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#2 Aaron Patterson - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 881 commits

Hash Date Message
8442ec3 2013-06-17 just construct real objects rather than mock and stub
9b3d4d2 2013-06-05 Merge pull request #10851 from arunagw/fixing_build_pend...
fa94695 2013-06-05 Merge pull request #10850 from arunagw/build_fix_null_mi...
c5ba896 2013-06-05 Merge pull request #10482 from scudco/10432-fix-add-colu...
1e1b499 2013-06-05 only check pending migrations if there are new files
8d6a6ef 2013-06-05 the typecast value should be passed to the serializer. ...
121ff0a 2013-06-05 adding a test for #10830
6d8b390 2013-05-07 Revert "Fixes skipping object callback filters"
9baf8a0 2013-05-03 Merge pull request #10457 from zenspider/squishy_test_or...
6c61dbf 2013-05-03 Squashed commit of the following:
fc65d31 2013-05-01 maintain return value for recreate_database
f9ceefd 2013-05-01 Merge pull request #9857 from yyyc514/bad_params_should_400
1db8f9d 2013-05-01 Merge pull request #10349 from caliper-io/mute_psql_output
533402f 2013-04-30 mysql needs to reconnect after recreate. Thanks @mperham
7c8caf9 2013-04-26 adding test for the symbol refs
94e68e7 2013-04-17 adding a test for root path in the app
dfdc1e3 2013-04-06 `fast_xs` support has been removed. Use 'String#encode(...
ea3a190 2013-04-06 updating the guide
cc0c392 2013-04-06 add integration test for shorthand rake tests
2e0e5bb 2013-04-06 rake test app/model/foo.rb and rake test models/foo works
88cf64a 2013-04-05 extract test info from the command line and set up the t...
7f698da 2013-04-05 add a class for splitting up rake commands
32eff65 2013-04-05 just use ruby to run tests
c7a148f 2013-04-05 removing `rails test`, updating docs to show how to use ...
91efe39 2013-04-05 Merge branch 'railstest'
01034d3 2013-04-05 Merge branch 'master' into railstest
c037659 2013-04-05 do not blow away the test database on every run
0560308 2013-04-05 just check pending migrations in the current environment
02acd95 2013-04-04 stop depending on callbacks
76a8091 2013-04-03 check pending migrations against the test db
999835a 2013-04-03 only match the default task
8c22235 2013-04-03 switch to Rails::TestTask
328814b 2013-04-03 switch the testing tests to use rake
37154c0 2013-04-03 a test file can be provided to rake, e.g.:
29f973c 2013-04-03 Revert "Update Rake tasks to call `rails test` instead"
125cbc3 2013-04-03 test no longer makes sense after requiring all test files
58476a7 2013-04-03 default task should also be in the test env
7b295ef 2013-04-03 Revert "Warning removed unused variable task_name"
1c2ad03 2013-04-03 ensure the schema checking is done in the dev connection
62a0803 2013-04-03 apps that depend on active record should load fixtures
22fee7c 2013-04-02 Merge pull request #9975 from mmangino/raise_when_attrib...
2e68ecc 2013-03-25 default RAILS_ENV to test if we're in a test task
7a872e9 2013-03-23 Merge branch 'schema'
db3a6e6 2013-03-23 squelch an unused variable warning
bc8ebef 2013-03-23 add uuid primary key support
d25e407 2013-03-23 separate primary key from column type
6b7fdf3 2013-03-22 add a pg visitor for dealing with schema modification
739a720 2013-03-22 allow multiple add columns
072dbbf 2013-03-22 pull add_column_options! off the pg connection class
2ac300b 2013-03-22 push the mysql add_column up to the abstract adapter
1c9f7fa 2013-03-22 remove to_sql from TableDefinition
b8a533d 2013-03-22 @columns list is no longer necessary
f20b2f4 2013-03-22 push alter table add column sql in to the schema modific...
f84cf41 2013-03-22 there is no reason to check for an already defined column
14d7dc0 2013-03-22 push SQL generation inside the schema creation object
a80bcc3 2013-03-22 mostly decouple TableDefinition from the database connec...
a724096 2013-03-22 factory methods should not alter object state
d43edf6 2013-03-22 push column initialization down to the factory method
c5e03e8 2013-03-22 keep ivars private, do not manipulate them outside their...
