramos/fix-issue-1951
be48abb 2011-07-24 simplify singleton_class? method
b2285ba 2011-07-23 remove unused gems from Gemfile
6f917ad 2011-07-22 forgot to add this test case
787f1f3 2011-07-21 use rake tasks to set the default environment variables....
b146477 2011-07-21 removing inline source option from rdoc task. fixes #2169
9a6b96a 2011-07-20 no need to sort the values
56fb7fc 2011-07-20 bigdecimal should be typecast to a float on sqlite3. fix...
1b97f6c 2011-07-18 make tzinfo a development dependency
5e2c1d2 2011-07-16 Merge pull request #2099 from htanata/backport_2090_to_3...
8966382 2011-07-01 a few minor performance improvements: fewer strings, few...
37eef89 2011-07-01 calling super is super. if the other object is exactly e...
d5de496 2011-07-01 remove unused codes
2d459d2 2011-07-01 reduce calls to owners_by_key and to read_attribute, res...
ef787cf 2011-06-30 match method signature of the superclass
19f5576 2011-06-30 call super rather than delegating to the other objects e...
94d2b0b 2011-06-30 just alias eql? to == for frewer method calls
83005cf 2011-06-30 only calculate method name once
68b8710 2011-06-30 cache the plural name on the reflection so we do not pay...
e0fae72 2011-06-28 remove useless assignment
d864616 2011-06-28 lock_optimistically is typically true, so evaluate the c...
558b5bb 2011-06-28 reduce object allocation during AR instantiation
196f92f 2011-06-28 remove the check for needs_type_condition? because ensur...
992b3b5 2011-06-28 stop using && for the short circuit side effect
5d954b4 2011-06-28 let strings be converted to symbols inside the interpreter
9fd0d91 2011-06-28 avoice paying hash cost if there are no serialized attri...
2fe088a 2011-06-28 cache column defaults for AR object instantiation
b927f0a 2011-06-27 AR object instantiation is ~30% faster in the simple case
0de56aa 2011-06-27 initialize instance variables
3a14e6f 2011-06-27 oops! remove debugging codes
0abb7b8 2011-06-27 default create_with_value to a hash so we can eliminate ...
98ae482 2011-06-23 Merge pull request #1795 from metaskills/ss_db_tasks
15f09c5 2011-06-21 Merge pull request #1809 from nicksieger/more-jruby-gem-...
e88508e 2011-06-10 Merge pull request #1641 from sikachu/3-1-stable-render-...
279781f 2011-06-09 bumping to 3.1.0.rc4
58ac641 2011-06-09 ensuring that json_escape returns html safe strings when...
9e71825 2011-06-09 Merge pull request #1610 from sikachu/3-1-stable-javascript
aefd703 2011-06-08 bumping to 3.1.0.rc3
5c498fa 2011-06-08 Merge pull request #1566 from sikachu/3-1-stable-changelog
2664897 2011-06-08 bumping to rails 3.1.0.rc2
a995911 2011-06-07 Merge pull request #1528 from chriseppstein/3-1-stable
377b15a 2011-06-07 make sure AR isolated tests set the environment variable
75fb26a 2011-06-06 oops! add parens so the block is properly bound
945b131 2011-06-06 set the environment variable from the rake file
10eb479 2011-06-06 updating configs for oracle
50d331d 2011-06-06 do not muck with the load path, that is the test task re...
606108a 2011-06-06 more oracle fixes
b8714ed 2011-06-06 add test to the include path
e504101 2011-06-06 please use ruby -I lib:test path/to/test.rb, or export R...
1c42bd5 2011-05-28 Merge pull request #1375 from amatsuda/disable_im_by_def...
18a2dfb 2011-05-27 work around bug in the sqlite3 bindings. fixes #1289
c0c9a33 2011-05-27 fixing test for mysql2
37b2104 2011-05-27 adding a test for #1322
656e7b0 2011-05-24 rescue record invalid exceptions and return false from t...
1d864e8 2011-05-24 add tests surrounding behavior of save and save! for ass...
b102e60 2011-05-24 adding a test for create! with invalid associations
d485633 2011-05-24 do not bother with assert_nothing_raised, the test will ...
66afefd 2011-05-18 Merge pull request #1122 from amatsuda/postgres_schema_q...
a898df6 2011-05-17 bumping arel requirement
5d24c3c 2011-05-15 Merge pull request #564 from sikachu/fix_wrapper
1fac9c7 2011-05-14 securerandom ships with 1.8.7+, so just use it
a44f228 2011-05-13 backport skip to the AR base class
ce1a1b4 2011-05-13 supporting infinity and -infinity for timestamps in PG. ...
8f999a3 2011-05-10 make sure log file is written in binary mode. fixes #497
714fea8 2011-05-10 deprecating read_csv_fixture_files method
558334a 2011-05-10 deprecating CSV fixture support
134a05a 2011-05-10 Merge pull request #493 from guilleiguaran/changelog-fixes
73ff679 2011-05-09 use a null byte as a bind parameter substitute as it is ...
a45f300 2011-05-08 Merge pull request #445 from prakashmurthy/lighthouse_6334
820b6f3 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #442 from jasonnoble/namespace_fixtures
3a82ff9 2011-05-07 Merge pull request #438 from jasonmichaelroth/ordinalize...
dd752a5 2011-05-06 Merge pull request #418 from myronmarston/am_observer_do...
f098c80 2011-05-05 Merge pull request #358 from baroquebobcat/fix_find_or_c...
38d92d7 2011-05-04 ensure query cache is cleared when Rack body is closed, ...
836b54e 2011-05-03 Merge pull request #381 from joshk/mysql2_schema_test.
cb9557c 2011-05-03 make sure IM repository is cleared after body is closed
d0719c5 2011-05-03 proxying the body in the IM middleware so that IM is ava...
3f897c1 2011-05-03 adding a test case for the identity map middleware
af8c54b 2011-05-03 cache strings in the AST for faster comparison than incl...
fa77665 2011-05-02 Merge pull request #370 from joshk/unrolled_map.
81cfbf4 2011-05-02 removing auto_link and moving it to the rails_autolink g...
951e18a 2011-05-02 introduce a body proxy to ensure that query cache is ena...
4300855 2011-05-02 more tests around caching
3066ea8 2011-05-02 add a couple test cases surrounding query cache middleware
b8ccd05 2011-05-01 convert strings to lambdas so we can use a consistent in...
23eb81a 2011-05-01 assert_difference can take a callable piece of code rath...
1800a6d 2011-05-01 Merge pull request #316 from arunagw/jdbc_postgresql.
a065698 2011-05-01 fixing more test warnings in 1.9.3
9274a57 2011-05-01 fixing test warnings
1d7c033 2011-05-01 using bind parameters for updates
e14e696 2011-05-01 fixing arel requirements for released arel
1f5249b 2011-04-30 shorten up our fixture path resolving code
7ee5f2e 2011-04-30 making sure the `create_fixtures` method works to preven...
2987115 2011-04-30 make sure we flatten the fixture path list
651836a 2011-04-30 table name needs to be classified when instantiating fix...
60c877c 2011-04-29 convert query results to a list of lists
0eea560 2011-04-29 requring pg ~> 0.11, so remove conditional code for supp...
f1df6b2 2011-04-29 postgresql supports prepare statement deletes
453bd2f 2011-04-29 sqlite3 supports prepared statement deletes
4c41be9 2011-04-29 statement cache for deletes working on mysql
ed775c6 2011-04-29 refactor exec_delete to reuse the statement cache from e...
00f030c 2011-04-29 supporting delete with bind parameters in mysql2
1464742 2011-04-29 lean on rubygems to provide error messages about missing...
850b3ca 2011-04-29 supporting nil when passed in as an IN clause
fc343d2 2011-04-28 clearing statement from cache on exception in order to s...
bed6a77 2011-04-27 requiring a newer version of the mysql2 gem
e190569 2011-04-27 Merged pull request #325 from joshk/mass_assignment_test...
1cd5a08 2011-04-27 Merged pull request #325 from joshk/mass_assignment_test...
2cac007 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #318 from joshk/fix_tests.
91bd195 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #314 from smartinez87/master.
e28f9ad 2011-04-26 simplifying buffered logger for easier and slightly more...
315f555 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #307 from arunagw/master.
8111fac 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #311 from joshk/assign_attributes.
6e02a61 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #310 from beanieboi/master.
3a109f7 2011-04-26 Merged pull request #277 from kuinak/master.
9336445 2011-04-25 Merged pull request #306 from rsim/case_insensitive_uniq...
242d24d 2011-04-25 Merged pull request #309 from arunagw/sass_new.
12427c8 2011-04-25 Merged pull request #304 from arunagw/jdbcmysql_db_create.
