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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 3.1.1
Showing 43 commits

Hash Date Message
7ee8be5 2011-09-13 Merge pull request #2922 from wayneeseguin/master
b92a025 2011-09-07 LRU cache in mysql and sqlite are now per-process caches.
24b3783 2011-09-07 fixing file name
77e0bdd 2011-09-07 LRU should cache per process in postgresql. fixes #1339
76993f6 2011-09-07 use the supplied bind values
a6178c3 2011-09-07 Merge commit 'refs/pull/2909/head' of
4a2e619 2011-09-07 Merge pull request #2913 from toolmantim/3-1-stable
9198c7a 2011-09-07 Merge pull request #2897 from rsutphin/ar31-remove_conne...
4263a79 2011-09-07 updating changelog
9959233 2011-09-07 Eliminate newlines in basic auth. fixes #2882
de03d4f 2011-09-07 updating changelog with pool limit
7c04e16 2011-09-07 Database adapters use a statement pool.
b37112f 2011-09-06 adding a statement pool for mysql and sqlite3
c33b7c4 2011-09-05 Merge pull request #2716 from jbbarth/fix_invert_rename_...
459e62a 2011-09-03 Merge pull request #2826 from guilleiguaran/changelog-re...
b7a62f2 2011-09-03 Merge pull request #2825 from guilleiguaran/bcrypt-ruby-...
66754c4 2011-09-03 Merge pull request #2829 from arunagw/pg_min_fix
e835aa0 2011-09-03 Merge pull request #2831 from arunagw/pg_abstract_class_fix
e6fd4ed 2011-09-01 preserve the backtrace of the exception
e46c4f1 2011-09-01 * Psych errors with poor yaml formatting are proxied. Fi...
3afa90d 2011-09-01 make sure encoding_aware? is available
af7c9b9 2011-09-01 CookieJar is enumerable. fixes #2795
8812807 2011-08-31 Merge branch '3-1-stable' of into...
5c5021f 2011-08-31 adding changelog dates
403dc11 2011-08-31 Merge pull request #2760 from cgriego/home_run
7cdc9fd 2011-08-31 Merge branch '3-1-0' into 3-1-stable
a244d11 2011-08-30 Merge pull request #2756 from guilleiguaran/manifest-loc...
eaea03b 2011-08-30 Merge pull request #2748 from guilleiguaran/assets-versi...
602a3c2 2011-08-30 Merge branch '3-1-0' into 3-1-stable
89f540c 2011-08-28 fixing typo
1130b72 2011-08-28 clear and disable query cache when an exception is raise...
5145e98 2011-08-26 stop messing with the load path, load path should be adj...
20c0717 2011-08-25 Force binary data inserted for a string data type to utf...
9c33576 2011-08-25 Merge pull request #2683 from arunagw/engine_test_fix
50db00d 2011-08-24 fix ambiguous * and remove unused variable
7e80394 2011-08-24 fix ambiguous use of *
23c5403 2011-08-24 only backport the to_d method if it does not exist
95d35fc 2011-08-24 only define the encoding reader since we define the writ...
3cbc1bd 2011-08-24 we are *sure* we want to set the encoding, so silence wa...
36d06d1 2011-08-24 `load` should also return the value from `super`
7c5cd40 2011-08-24 require needs to return true or false. thank you Ryan "z...
7286ecb 2011-08-24 bumping bcrypt-ruby requirement
c29426d 2011-08-24 dealing with some -w warnings on startup