69ef76a 2013-03-22 remove knowledge of SQL from the column definition object
4b4c8bd 2013-03-22 stop depending on sql_type in pg
cd07f19 2013-03-22 decouple column definition from the database connection
34c7e73 2013-03-20 use `connect_poll` on pg so that reaping does not hurt t...
7150a9d 2013-03-20 Revert "default the reaping frequency to 10 seconds"
a46cda1 2013-03-19 Merge pull request #9363 from wangjohn/fix_repair_valida...
2392535 2013-03-18 Merge branch 'master-sec'
e115ace 2013-03-16 fix protocol checking in sanitization [CVE-2013-1857]
5dc2e35 2013-03-16 stop calling to_sym when building arel nodes [CVE-2013-1...
c1003d9 2013-03-15 ask column if it is a pk
2394d28 2013-03-15 fix hash duping on 1.9
5e0e415 2013-03-15 clean up pk delclaration in `create_table`
aac00ed 2013-03-15 bumping arel
ab379b5 2013-03-15 oops!
8d3e5c8 2013-03-15 hide more data in the schema cache
19ca04a 2013-03-15 just access the ivars rather than rb_iv_get
a0dfd84 2013-03-15 safely publish columns and columns hash info
fef2104 2013-03-15 dup and set the default proc to nil rather than looping ...
d758794 2013-03-15 you can provide uuid_generate_v4 as the default value fo...
cf06577 2013-03-15 pg is the only adapter that supports the xml type, so pu...
ee46011 2013-03-15 Apparently people were mutating this array. :'(
abba61e 2013-03-15 hashes are ordered, so just use the columns_hash ivar
772c18e 2013-03-15 use the method so we do not depend on internal ivars
d5f4b53 2013-03-15 extract factory method and push common code up to abstra...
b7b6c22 2013-03-14 Merge pull request #9713 from imanel/live_stale
7169e4c 2013-03-12 removing out of date comment. :heart::heart::heart::hea...
ed9e3f6 2013-03-12 drop memory consumption and startup speed by switching t...
7cc588b 2013-03-11 default the reaping frequency to 10 seconds
b98efa2 2013-03-11 debugger does not work on trunk
54f9b75 2013-03-04 only calculate next_id when we need a new method defined
ffeb7dd 2013-02-26 Merge pull request #8010 from subwindow/postgres_inet_de...
45321a6 2013-02-25 Merge pull request #9246 from Noemj/update_prepared_stat...
9d023c8 2013-02-14 Merge pull request #8704 from senny/remove_regexp_global...
f8c8ad5 2013-02-12 Merge pull request #9204 from ranjaykrishna/col-prob
0268b5d 2013-02-12 test for regression from a712e08ebe21f6d8653a0e6602df2e0...
cdd293c 2013-02-11 fixing bit string test
34ac46c 2013-02-07 Merge pull request #9203 from jaggederest/dumping_pgsql_...
5efce21 2013-02-04 Merge pull request #9177 from zenspider/master
443be75 2013-02-04 Merge pull request #9152 from dahakawang/master
cc00239 2013-01-30 nodoc the helper classes, cache stuff for optimized helper
c337e87 2013-01-30 cache path parts in the instance
bb21d6e 2013-01-30 remove dead code
8e5b437 2013-01-30 stop evaling a string every time
0cabcf9 2013-01-30 change parameter name for positional args
27bccf0 2013-01-30 moving helper classes outside the private block
621ca05 2013-01-30 moving some stuff to the initializer
3bfdfc8 2013-01-30 pushing specialization down to the optimized class
2cdbe22 2013-01-30 moving more stuff on to the instance
532e122 2013-01-30 moving more stuff to the instance
06f2ec4 2013-01-30 pull stuff out of the caller and hide in the instance
23b2d60 2013-01-30 move conditionals to instance
44dd44a 2013-01-30 moved more evald code
026c40f 2013-01-30 use polymorphism to remove conditional
d783ba2 2013-01-30 move optimize_helper? to the helper instance
fc8f45a 2013-01-30 factored out some of the dynamic code
95e87bf 2013-01-29 fixing comment
efd2be3 2013-01-29 reloading type map on extension changing
439ac72 2013-01-29 add API to pg for enabling / disabling hstore
789df3b 2013-01-27 add fetch to CookieJar
ccaeb6b 2013-01-24 use the helpers list rather than getting the methods fro...