17fec02 2011-04-25 Merged pull request #300 from arunagw/jdbc_test.
2fc8d7e 2011-04-25 Merged pull request #302 from metaskills/empty_inserts.
3eae734 2011-04-22 set the backtrace to prevent AR exceptions from lying to us
3d19b35 2011-04-22 fetch result row arrays from pg in C and return early if...
5bed649 2011-04-22 split indexes and column types on money / binary iteration
a377221 2011-04-22 removing incorrect comment and string concatenation
fe4932b 2011-04-22 bumping the pg requirements
724a786 2011-04-22 stop using distinct on for the unique id queries. [#6450...
64e2a54 2011-04-18 adding a rake task to help generate changelog notes for ...
da80d87 2011-04-17 Merge branch 'identity_map' of
3dc4d54 2011-04-17 make our constructor signature match the superclass
c630750 2011-04-15 switch to using comments to comment things
3e23752 2011-04-14 bcrypt will encrypt anything, so validate_presence_of wo...
9951af0 2011-04-14 sort insert columns for better cache hits
199c0bb 2011-04-14 generated session ids should be encoded as UTF-8
0268eac 2011-04-14 mimic prepared statements in the exec_insert for mysql2
12ae922 2011-04-14 refactoring inserts to use the same method on the connec...
a0d4c8d 2011-04-14 using the database adapter to typecast before executing ...
8571fac 2011-04-14 insert statements are prepared, but values are not escap...
27f8c57 2011-04-14 inserting big decimals as strings works consistently amo...
a22ceae 2011-04-14 mysql type cast should return integers when typecasting ...
4893170 2011-04-14 adding a type cast method for prepared statements
1f4dae9 2011-04-13 do not depend on to_yaml being called, but rather depend...
eebb19c 2011-04-13 use index based substitution for bind parameters
1b5b53d 2011-04-13 common @jonleighton :bomb:
b53ffb3 2011-04-11 stop using deprecated methods in arel
5918b86 2011-04-11 remove so many nested if statements
622f23b 2011-04-11 wrap the pg_get_serial_sequence function and reuse it fo...
75dc9fb 2011-04-11 cache table exists queries in prepared statement cache
f6c0c8f 2011-04-11 only use the primary_key method, refactor schema and tab...
a9e8554 2011-04-11 use prepared statements for primary key queries
5df072d 2011-04-11 last insert id can never be called, so remove that code ...
9ba94c8 2011-04-11 we know the table and pk, so we can calculate a default ...
cbb65de 2011-04-11 always look up pk and sequence unless both are provided
302b6f3 2011-04-11 pg does not know the insert_id in advance, so super will...
269cd1b 2011-04-11 implement exec_query on mysql2 adapter
8a11799 2011-04-11 make sqlite insert_sql more consistent with other adapters
4c30304 2011-04-11 updating the docco for ActiveRecord::Result
58259bb 2011-04-11 adding exec_insert for postgresql
90a3714 2011-04-11 properly name schema queries for the logger
b1ba04b 2011-04-11 fixing variable name in mysql test
3d96e62 2011-04-11 adding mysql adapter test case
f9d3f01 2011-04-11 properly name schema queries for logging
0845b50 2011-04-11 adding client_encoding method for discovering the encodi...
32dbf00 2011-04-11 adding exec_insert to sqlite3
c4fc396 2011-04-11 adding a case_sensitive_modifier for forcing comparisons...
35b2715 2011-04-11 only support pg >= 8.2, so no need to check
1f3d3eb 2011-04-11 pg should define insert_sql so that query cache actually...
743b663 2011-04-11 adding pg support notes to the changelog
35dba50 2011-04-11 community support for pg < 8.2 has ended, so we can drop...
508c679 2011-04-08 moving sqlite_adapter_tests to sqlite3_adapter_test so t...
bd79172 2011-04-08 make turn a soft dependency. generate a Gemfile that con...
a7c5d40 2011-04-07 Merge branch 'master' of
1e90229 2011-04-07 many args does not make sense with the current implement...
32f8767 2011-04-07 getting the flash hash under test
76c2ea7 2011-04-07 favor composition over inheritance, have FlashHash deleg...
0ca69ca 2011-04-06 CookieJar should prefer composition over inheritance
2e757bc 2011-04-05 do not return html safe strings from auto_link
58c3ec1 2011-03-30 use assert_equal so we get normal error messages along w...
d688a9d 2011-03-30 Merge branch 'master' of
cfb6f77 2011-03-30 TableAlias leg ordering has changed, so change accordingly
2be383b 2011-03-30 test against AR class rather than the relation (thanks A...
0471fc9 2011-03-30 Merge branch 'master' into zomg
58becf1 2011-03-30 order is not guaranteed by this select, so add an order ...
6067d29 2011-03-30 oracle stores this with microseconds, so convert to seco...
c7b7c6a 2011-03-29 make sure that active connections are not cleared during...
3b2a032 2011-03-29 clearing active connections in the ConnectionManagement ...
e524609 2011-03-29 proxy body responses so we close database connections af...
aea1477 2011-03-29 make sure we have an active database connection before r...
25f9497 2011-03-29 adding active_connections? to the connection pool for fi...
4211866 2011-03-28 adding active_connection? to the connection pool
ec0cacc 2011-03-28 testing app delegation from the ConnectionManagement mid...
7b4866e 2011-03-28 namespacing connection management tests. :heart:
e1a5007 2011-03-28 sql logger ignores schema statements
a9d27c0 2011-03-27 cleaning up typecast test a little
5013fe3 2011-03-27 refactoring tz to a variable rather than repeating it
dea3d2d 2011-03-26 adding a test for attributes after type cast. thanks nra...
7333f50 2011-03-25 fixing whitespace errors. :bomb:
ed97c39 2011-03-22 adding missing require
2ef6270 2011-03-22 Merge branch 'master' into fuuu
15d3cc2 2011-03-22 pushing id insertion and prefetch primary keys down to R...
3378d77 2011-03-21 use prepared statements to fetch the last insert id
88636f7 2011-03-21 escaping binary data encoding when inserting to sqlite3....
ea8fcfb 2011-03-21 schemas set by set_table_name are respected by the mysql...
55bf087 2011-03-21 SJIS is an alias to Windows-31J in ruby trunk. Use SHIFT...
4532b39 2011-03-17 remove misleading comment
00f0879 2011-03-17 dup strings on return so that in place modifications do ...
9f2706d 2011-03-15 use a list to represent the supported verbs for a route ...
9ba2d42 2011-03-14 stop splatting arguments so that we can understand wtf i...
833a905 2011-03-14 RegexpWithNamedGroups is only used for path_info, so onl...
acd4bfb 2011-03-12 Just define methods directly on the class rather than us...
89c5b9a 2011-03-12 do not automatically add format to routes that end in a ...
0c777ba 2011-03-09 stop being clever and just call methods on the Route object
f975626 2011-03-08 test/unit in ruby trunk adds a new instance variable. YAY!
1408b94 2011-03-07 removing stubs. 1.9.3 implements in C so mock...
33f222b 2011-03-07 fixing some tests on ruby 1.9.3
5968d7a 2011-03-07 do not test explicit equality of predicate methods, they...
a032212 2011-03-07 refactor calls to to_param in expand_key method
9cee693 2011-03-07 Merge branch 'master' of
09d3e89 2011-03-06 use sort_by instead of sort()
74818a3 2011-03-05 use Arel::Table#alias rather than passing the :as parameter
1db4969 2011-03-02 only compute path.to_s once
dc89e29 2011-03-02 remove to_s implementation so that inspect is helpful
b247c8d 2011-03-02 * LocalCache strategy is now a real middleware class, no...
272ede9 2011-03-02 require deprecation so that we can deprecate methods!
72405ef 2011-03-02 anonymous classes have blank names on ruby 1.8
1f2e721 2011-03-02 make sure string keys are always looked up from the clas...
9198372 2011-03-02 Ruby 1.8: Y U NO FUN?
dd41387 2011-03-02 use newer class cache api
69e3480 2011-03-02 adding deprecation noticies to deprecated class cache me...
6624544 2011-03-02 adding backwards compat for class cache references. <3<3
f345e23 2011-03-02 yo dawg, directly use the class cache rather than the ca...
50ed1a2 2011-03-02 initialize ivars
7b6bfe8 2011-03-02 refactor Reference to a ClassCache object, fix lazy look...
fd26afc 2011-03-01 Enumerable gives us include?, so remove include?
e477fc1 2011-03-01 fixing test case test on 1.9.3dev
648fd60 2011-03-01 prefer composition over inheritance with AD::MS
46bb424 2011-03-01 Revert "compute ext in initialize, and use an attr_reader"
f279422 2011-03-01 no need to pass a regex to Regexp.compile
2dbb73b 2011-03-01 compute ext in initialize, and use an attr_reader
c563f71 2011-03-01 Merge branch 'fuuu'
54fdd33 2011-03-01 use a subclass of AS::TZ for testing html output
19c763f 2011-02-28 reduce two method calls per request, 1 to method_missing...
a8dae08 2011-02-28 skip this on oracle
f3e9cbc 2011-02-27 use an attribute rather than a SQL literal
54a2bf6 2011-02-25 removing limits and offsets from COUNT queries unless bo...
8fc54a2 2011-02-25 only take the limit if there is a limit to take
5f1fc0c 2011-02-24 observers leak across tests, so rather than modify the o...
2cce44f 2011-02-22 expectations change when using IM. Change oracle tests t...
4bd8d26 2011-02-22 Relation will delegate to AR::Base which already uses th...
b3fcabb 2011-02-22 adding a test case for custom locking
442f8db 2011-02-21 Gem.cache is going to be deprecated, use source_index in...
289cc15 2011-02-19 instance_methods includes public and protected, so reduc...
8657826 2011-02-18 oops, no need for puts!
30679bc 2011-02-18 AR::AttributeMethods does not need to be included in an ...
2e748fe 2011-02-18 just use the list of column names to generate attribute ...
9c023cc 2011-02-16 explicitly allowing lolqueries
ceb2f0f 2011-02-16 use the arel table rather than generating strings
1dea7b5 2011-02-16 no need for Array.wrap
2e2e58a 2011-02-16 fixing whitespace problems
8276a24 2011-02-15 fixture methods can be overridden and super() is useful
8c4c07e 2011-02-15 fixing variable names to reflect reality
13e72db 2011-02-15 this is in the AR namespace, so AR must exist
f832185 2011-02-15 fixing variable names, removing FixtureFile instances fr...
f0b1173 2011-02-15 removing unused variable
c9f1ab5 2011-02-15 bad tests are bad
02fc45a 2011-02-15 remove accidental raise!
e4dac47 2011-02-15 removing irrelevant test
fab9c2e 2011-02-14 Merge branch 'fixtures'
f9ea477 2011-02-14 remove unused methods
fd81c70 2011-02-14 extract database activity out of Fixtures instances
ca05016 2011-02-14 extract rows that should be inserted to a method
0123ceb 2011-02-14 Merge remote branch 'jonleighton/association_fixes'
2487aab 2011-02-14 fixtures will return a list of tables that may be effect...
6f4e3ff 2011-02-14 HabtmFixtures class is no longer needed
5b0695a 2011-02-12 key habtm fixtures off table name
2b353ac 2011-02-12 Fixture class no longer needs a reference to the databas...
bc3c345 2011-02-12 convert fixtures to a list of hashes to insert
55a4fb5 2011-02-12 fixture should quack like a hash
a5b6126 2011-02-12 Fixtures class constantizes this value, so no need to do...
24166c2 2011-02-12 database quoting should take care of this, no need to gsub
0ebbf6b 2011-02-12 calculate model class on construction
61fc309 2011-02-12 clear cache for all connections when resetting
e0802fa 2011-02-12 avoid side effects from method calls, localize ivar assi...
af5b1db 2011-02-12 create fixtures always returns a list, so build a hash f...
6344246 2011-02-12 create_fixtures() should always return a list
ca938c0 2011-02-11 fixing variable names
77a6e25 2011-02-11 use hash defaults to dry up ||= calls
fb09d02 2011-02-11 refactor fixtures to do less work in the constructor
83dd6e1 2011-02-11 favor composition over inheritence. use AS::OrderedHash ...
339ad0d 2011-02-10 fixing tests on 1.8, using a list of lists because order...
61b6933 2011-02-10 simplify bind parameter logging
2f49cd9 2011-02-10 bind parameters are logged to debug log
028016e 2011-02-10 test cases for bind parameter logging
c560c8b 2011-02-09 log method takes an option list of bind values
37efb51 2011-02-09 fanout unsubscribe only accepted one argument, so taking...
3e02b37 2011-02-09 just use an attr_accessor so we do not pay ||= on every ...
e50d43a 2011-02-09 fixing indentation
3d0579f 2011-02-09 speed up notification publishing by writing the delegate...
5548e47 2011-02-09 rawr, mysql, mysql2, why do you hate me. :'(
d3b2596 2011-02-09 use parenthesis so limit works on all dbs
4083e0e 2011-02-09 removing text-format in favor of a more simple solution
f48d32c 2011-02-09 implementing include? on AM::Errors
51d84c1 2011-02-09 we do not need message to be an array
ed6e09c 2011-02-09 use 1 call to concat rather than calling << n times
307e6b2 2011-02-09 favor composition over inheritence
c6b4ef0 2011-02-09 use map rather than array concatenation
5046120 2011-02-09 comma limits do not make sense on oracle or pg
c918259 2011-02-09 reduce string append funcalls
b45a90f 2011-02-09 redcloth does not install on 1.9.3
1c6f456 2011-02-09 primary keys should not be cleared on cache clear, fixin...
0b58a7f 2011-02-08 limit() should sanitize limit values
8ce5765 2011-02-08 ignore max identifier length queries from pg
cd44023 2011-02-08 this test requires the job model, so we should require it
51414a0 2011-02-08 use === so that regular expressions are not required
1df3b65 2011-02-08 use === so that regular expressions are not required
ac86923 2011-02-08 no more faker, rbench, or addressable
ea25224 2011-02-08 cleaning up some warnings on 1.9.3
08ef06d 2011-02-08 just return the record from insert_record, use truthines...
2b4de66 2011-02-08 require tag since we need it for this test
5f1ea2a 2011-02-07 we do not use this method, so delete
30bba95 2011-02-07 update ignored SQL for oracle
9f773d6 2011-02-07 mysql2 should log these sql statements
1193709 2011-02-07 removing some freedom patches. use notification system t...
60da34b 2011-02-07 notifier should be saved and re-set, not deleted
0de661d 2011-02-07 the connection pool caches table_exists? calls
59f7780 2011-02-05 adjust query counts to be consistent across databases, m...
0cd4286 2011-02-05 making sure primary key is set on the columns
acccb72 2011-02-05 column cache now lives on the connection pool
c94651f 2011-02-05 almost fisted
5f3cf42 2011-02-05 connection pool can cache column, table, and primary key...
df07760 2011-02-04 introduce a fake AR adapter for mocking database return ...
89962d8 2011-02-04 refactor a bunch of return / if to a case / when
dde8933 2011-02-03 add_limit_offset! is deprecated
a88071e 2011-02-03 just use the superclass implementation
7423a71 2011-02-03 allow AR caches to be cleared, clear them on class reloa...
23a3ba4 2011-02-03 Revert "ARel only requires the connection from the AR cl...
d65e3b4 2011-02-03 ARel only requires the connection from the AR class. Sim...
1a15fda 2011-02-03 reduce cache misses on STI subclasses
a5d8f0b 2011-02-03 this method should be private
3fc5980 2011-02-02 just require mysql2
95b9d71 2011-02-02 using mysql2 from git
8bfa8e7 2011-02-02 this method should never return nil
70b9db1 2011-02-02 adding mysql2 adapter
5b42e96 2011-02-01 make sure de-serialization happens on object instantiation
a0fac71 2011-02-01 store the serialized column values in the @attributes hash
ebe485f 2011-02-01 serialize can take an arbitrary code object
69600a9 2011-02-01 avoid column lookup on subclasses, keep column info cach...
ee34b4c 2011-02-01 share column cache among subclasses, only look up column...
2f62084 2011-02-01 dry up our case / when statements
3cc2b77 2011-02-01 adding a YAML Column coder for YAML serialization to db ...
0171de0 2011-02-01 moving AR::ConnectionAdapters::Column to its own file
65f11ff 2011-02-01 column will use coder to typecase value when it is avail...
a7c2f6b 2011-02-01 coders can be assigned to columns
6d5e3b8 2011-02-01 namespace test so we can dry up constant lookup
a6cf6ec 2011-02-01 move the coders to the serialized_attributes hash
4ccf831 2011-01-31 expand mulasgn for enhancing readability
740bc35 2011-01-29 always return the identity function from type_cast_code
72c1818 2011-01-29 use an identity conversion to avoid conditional codes
c87fb22 2011-01-28 make sure we play nicely when syck is activated
c29eef7 2011-01-28 load psych by default if possible
59f3218 2011-01-22 load and prefer psych as the YAML parser when it is avai...
3d6e223 2011-01-21 use spec compliant YAML
b5cc277 2011-01-21 psych does not emit a space after the tag
370bcd1 2011-01-21 use ! " " YAML string literal syntax rather than removin...