06573a3 2013-01-24 module_eval is not necessary here
345fc3b 2013-01-24 don't need to eval everything
170fb5c 2013-01-24 reduce the number of queries on IN clauses, fix relation...
de6a35b 2013-01-24 stop converting strings to symbols
a1c0e51 2013-01-20 Merge pull request #9006 from wangjohn/activerecord_tran...
5503796 2013-01-20 Merge pull request #9005 from ranjaykrishna/dbcreate
ea6c9de 2013-01-20 Merge pull request #9002 from dahakawang/master
b718998 2013-01-19 Merge pull request #8978 from chrismcg/remove_i18n_symbo...
f209b17 2013-01-19 Merge pull request #8977 from Soylent/master
8ae9b46 2013-01-09 adding missing requires
56f3d05 2013-01-09 adding start / finish on the instrumenter, adding tests ...
ffa9540 2013-01-09 fire a notification when the request stops / starts
23b69c9 2013-01-09 extract logger and development checks to methods
c7a4fef 2013-01-08 Merge pull request #8827 from sikachu/master-remove-yaml...
e80546c 2013-01-08 remove yaml as a param parser :burn:
8e577fe 2013-01-08 * Strip nils from collections on JSON and XML posts. [CV...
88cc168 2013-01-08 Merge branch 'master-sec'
d99e8c9 2013-01-08 * Strip nils from collections on JSON and XML posts. [CV...
ee1a03c 2013-01-05 Merge pull request #8762 from hsbt/fix-marshal_load
44930b2 2013-01-02 CVE-2012-5664 options hashes should only be extracted if...
8890fb8 2013-01-02 take into account multipart when calculating tag attributes
497c4bb 2013-01-02 ask the form builder for form tag attributes
b934034 2013-01-02 do not mutate the options hash (when we do not need to)
1d38c82 2012-12-29 add missing require and fixtures
160af90 2012-12-29 fix time typcasting on group counts in PG
8faf2b3 2012-12-29 mysql does not return alias names, so fall back
54a6518 2012-12-29 fix PG typecasting errors
68e91da 2012-12-21 Merge pull request #8267 from marcandre/reversible_drop_...
8e44c93 2012-12-18 Revert "use File.basename to get the filename minus .yml"
99d142a 2012-12-14 Merge pull request #8514 from mmb/filter_blob
fa3457d 2012-12-14 remove a cache we do not need
4921929 2012-12-14 Merge pull request #8510 from thedarkone/thread_safety_i...
036d3e1 2012-12-05 Merge pull request #8431 from joshsusser/schemadump
0c692f4 2012-12-05 Merge branch 'joshsusser-master' into merge
dc973e7 2012-11-26 schema cache already has the columns as a hash, so use that
c99e34e 2012-11-26 speed up fixture loading by querying the schema cache fo...
ca71bb8 2012-11-15 stop hardcoding FrontBase adapter conditionals
d5a8bdb 2012-11-15 create fewer relation objects
0803d7a 2012-11-15 arel columns can be used for grouping so that "weird" co...
f77beac 2012-11-15 stop passing *args to generate aliases
2a51d6c 2012-11-14 move include calculation to include method on the option...
e5248aa 2012-11-14 lazily calculate name in the options object
e5946e0 2012-11-14 asset compilation should not require a database connection
46284a1 2012-11-14 model name is lazily evaluated in the options object
9a64ffc 2012-11-14 replace present? with any? to reduce dependency on AS
d7c7270 2012-11-14 move the controller class to the options object
df3b650 2012-11-14 wrap up hash conversion in the constructor
bf35465 2012-11-14 only do hash lookups on options once
fc29bff 2012-11-14 use the options object in the wrapper defaults
95ec448 2012-11-14 start using options object
4729208 2012-11-14 attribute_names will always return a list, so just use any?