2570c85 2011-01-21 fixing psych support in big decimal, fixing tests to sup...
7642b75 2011-01-21 prefering psych as the yaml parser if possible, fixing a...
a282301 2011-01-19 we have a method for setting preloaded records, so use it
c107849 2011-01-18 reduce objects, reduce loops and function calls while bu...
4bc9bac 2011-01-18 refactor elaborate group_by in to a normal group_by
ba62a87 2011-01-18 ony bother with record map keys when we need them
f3a5995 2011-01-18 keys will always be strings in the id => record map
9e42f1b 2011-01-18 reduce method calls and loops when dealing with custom c...
36d6678 2011-01-18 removing usesless variable assignments
54de704 2011-01-18 Merge branch 'template_error' into merge
e688121 2011-01-18 fixing bug where 1.8 hangs while running pg tests
11fe216 2011-01-18 remove unnecessary module_eval
9d54998 2011-01-18 remove useless conditional
d780d1f 2011-01-18 ordering can change depending on ruby version, so parse ...
6a8f7f0 2011-01-17 minitest added @__io__, so we should ignore it too
1333020 2011-01-17 fixing space errors
990e6a1 2011-01-17 fixing wrong test
9702159 2011-01-17 removing more unused variables
fdfabc9 2011-01-17 fixing unused variable warnings
8f88a28 2011-01-16 change sqlite3-ruby => sqlite3 in the generators
421e06f 2011-01-16 updating gem dependency for sqlite3
0aef847 2011-01-15 push !loaded? conditional up
b8ed2d5 2011-01-15 return early in case the left or right side lists are empty
75e29e8 2011-01-15 only find_target can raise the exception, so isolate the...
f548054 2011-01-15 we always have a target, so stop checking
f5d2cb9 2011-01-15 we should use [] instead of
17687e4 2011-01-15 @target is always a list, so stop doing is_a? checks
2afd6c7 2011-01-15 move complex logic to it's own method
a0a69b0 2011-01-14 loaded? will not raise an AR::RecordNotFound exception, ...
c326969 2011-01-14 reduce funcalls by using falsey objects
dc11a77 2011-01-14 write the delegate method directly to avoid `delegate` c...
ef4ffed 2011-01-14 reduce some lasigns
2947197 2011-01-14 use rake to create test databases for us
f30a310 2011-01-14 transactional fixtures must be set to false for this test
92499b3 2011-01-14 Arel::Table.engine will be deprecated, so stop using it
1e9685f 2011-01-14 preheat the table cache in arel
7bf7ab5 2011-01-14 use rack-test from git
3165dca 2011-01-13 include_in_memory? should check against @target list in ...
f2beb56 2011-01-13 fixing whitespace errors
c76c699 2011-01-12 turn off deprecation silencing
e1beb7d 2011-01-12 use array maths rather than *args
8f9944d 2011-01-12 just use return value of load_target
8bee98f 2011-01-12 just use respond_to? and super rather than aliasing arou...
49696e0 2011-01-12 @loaded is defined in initialize, so we should not need ...
bc993c6 2011-01-12 default return value is nil
e9980f1 2011-01-12 just call methods on return value of `load_target`
16ae08f 2011-01-12 use raise to create exceptions and to set the backtrace
31293ba 2011-01-12 remove locales external to the system before assertion
1d9c555 2011-01-12 reraising should be in the rescue block
6ddabaa 2011-01-12 sorry, the CI cannot lie to us anymore
f870003 2011-01-12 adding a test for no method error
fcd8925 2011-01-11 use underlying _read_attribute method rather than causin...
5696d94 2011-01-11 kill unused variable warnings
8c71e8b 2011-01-11 lazily instantiate AR objects in order to avoid NoMethod...
f6b71de 2011-01-11 avoid splatting arrays by using concat
a60ea74 2011-01-11 only use one array when collecting split up queries
1cc556d 2011-01-10 adding to_d to BigDecimal
0616585 2011-01-10 use SQLite3::VERSION rather than the deprecated class
12f5158 2011-01-09 remove unused string substitution
3b677aa 2011-01-09 use select_all because not all database adapters support...
ec960c3 2011-01-08 join the cult of cargo. reduce the number of NoMethodErr...
36d7bd1 2011-01-08 stop creating intermediate AR objects, just construct AR...
84f81f5 2011-01-08 no need for to_sym
1e2ab56 2011-01-08 fewer funcalls to the cached attributes variable
33ebf9b 2011-01-08 String#insert() mutates the string, so no need for lasgn
2efd780 2011-01-07 send() will raise an ArgumentError, so we should leverag...
6e63e7a 2011-01-07 no need for parens
344a2d5 2011-01-07 use a hash for caching aggregations rather than ivars
f3d92f0 2011-01-07 method is never called with arguments
2ee4c8d 2011-01-07 only rescue from Mysql::Error exceptions [#6236 state:re...
839f3bf 2011-01-07 just use a hash for doing association caching
8a1c533 2011-01-06 no need for self
eba8411 2011-01-05 adding an `encode_with` method for Psych dump/load methods
97bc74c 2011-01-05 make sure new objects can round trip
6d74710 2011-01-05 make sure that Psych can roundtrip an AR object
9731c86 2011-01-05 AR internals expect a normal hash, otherwise there are s...
64c82f9 2011-01-05 only define log_level reader once, make sure to initiali...
c7dce2c 2011-01-05 no need to specify self
1022553 2011-01-05 no need to send a symbol to send()
90171ad 2011-01-05 avoid creating so many Arel::Table objects
9f1b0b3 2011-01-05 use attr_reader and alias methods to access instance var...
8bdc191 2011-01-05 we have a method for this, so let's use it
e468a62 2011-01-05 use arel ast construction rather than generating strings
35a2255 2011-01-05 use arel to construct AST rather than generate strings
5c66677 2011-01-05 make our yaml output consistent
7bd32e4 2011-01-05 add Psych::SyntaxError to the list of rescued YAML excep...
3f4143e 2011-01-04 fixing merge errors
3f7e097 2011-01-04 Merge remote branch 'rsim/require_deprecation'
c08fccf 2011-01-04 Merge remote branch 'rsim/habtm_select_fix'
b1dc9c0 2011-01-04 use dots for method calls
4fabad7 2011-01-04 test that the custom ordered hash can be round-tripped
a84b84e 2011-01-04 require Psych if possible, use Psych output when enabled
60cf65d 2011-01-03 herp derpricating add_limit_offset!
5c7fd87 2011-01-01 Merge remote branch 'jonleighton/association_fixes' into...
897b56b 2010-12-27 I N C E P T I O N: flatten_deeper works around a bug in ...
9bac649 2010-12-27 try not to make so many funcalls
67da590 2010-12-27 make our hash of klasses and ids actually have classes f...
7e91ad3 2010-12-27 stop calling deprecated apis
d767252 2010-12-25 refactor to use group_by
bde643f 2010-12-25 arel will deal with casting the ids, so we can delete this
75ac9c4 2010-12-25 use arel to determine selection column
33b5a26 2010-12-25 refactoring method selection
5b918bb 2010-12-25 using arel to compile sql statements
0a609ee 2010-12-25 use sql literal factory method
a6fe244 2010-12-25 take more advantage of arel sql compiler
3fe9951 2010-12-25 refactoring AST building
f855090 2010-12-25 use arel to compile SQL statements
ec13305 2010-12-25 stop redifining methods on every call to set_primary_key
23b03ba 2010-12-24 use the sql literal factory method
0fbf829 2010-12-24 stop the recursive insanity
34d79fa 2010-12-24 setting the primary key on the update manager
df3cfa6 2010-12-23 avoid duping and new objects
c7f81f1 2010-12-23 arel can escape the id, so avoid using the database conn...
83ffb82 2010-12-23 Arel::Table#[] always returns an attribute, so no need f...
35f5938 2010-12-23 probably should use the some_ids variable here. o_O
3e64336 2010-12-23 removing SQL interpolation, please use scoping and attri...
2de9b85 2010-12-23 to_sym stuff before passing it to arel
186a1b1 2010-12-23 build an AST rather than build SQL strings
6ca921a 2010-12-23 use arel to compile SQL rather than build strings
207f266 2010-12-21 define_attr_method must serialize nil correctly
87ae85d 2010-12-21 returning id (for some yet to be discovered reason)
099a210 2010-12-21 if there is no base name, we cannot determine a primary key
0516806 2010-12-21 remove some lasigns
3ce3c21 2010-12-20 no use for set, no need to to_ary, reduce extra objects
6e14feb 2010-12-20 use array arithmetic rather than create sets
5008d33 2010-12-17 dry up case / when statement
6bfa846 2010-12-15 dry up compute type in attribute
4cd3302 2010-12-15 make sure that join nodes are uniq
a64bf22 2010-12-15 class names are already strings, so we do not need to ca...