8f6ce1a 2012-11-13 backporting Struct#to_h from ruby 2.0
8f3f50a 2012-11-13 Ruby 2.0.0 defaults source encoding to utf-8 so we need ...
85cc712 2012-11-13 only clear caches if we are actually connected to the da...
dd0040d 2012-11-09 implement to_a and to_ary so that the Array() call in te...
3ae8d6d 2012-11-09 make the extremely useful logs debug level
e61ffe0 2012-11-09 copy the log level from the config settings
72f5085 2012-11-09 rm dead code
8c35f92 2012-11-07 stop raising so many exceptions
4a7679e 2012-11-07 cleaning up constantize tests
5ff034e 2012-11-07 adding requires for constant dependencies
26702a6 2012-11-07 fix warnings in Ruby 2.0
59a53f4 2012-10-25 remain backwards compatible, exception can be constructe...
cde326b 2012-10-25 give access to the original exception raised in case of ...
facd3e8 2012-10-25 do not lose backtrace information from the raised exception
6033e8a 2012-10-25 fix uninitialized ivar warnings
f5ae64d 2012-10-25 Merge pull request #8013 from noahhendrix/master
4049643 2012-10-22 frozen state should be restored after txn is aborted
0d7b0f0 2012-10-19 synchronize on param filter cache.
8654f8c 2012-10-19 add another singleton for environment filtering
73de222 2012-10-19 oops, forgot the default parameter
481f30e 2012-10-19 keep a singleton filter around that we can use when no f...
79e91cc 2012-10-19 move compiled filters to their own class so that recursi...
be9fc77 2012-10-19 nil isn't a valid filter
6c3166a 2012-10-19 prevent people from accidentally modifying the filter word
c6c6ffb 2012-10-18 simplify filter enabled checking
57d3817 2012-10-18 if no filters are supplied, default to an empty list
210c841 2012-10-18 initialize required instance variables for this mixin
872d8c3 2012-10-18 eagerly populate the http method loookup cache so we don...
13655a4 2012-10-18 move cache inside the instance so we do not need locking
b2debfb 2012-10-18 add test for fetch with a block
6ea781c 2012-10-18 prefer composition over inheritence
a3ad0a7 2012-10-18 fix assertions
4f106bb 2012-10-18 some ruby interpreters don't have ruby-prof so just skip...
506e266 2012-10-17 remove unused variables. Oops!
e06c06d 2012-10-17 use columns hash to look up the column for the count field
01149dd 2012-10-17 fix Digestor to be thread safe.
d410ac5 2012-10-17 use the tmp filesystem rather than our own thing.
0a78417 2012-10-15 Merge pull request #7439 from featurist/master
081f0ad 2012-10-15 use `setup` for setting up the test
dc126cf 2012-10-15 buckets hash isn't public, so use symbol keys to avoid s...
02174a3 2012-10-15 Move two hotspots to use Hash[] rather than Hash#dup
db8dbe7 2012-10-12 performance improvements to joins!
3a6dfca 2012-10-12 Speed up relation merging by reducing calls to Array#-
b91a90e 2012-10-12 adding a test for b21f24d9807bd161af947cf0f0cc440c9adffb73
269adae 2012-10-10 Merge pull request #7859 from ernie/fix-collection-assoc...
8156178 2012-09-26 Merge pull request #7444 from szimek/params_parser_raise...
59f8315 2012-09-25 fixing most tests on Ruby 2.0
b59faa7 2012-09-25 Revert "Use plaform mri_19 for debugger gem"
267c3d0 2012-09-25 Merge pull request #7759 from blowmage/minitest
c96b20f 2012-09-25 Merge pull request #7749 from blowmage/minitest
2004ef2 2012-09-20 Merge pull request #7631 from jeremyevans/patch-1
b4b5971 2012-09-11 Merge pull request #7601 from jrochkind/connection_pool_...
f41dba2 2012-09-07 Merge pull request #7545 from senny/7518_postgres_type_d...
c24c885 2012-09-07 create a transaction object and point AR objects at that...