63480d2 2010-12-15 stop delegating inserts to ARel, use the INSERT SQL ours...
08ccca7 2010-12-15 fixing whitespace errors
c02fd2a 2010-12-15 taking advantage of the JoinSource node in the SQL AST
b68407f 2010-12-15 bucketing based on join type
80ff64a 2010-12-15 just copy the joins to the list
18402b5 2010-12-15 supporting arel AST nodes when building join statements
aa4d03f 2010-12-15 construct_joins no longer needs an argument
2f0708e 2010-12-15 build SQL AST nodes rather than generate strings
b3ae67d 2010-12-15 reduce method calls
59ec131 2010-12-15 move ivar to initialize, use triple dot rather than minus
ad47b7b 2010-12-15 just use the regexp directly
59bd9c2 2010-12-15 combine regexp
a1ca1e8 2010-12-15 persisted? should be able to return a truthy object
0042054 2010-12-15 remove lasgn since AST is mutated
b1447d9 2010-12-15 explicitly set prefix
cea73f8 2010-12-15 just mutate the ast, fewer lasgns
5d78b4c 2010-12-15 make sure that join nodes are uniq
f2234a5 2010-12-14 class names are already strings, so we do not need to ca...
8205828 2010-12-14 build SQL AST nodes rather than generate strings
7af9ec8 2010-12-14 construct_joins no longer needs an argument
2e7da54 2010-12-14 supporting arel AST nodes when building join statements
6212eca 2010-12-14 just copy the joins to the list
fdabb8f 2010-12-14 bucketing based on join type
90d9aa3 2010-12-14 taking advantage of the JoinSource node in the SQL AST
df20c9f 2010-12-14 fixing whitespace errors
79e6c7d 2010-12-13 stop delegating inserts to ARel, use the INSERT SQL ours...
6ed6e4f 2010-12-13 persisted? should be able to return a truthy object
9094cd2 2010-12-11 just use the regexp directly
de70844 2010-12-11 combine regexp
8924018 2010-12-11 move ivar to initialize, use triple dot rather than minus
9e16254 2010-12-11 reduce method calls
b9bb240 2010-12-11 just mutate the ast, fewer lasgns
64ba043 2010-12-11 explicitly set prefix
4d5f9a0 2010-12-11 remove lasgn since AST is mutated
e077725 2010-12-10 use table alias nodes rather than Table nodes
f528389 2010-12-10 use alias nodes to represent table aliases
73d4d67 2010-12-10 avoid *args on join_target_table
6e15a7f 2010-12-10 only quote the table name once per call
7d8fd57 2010-12-10 no more manager manipulation if there is no custom join ast
4dec00a 2010-12-10 manager will always be a manager
ec72b6b 2010-12-10 froms should never equal 0
82944b9 2010-12-10 eliminate lasgns
88bc49f 2010-12-10 dealing with an AST manager, not a relation, so fix the ...
06ba9ea 2010-12-09 move join creation a little closer to where it is used
12f67a7 2010-12-09 use inject rather than lasgn
3e7c351 2010-12-09 preheating cache so that tests can run in isolation
b2a0425 2010-12-09 just use core methods
0e8280b 2010-12-09 reuse the superclass methods for shorter codes
d1387a9 2010-12-09 Merge remote branch 'rude/disable-keys-for-postgres-9.0....
6110b0c 2010-12-09 fixing documentation, thanks Ivan Evtuhovich
3cbf5d9 2010-12-09 removing useless lasgn
07b0e59 2010-12-09 use sort_by
285f456 2010-12-08 updating CHANGELOG
6c5b734 2010-12-08 removing method to prevent warnings
e924814 2010-12-08 just allocate the table in initialize
45ea60e 2010-12-08 fewer method calls, fewer code branches
c69bd59 2010-12-08 only call active_record once
dcc0c9a 2010-12-08 dry up calls to table_aliases
de4bd47 2010-12-08 remove code that could never be executed
b8d57a0 2010-12-08 have table_aliases call count_aliases to set the default...
f4223cc 2010-12-08 arel ignores the columns parameter
17d72dd 2010-12-08 adding a fixme comment
3499f88 2010-12-08 renaming variables, making the join_ast method private
ddd6dee 2010-12-08 further reducing dependence on custom_joins
2fd385d 2010-12-08 reducing use of custom joins
1d96d44 2010-12-08 passing the ast to a table when the relation is a table
d98cb51 2010-12-08 JoinDependency is always created with an AST now
2d9d6cd 2010-12-08 passing the ast to JoinDependency
ddbd203 2010-12-07 reduce string objects, reduce method calls
d613320 2010-12-07 arel is lazy about column information, so no need to pas...
ef79658 2010-12-07 save the AR reference rather than delegating
70ab450 2010-12-07 cleaning up custom_join_sql method
a299fca 2010-12-04 not a responsibility for rails to test
d21f38a 2010-12-03 use the columns hash for primary key lookup
4773768 2010-12-03 in the middle of refactoring
399730b 2010-12-03 removing unused setup
9a3e29e 2010-12-02 remove calls to deprecated methods
b0fc912 2010-12-02 avoid deprecate api
8c9b5e4 2010-12-02 removing more calls to deprecated methods
ead0c6e 2010-12-02 removing more calls to deprecated methods
9f0133f 2010-12-02 refactor `self.class` to a variable
12b9920 2010-12-02 removing calls to deprecated methods
1563351 2010-12-02 removing some calls to insert on arel
6673d88 2010-12-02 avoiding deprecated methods in arel
077ec5a 2010-12-02 fixing space errors
da6ce2e 2010-12-02 adding a test for YAML round trip
0afebd5 2010-12-02 no need for self
3ec212e 2010-12-02 rolling out migrated_at until I can fix the build
c15c145 2010-12-01 removing duplicate test
85a5318 2010-12-01 should not to_s the possibly nil value
4232454 2010-12-01 make sure we have a value in migrated_at
7d21796 2010-12-01 not all databases return dates as strings
754493c 2010-12-01 updating CHANGELOG
c266a6b 2010-12-01 fixing tests and warnings
831a234 2010-12-01 just use alias
542cb5c 2010-12-01 fix warnings, stop using global variables
10b1887 2010-12-01 JoinBase initialize can be deleted
d51854a 2010-12-01 stop using splat args when we do not need them
7408b6e 2010-12-01 just grep the AST for OuterJoin nodes rather than conver...
f175852 2010-12-01 reduce method calls on arel
39f5fc0 2010-12-01 just call join_sql against the manager object
22b01c5 2010-12-01 isolating eager_loading? method
fe522f7 2010-11-30 we already know it is already an array, so we do not nee...
ae60333 2010-11-30 shorten up scope_for_create
b293ab7 2010-11-30 making sure scope_for_create value is cached
b2e7d1e 2010-11-30 surrounding scope_for_create behavior
7ff9800 2010-11-30 scope_for_create always returns something
dccf624 2010-11-30 Ruby 1.8, how does it work?
c856e25 2010-11-30 removing arel 1.0 compatibility
3ad0779 2010-11-30 testing combined nodes are not traversed
795dc3d 2010-11-30 adding more tests surrounding where_values_hash
6c32290 2010-11-30 testing Relation#table_name
bfc398c 2010-11-30 adding a test for ActiveRecord::Relation
b7a9890 2010-11-30 fix whitespace errors
8998aea 2010-11-30 making relationship merge cheaper
b6848b6 2010-11-30 cleaning up where_values_hash
76a15dd 2010-11-30 adding more tests surrounding where values hash
9f2e885 2010-11-29 testing attributes applied by default_scope
aae3c35 2010-11-29 removing interpolate_sql from join associations
439a7dc 2010-11-29 moving method to subclass that actually uses the method
ee74f2c 2010-11-24 alias should be a SQL literal
38eb018 2010-11-24 initialize instance variables in initialize... o_O
34d21b8 2010-11-24 adding a factory method to the join part for generating ...
d4b8d3b 2010-11-24 moving column_aliases to JoinDependency
cdf6cf0 2010-11-24 use ARel rather than generate SQL strings
afe51af 2010-11-24 remove useless join
a3ba60f 2010-11-24 reduce method calls
0687b21 2010-11-24 removing ternary
a551d2e 2010-11-24 fixing variable names. oops!
1aaa8ed 2010-11-24 breaking classes up in to respective files
8e8fb8a 2010-11-23 just wrap as a sql literal
0456fea 2010-11-23 updating changelog for dup and clone semantics
93d78b8 2010-11-23 fixing more dup tests
064c28d 2010-11-23 fixing dup regressions
fe4388e 2010-11-23 converting clone test to dup test
d717cb2 2010-11-23 clone and dup are working on 1.8
5badf60 2010-11-23 dup keeps changes
4c1f76e 2010-11-23 initialize_clone can go away
28f4df0 2010-11-23 testing duped attributes are independent
6a8f1b8 2010-11-23 renaming duplication test to dup test
c5858a6 2010-11-23 adding a specific case for clone testing
035d00b 2010-11-23 making sure changes to dup will not touch original
ca7b0a0 2010-11-23 dup is working better
dc320d5 2010-11-23 skip cloning if arguments are blank
4ece7e0 2010-11-23 removing space error
4d31ee1 2010-11-23 removing unused variables
e83d153 2010-11-22 adding a test for the runner module [#6027 state:resolved]
4395d49 2010-11-22 sort lists before comparing them
938243f 2010-11-20 do not require ruby-debug automatically. please require...
6bd93f6 2010-11-19 wtf vim
598fc85 2010-11-19 fisting typeo, thanks @vinibaggio
a4d9b1d 2010-11-19 adding documentation for reversible migrations
db32b54 2010-11-19 adding Migration#change to the CHANGELOG
8712445 2010-11-19 fisting my spelling errors
0cc6c46 2010-11-19 testing a non-invertible migration case
47017bd 2010-11-19 invertable migrations are working
6519df4 2010-11-19 command recorder will record commands sent to a delegate...
0d7410f 2010-11-19 updating documentation
6dbbfae 2010-11-19 adding invertable migration test
b29a24b 2010-11-19 commands are reversed
843e319 2010-11-19 partial implementation of the command recorder
24b637a 2010-11-19 inverting add_index
5d93900 2010-11-19 add and remove timestamps can be inverted
96b50a0 2010-11-19 IrreversibleMigration is raised if we cannot invert the ...
24174d1 2010-11-19 this return value is not used, so stop returning it
9280fbf 2010-11-19 instantiate the delegate object after initialize is defi...
07a74f1 2010-11-18 connection is set from the connection pool during migrat...
e107dcc 2010-11-18 testing multiple ORd queries
c52e2cf 2010-11-18 delegating path and open to internal tempfile
2692375 2010-11-18 removing space errors
80d9b72 2010-11-18 group can be done by left side only
0069320 2010-11-18 collapsing same table / column WHERE clauses to be OR [#...
56c5820 2010-11-18 use shorter form for sql literals
43e2e10 2010-11-17 adding an initialize with name and version defaults
7906e08 2010-11-17 fixing indentation since these methods are not class met...
606e41a 2010-11-17 these methods are no longer needed
4d35f8b 2010-11-17 updating generators
d1fcba8 2010-11-17 fixing documentation, removing unused AS files
c1a63c8 2010-11-17 fixing more documentation
17c7723 2010-11-17 updating CHANGELOG
68b66ef 2010-11-17 testing instance based migrations
b0a6f58 2010-11-17 do not need these accessors
974ff0d 2010-11-17 singleton method added is no longer needed
8b2f801 2010-11-17 converted migrations to support instance methods
0bea9fd 2010-11-17 schema migrations work as instances
77440ec 2010-11-17 fixing assertions so error messages will be more helpful
2738ec8 2010-11-17 removing many unused variables
c801f23 2010-11-16 reloading an association will properly set attributes of...
5f608fc 2010-11-16 removing space errors
08c64bb 2010-11-16 super automatically passes on the implicit block
05320e3 2010-11-16 use unless instead of if !
59ba800 2010-11-16 refactoring uniq method
7ebd36d 2010-11-16 refactor to reduce method calls
254b0a4 2010-11-16 using a merge with a Hash[] rather than a loop to add SA...
ace84a0 2010-11-16 support finding by a ruby class [#5979 state:resolved]
7bf9cbb 2010-11-15 adding more test coverage around finding with active rec...
2b2082e 2010-11-15 rejecting blank strings
dcdfc84 2010-11-15 use quoted id of single AR::Base objects in predicates
e459148 2010-11-15 reduce method calls
0be181b 2010-11-15 make sure we are only doing sanity checking against regu...
022519a 2010-11-15 fisting a bunch of unused variable warnings
1acc086 2010-11-07 reduce duplication in assiciations #construct()
c11102d 2010-11-06 make sure we keep parent records in order
39a8056 2010-11-06 only call to_s on the association variable once
a79e1de 2010-11-05 reduce method calls to the join base object
d89d702 2010-11-05 index is not used, so removing it
c43d909 2010-11-05 simplify instantiate in the join parts object
06d518a 2010-11-05 stop recursively calling exists?
d5e4593 2010-11-05 renaming exec in the mysql adapter
0f45f23 2010-11-05 renaming exec in the PG adapter
9a08517 2010-11-05 converted exec to exec_query for sqlite
fa46862 2010-11-04 ignoring certain SQL when using Oracle
6367e95 2010-11-04 select goes through exec(), so no method chaining for qu...
5c69786 2010-11-04 use bind params in select with query monkeypatch
6362538 2010-11-03 add more tests surrounding camlize in xmlmini, refactor ...
296467f 2010-10-30 only returning where values for the corresponding relati...
cbca12f 2010-10-30 adding tests for #5234 and #5184. Tests were from Akira ...
7d5762d 2010-10-30 no need to merge where values if no new where values hav...
2b48e47 2010-10-30 ruby-debug19 does not work with 1.9.3, so I am removing it
67a3a70 2010-10-30 refactoring find_join_association
2a47e7e 2010-10-30 only do string substitution on column names once, remove...
2e07260 2010-10-30 columns are always strings
6cf44a1 2010-10-30 no need to to_i, sqlite does that for us
6a3d6b7 2010-10-27 select_all() should always return an array, so no need t...
f6ddb35 2010-10-27 fisting test name
9ce0211 2010-10-27 speeding up query cache
7104122 2010-10-27 making query cache work with prepared statements
e73b0b8 2010-10-26 renaming bind_values to binds where it makes sense
02128d6 2010-10-26 setting the authorized session clears the statement cache
fca229e 2010-10-26 caching column values
9d9aed4 2010-10-26 add a session authorization setter to the pg connection
104d0b2 2010-10-26 adding backwards compatibility for non-prepare statement...
43bbb25 2010-10-26 bind substitution is working properly
03e4ea5 2010-10-26 clear cache before resetting the connection
28a18b5 2010-10-26 folding async_exec to exec
1b4e0b6 2010-10-26 prepare the statement before we cache the key
9d46e0d 2010-10-26 bind parameters are now typecast
1741bbe 2010-10-26 avoiding statement cache if there are no bind values
e281347 2010-10-26 basic bind parameters are working
ffb9991 2010-10-26 initial exec() method is working in pg adapter
050d7d3 2010-10-26 statements are cached, cache is cleared on reconnect
ee959a9 2010-10-26 free the result after slurping
eb83eb6 2010-10-26 monkey patching with enumerable so we can call each
efc10a8 2010-10-26 eliminating some calls to execute()
d4b0bcb 2010-10-26 all mysql tests are passing
fe2ee4f 2010-10-26 monkey patching Mysql::Stmt, calling free on the metadata
d6b16bb 2010-10-26 one more mysql test left!
54ff59f 2010-10-26 refactoring tests
d7207cf 2010-10-26 type casting bound value based on column associated with...
77d548a 2010-10-26 removing another execute
9c7e2e4 2010-10-26 find_one uses prepared statement cache
5abebfb 2010-10-26 clearing statements on disconnect and reset
e60fecd 2010-10-26 removing more calls to execute
76d0805 2010-10-26 stop calling execute directly on the database connection
77b1193 2010-10-26 mysql tests are mostly passing
7023d73 2010-10-26 removing more execute calls
6ceffb8 2010-10-26 adding bind_values to relations
497218d 2010-10-26 adding bind value substitution
cc468d3 2010-10-26 exec returns an AR::Result
853d39e 2010-10-26 removing some uses of execute
ef0cf14 2010-10-26 adding the abstract method
f61f758 2010-10-26 reducing the number of parameters to select()
c376fd4 2010-10-26 Revert "removing unused variable"
6c998a7 2010-10-24 removing dead code
3e4ede8 2010-10-24 removing unused variable
5685a5c 2010-10-24 refactor to remove `through_records`
a3f96f1 2010-10-23 save a few method calls
cc12047 2010-10-22 removing wtfalse
ee71a3f 2010-10-22 removing call to deprecated API, this test is outside AR...
1ce76db 2010-10-22 if it responds to :usec, it should also "act like" a time
40491b4 2010-10-22 removing space errors
410114e 2010-10-21 adding a test to ensure offsets with no limits will work...
828bb94 2010-10-20 use grep instead of select + is_a?
4be0fc1 2010-10-20 use a map and flatten to avoid << calls on array
784177a 2010-10-20 only call `column_methods_hash` once, use array math for...
7f444a3 2010-10-20 roll up weird method to meta programmed method
fb835fc 2010-10-20 use zip + Hash.[] rather than looping with an index
954bd12 2010-10-20 extract options is not necessary
03d4b86 2010-10-20 removing unused variable
96e8e97 2010-10-20 removing unused variables
dbc5d26 2010-10-20 reduce duplicate where removal to one loop
8c511c0 2010-10-20 swap out some n^2 for some n
4726a18 2010-10-20 bumping mysql2 requirement
8d5829f 2010-10-20 dup rather than create so many arrays
dc16163 2010-10-20 use array math rather than looping through the array
c56fea2 2010-10-20 use shortened version to generate a sql literal
0863652 2010-10-20 avoid cloning if we do not need to clone
78b6f64 2010-10-20 avoid creating a proc object when possible
d2898d4 2010-10-20 scopes can take an object that responds to `call`
56be4c8 2010-10-20 avoid creating the proc object if possible
e68f339 2010-10-19 default scope can accept any object that responds to #call
1856e97 2010-10-19 "instance_methods" includes public and protected
541ed2b 2010-10-18 avoid a few comparisons
19c144f 2010-10-18 remove strange else block
ca59ec3 2010-10-18 skip extra work if no text or phrase was provided
dda81cb 2010-10-18 lets not invert the hash on every iteration through this...
132f3e2 2010-10-18 use -= in place of the expanded form
a0a5a2a 2010-10-18 implicitly return nil if there is no number
98d3c41 2010-10-18 implicit return of nil
9c219bf 2010-10-18 use regex escape sequences to shorten stuff up
081e15f 2010-10-18 join strings rather than resizing buffer
dc76e3c 2010-10-15 should sort these ids before asserting they are equal!
552636c 2010-10-15 testing that symbols work as sql literals
1dd2667 2010-10-15 fixing an error in the rdoc
eaa7605 2010-10-15 Revert "refactor delete a little"
ab1a661 2010-10-14 Revert "speeding up flattened version of OrderedHash.[]"
9c53e82 2010-10-14 speeding up flattened version of OrderedHash.[]
f3f34bc 2010-10-14 refactor delete a little
86b02e7 2010-10-14 use unless instead of if !
676a001 2010-10-13 clear any stale connections before messing with threaded...
603406d 2010-10-12 stop using deprecated arel API
25a2909 2010-10-12 dry up column type testing
4b2e16e 2010-10-12 all columns respond to string_to_binary, so no need to c...
5b5ae01 2010-10-12 drying up true and false cases
01893f4 2010-10-12 reducing comparisons in when statements
9852a72 2010-10-12 removing intermediate variables
c882154 2010-10-12 reduce the number of times we test for the column variable
0ca9c83 2010-10-12 test quoting a string with an unknown column type
31b132a 2010-10-12 refactoring date / time / datetime when statement
ef11ce2 2010-10-12 fixing case / when indentation
98cb754 2010-10-12 test quoting multibyte chars object
2681dd8 2010-10-12 test quoting strings with binary columns
4804cb4 2010-10-12 test quoting a string with a float column
50ad7f6 2010-10-12 testing quoting a string for an int column
07b0b5b 2010-10-12 testing crazy object quoting
1ba3489 2010-10-12 test that dates / times / datetimes call quoted_date
8b33f66 2010-10-12 test quoting of bigdecimals
ba0a677 2010-10-12 testing floats, fixnum, and bignums
2610bcb 2010-10-12 getting quoted_time under more specific tests
8e8a5f3 2010-10-12 test quoting nils, true, false, id
b9d4341 2010-10-12 starting to get the quote module under test
cecccf1 2010-10-11 we should always cast the value based on the column
bef5b82 2010-10-11 removing freeze
ee7863e 2010-10-11 removing some load path tomfoolery
333e033 2010-10-11 fixing railties tests
740d7e5 2010-10-07 removing false comment
e3acdcf 2010-10-05 refactoring to use fewer intermediate variables
839e2f9 2010-10-05 cleaning up more crazy!
714fea4 2010-10-05 deleting more crazy
333a565 2010-10-05 dry up some crazy codes
5769636 2010-10-05 fixing a few test warnings
1217339 2010-10-05 only forwarding enough methods to work. People should gr...
3370ad0 2010-10-05 making sure respond_to? works properly
8a97470 2010-10-05 raising an argument error if tempfile is not provided
876acf0 2010-10-04 if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must b...
2a3022d 2010-10-04 delegate to the @tempfile instance variable
f9734f2 2010-10-04 adding tests for uploaded file
28bb188 2010-10-04 avoid method call to compact
e7d860c 2010-10-04 create fewer objects, call fewer methods in extract_pg_i...
d8135eb 2010-10-04 * + flatten is not required in >= Ruby 1.8.7
b7c49ce 2010-10-04 calling correct method on minitest for test name when te...
ccf228b 2010-10-04 [#5406 state:resolved] calling the correct method on min...
69a2c6b 2010-10-03 converting inject([]) to map
365c93b 2010-10-03 speed up duplicate migration detection
40761c4 2010-10-03 reduce the number of calls to camelize
e658390 2010-10-03 convertion MigrationProxy to a Struct, initialize instan...
341e71a 2010-10-03 dry up some migration logic
8beda11 2010-10-03 no need to differentiate between nil and false in this case
a6c42c8 2010-10-03 two argument String#slice is faster than single argument...
5154a46 2010-10-03 lengths will be nil or an array
7836616 2010-10-03 remove a few function calls
bd78d24 2010-10-03 be kind to the garbage collector and reuse our visitor o...
18a7b76 2010-10-03 moving fake model to the correct file
83633b8 2010-10-03 avoid creating objects when we can
3eb7f9a 2010-10-02 removing more duplicate code. :'(
50cf5c1 2010-10-02 fixing warnings with regexps on assert_match
ffbcb84 2010-10-02 removing more duplicate code
44f8567 2010-10-02 delete repeated code
6e1df2c 2010-10-02 remove another lolinject
dfa331a 2010-10-02 use a method that actually exists
61e8b23 2010-10-02 speed up index_by by removing a lolinject
ff2fdcc 2010-10-02 removing AS::Testing::Default in favor of just undefing ...
45edeed 2010-09-30 does not do anything anymore
0238228 2010-09-30 type_name should check for blank because people may have...
15419a5 2010-09-30 build_where should be private
fb4ee9c 2010-09-30 type_name is never a blank string, so use faster .nil? call
505b532 2010-09-30 speeding up object instantiation by eliminating instance...
ef8ce78 2010-09-30 changing map and include to find
a8a62f8 2010-09-30 [#5441 state:resolved] refactoring code to determine agg...
cc18034 2010-09-30 group clause must be more specific
31752f3 2010-09-30 avoid creating a block if possible
7e057d1 2010-09-30 fixing regexp warnings
29c32e8 2010-09-30 tag value can be false, so nil? check is necessary
a40e3c1 2010-09-29 removing crazy finalizer code until there is proof that ...
2eef53b 2010-09-29 removing useless code
78ac9c2 2010-09-29 dry up method checking in the request object
ab0d216 2010-09-29 reduce function calls on Array
3f88f26 2010-09-29 removing more lolinject
2437356 2010-09-29 removing lollerject
e8c9cac 2010-09-29 self is implied, so remove self
4d7b2ee 2010-09-29 dry up method missing
1d9a219 2010-09-29 oops, missed a uniq
1c0be7b 2010-09-29 fixing space error
a5f8f59 2010-09-29 dry up action_methods
5793d5e 2010-09-29 eliminating method_missing on TableDefinition
c57f5d5 2010-09-29 no need to call e.class
4350a5c 2010-09-29 fixing where clause indentation
b5b7f2e 2010-09-29 only reopen ConnectionAdapters once
5e77872 2010-09-29 use consistent method calls for column inspection
df9abfa 2010-09-29 require pg when this adapter is loaded
b921527 2010-09-29 DRY up postgresql quote logic
2cc4b7f 2010-09-29 fisting test organization
b297911 2010-09-29 use inheritence to deal with custom methods
b3c7766 2010-09-29 just require sqlite3 when the database adapter is required
995ad3b 2010-09-29 just use if rather than nil?
dec3a75 2010-09-29 removing more useless code! yay!
8d9f7b5 2010-09-29 SqlLiteral is a string, so we can dry up these conditionals
b50b1ef 2010-09-29 shorten up or sql literal creation statements
39d98e5 2010-09-29 we only care about arrays and strings
957e6fb 2010-09-29 dry up calls to arel.join()
ef2392f 2010-09-28 removing unused lasgns
e6ca7e7 2010-09-28 refactoring to remove crazy logic
c2cad2d 2010-09-28 where_values_hash always returns a hash
9b89a43 2010-09-28 Revert "porting 515917f5d8678af6c57842ca5dfd7c18e67ff1fe...
16f5d29 2010-09-28 Revert "porting 066518295032a8e3f3468737337b8c8299442867...
10041e2 2010-09-28 removing a conditional that is not used
d0fb0d7 2010-09-28 fisting the postgresql tests
1ef2b47 2010-09-28 convert inject to map + join
2fc5c63 2010-09-28 each works well too
e001ea0 2010-09-28 no need for splat and flatten
9b561ab 2010-09-28 avoid calling to_sql when we can
bf2223d 2010-09-28 removing an inject + merge in favor of Hash#[]
75e52df 2010-09-28 fixing indentation warning
9eca11a 2010-09-28 porting 066518295032a8e3f3468737337b8c8299442867 to mast...
bee447a 2010-09-28 porting 515917f5d8678af6c57842ca5dfd7c18e67ff1fe to master
b7934af 2010-09-28 use new skool Ruby instead of Ruby Classicâ„¢
7752b2f 2010-09-28 be kind to the garbage collector: only instantiate objec...
526ade1 2010-09-28 adding test cases for the dynamic finder matcher match m...
65d7431 2010-09-28 constructor should not do so much work; avoid allocating...
133742d 2010-09-27 @klass also uses DynamicFinderMatch, so no need for it o...
9e652b6 2010-09-27 reduce method calls in the dynamic finder matcher
b1f5e90 2010-09-27 no need for a case / when statement
f6ef4d3 2010-09-27 do not need intermediate variable, avoid lasgn
ff5b3f5 2010-09-27 DRY up our regular expression
f22b40a 2010-09-27 make sure we use the engine assigned to the table when q...
e1b5195 2010-09-27 adding a test for slug behavior
e3d6434 2010-09-27 depending on arel 2.0.0
7918a5c 2010-09-27 third parameter is not used
a0db7be 2010-09-24 attr_accessor_with_default should raise an ArgumentError...
afdf86e 2010-09-23 Hash#to_s behaves differently between 1.8 and 1.9, so ad...
de9b338 2010-09-23 fixing bug with rails use of rack-test
a4dd0b3 2010-09-22 switch present in favor of empty
92cb0b8 2010-09-22 third parameter for rack must respond to each
0a515dc 2010-09-22 testing poor behavior of hash serialization
fe8a307 2010-09-22 avoid creating a range object
0cf45c8 2010-09-22 avoid a proc object
aa85a7a 2010-09-22 drying up construct_association
8186c57 2010-09-22 dry up some conditionals
723adec 2010-09-22 fixing case / when indentation
9b1a4fd 2010-09-22 fix case / when indentation
27be777 2010-09-22 avoid a hash lookup
e66bf6f 2010-09-22 remove more codes
9b81ae6 2010-09-22 deleting more code
8d6a6b2 2010-09-22 use each properly to avoid splatting a variable
19ff42d 2010-09-22 deleting repeated codes
79ef26c 2010-09-22 do not pass nil values to arel
31eb765 2010-09-21 refacoring duplicate code. <3 <3 <3
fdd537e 2010-09-21 removing unused code
d7877ff 2010-09-21 remove some repeated code
50041e5 2010-09-21 this reject can be replaced with compact
67a9ae6 2010-09-21 break up giant method
88b1d51 2010-09-21 removing lolinject
b7e4a97 2010-09-21 fixing tests. woo
96bd936 2010-09-21 providing arel with column information when possible [#5...
2d65ff5 2010-09-18 removing some warnings
6b50bfb 2010-09-18 freeze is not necessary
38f6533 2010-09-18 argument error is done for us
3480551 2010-09-15 removing nonsensical tests, limit now actually adds a limit
55736ef 2010-09-15 @join_values is passed in, so we should use the parameter
8c6de67 2010-09-12 Remove dummy method definition in favor of RDoc hints:
ac9c715 2010-09-10 passing the quoted id to arel if the object has a quoted id
13aa1e1 2010-09-10 converting an inject to a map + Hash[]
a11dd8a 2010-09-10 specific number of spaces should not be enforced
a8b4bdb 2010-09-10 avoid method_missing and reduce method calls
be07d7b 2010-09-09 creating a new array is required. who knew? :-(
a505c82 2010-09-09 no need for Array.wrap, also avoid array creation
03377c7 2010-09-08 eliminate present? for fewer method calls
b4fdfcf 2010-09-08 returning arrays lets us avoid Array.wrap
588db0f 2010-09-08 removing unnecessary conditional test
0db345a 2010-09-08 switch to blank? to avoid method calls
cb1f805 2010-09-08 refactor to use faster empty?
4ccf491 2010-09-08 drying up joins()
86384b3 2010-09-08 reduce method calls, use reject + blank? instead of sele...
2faa8bb 2010-09-08 refactor a couple injects to map + Hash[]
c0c8a04 2010-09-08 avoid an inject in favor of dup
a5d894c 2010-09-07 attributes should be constructed with table objects
0c7a4da 2010-09-07 attributes should be associated with tables
c6015cb 2010-09-07 serialized attributes should be serialized before valida...
c8a2dd3 2010-09-07 no need to freeze this string
2e8a3d0 2010-09-07 removing useless code, cleaning variable names
6042812 2010-09-07 select should raise error when no block or no parameter ...
d00f1c1 2010-09-07 select does not need a *args
b541a96 2010-09-07 cleaning up confusing logic
ce7c2f7 2010-08-25 refactor select { is_a? } to grep()
b28cafe 2010-08-25 no need to send on a public method
e1e7122 2010-08-25 mark SQL literals as SQL literals
ffdda4d 2010-08-25 use blank? instead of present?, mark SQL literals as SQL...
6f4d100 2010-08-24 marking sql literals as sql literals
ecbdec1 2010-08-24 making variable names a little more clear
2e8e6e5 2010-08-23 we should mark sql strings as sql literals
5931a1d 2010-08-23 sql literal strings should be marked as sql literal strings
ee9e157 2010-08-23 we should mark strings as SQL Literal values
cdef445 2010-08-23 removing unused code
0420fb5 2010-08-20 adding FOUND_ROWS to the connect flags for mysql2
949c7e2 2010-08-20 fisting after_rollback and after commit callbacks
bfd8be7 2010-08-20 updates return number of rows matched rather than number...
a4458f5 2010-08-19 removing useless ternary
a70248c 2010-08-19 we should wrap strings as sql literals
072cd60 2010-08-19 refactor if / else to ||=
e4f424d 2010-08-18 refactoring to remove duplicate logic
93f335b 2010-08-18 call to present? is not necessary
a197d1c 2010-08-18 run the AS tests in verbose mode
cfbfb86 2010-08-14 removing a lolinject
22b9bbc 2010-08-14 converting to a symbol is not necessary
6c50ad0 2010-08-14 do not use arel constants directly
e8ffe7d 2010-08-14 avoid direct use of arel constants
c8d5ee3 2010-08-14 removing references to arel constants
d6c8484 2010-08-14 avoiding symbol to proc again
5baf75b 2010-08-14 symbol to proc is slow, we should avoid it
be5d160 2010-08-13 converting to a symbol is not necessary
1f25041 2010-08-13 removing a lolinject
b9eec67 2010-08-13 avoid direct use of arel constants
af3e393 2010-08-13 removing references to arel constants
e18bd86 2010-08-13 avoiding symbol to proc again
4439e57 2010-08-13 do not use arel constants directly
5651e4c 2010-08-13 symbol to proc is slow, we should avoid it
7de03ec 2010-08-11 subtracting blank strings is slightly faster than blank?
06dc884 2010-08-11 avoid multiple hash lookups
ce529b4 2010-08-11 dry up the hash dup and avoid sending nil values
0f502ab 2010-08-11 avoiding tap saves us time
2b8f249 2010-08-11 unless Array#empty? is faster than if Array#present?
3c11e92 2010-08-11 stop using private methods
3344520 2010-08-06 reduce the number of times current_connection_id is call...
e1596be 2010-08-06 test to ensure that respond_to? delegates to arel
d082a9a 2010-08-06 sorry AR, my privates are none of your business
12b3eca 2010-08-06 do not rely on arel class structure
1ca18a6 2010-08-05 fixing whitespace errors
117b096 2010-08-04 avoid passing lists of lists to the group clause
ec736df 2010-08-04 call to_a since we are not passing anything to all()
30abb01 2010-08-04 fisting indentation
cff7f53 2010-08-04 do not pass AR objects to ARel
6d6ed55 2010-08-04 avoid passing AR::Base objects to Arel when we can
41c1aa6 2010-08-03 order query is already a string, no need to to_s