1c1f654 2012-09-06 fix tests on Ruby 2.0.0
abd47c1 2012-09-02 Merge pull request #7495 from steveklabnik/issue_7478
9cbb6d2 2012-08-25 use Hash#fetch to eliminate conditional
bf62077 2012-08-24 call methods on AR::Model after ClassMethods module is d...
2abe950 2012-08-23 ivar will always be defined, so stop checking
8d8fd13 2012-08-23 mysql does not build on Ruby 2.0.0 at the moment
e8afb84 2012-08-23 Merge pull request #7434 from frodsan/select_list_arguments
6a79aa7 2012-08-22 skip the memcache tests if the memcache server is not up
da3d28e 2012-08-21 add Rack::Lock for webrick
e7ffa77 2012-08-20 removing dead code
f734ec4 2012-08-20 define singleton methods rather than adding and removing...
79d21dd 2012-08-20 remove dead code
503bee0 2012-08-20 initialize instance variables for transactions to remove...
a4697b0 2012-08-20 remove unused variable
075b914 2012-08-20 This method is useless without a block, so remove test
d0d4ef6 2012-08-20 fix whitespace errors
73eeb51 2012-08-20 initialize instance variables to avoid conditionals
366eb72 2012-08-17 Merge pull request #7380 from ernie/fix-nomethoderror-on...
3e8ab91 2012-08-17 column default extraction should handle newlines.
fa736e6 2012-08-13 oops, should be directory
38a3fed 2012-08-13 push header merge down to a private method so that live ...
8f0541b 2012-08-13 live response headers can be merged with a hash
621e079 2012-08-13 speed up cache directory creation
1ce6409 2012-08-13 Merge pull request #7338 from sax/master
5a0372f 2012-08-10 Merge pull request #7315 from brainopia/fix_assertion
581a927 2012-08-10 set the controller under test so we no longer need the r...
c63d17c 2012-08-09 push drawing once to it's own module
0b29c7b 2012-08-09 switch callbacks to minitest hooks
1e8c0a2 2012-08-09 refactor the before_setup hooks to a module
6794e92 2012-08-09 Merge pull request #7302 from homakov/default_headers
6a3d469 2012-08-09 initialize instance variables
37a764b 2012-08-09 use a sized buffer to prevent the queue being too large
2da242f 2012-08-08 Merge pull request #7293 from Bertg/activemodel_naming_h...
481dac9 2012-08-07 make assertions easier to track down
3a91d44 2012-08-06 let ruby decompose the tuples in the iterator
c391919 2012-08-03 make sure the body finishes rendering before checking re...
4509494 2012-07-30 header hash is duped before being sent up the rack stack
0899be5 2012-07-30 updated changelog
fa3c4ea 2012-07-30 close the response when the response body is set so that...
08b107e 2012-07-30 adding a more docs on closing response streams
c83e147 2012-07-30 adding some docs
619e7c8 2012-07-30 make sure set_response! sets the correct response object
b3d1f5b 2012-07-30 freeze the header object
dd871a3 2012-07-30 pushing Buffer up to Live
06c9e17 2012-07-30 raise exceptions on header set after response committed
af0a9f9 2012-07-30 added live responses which can be written and read in se...
01b8126 2012-07-30 make sure appropriate headers are set and deleted
38cfbb8 2012-07-30 Controller actions are processed in a separate thread fo...
a6bdae1 2012-07-30 flushing output should write to the stream rather than m...
19e68e9 2012-07-29 remove dead test
356787f 2012-07-29 adding a buffered stream to the response object
76d75f4 2012-07-29 initialize ivars, refactor recycle! to call initialize
0c315c7 2012-07-29 Merge pull request #7196 from rimidl/fix-incorrect-requi...
1f870a2 2012-07-29 issue a warning when we cannot construct a controller
f79b29a 2012-07-29 this test is not a controller test, so switch to AS::TC
acb6848 2012-07-27 threads can wait on responses to be committed
fee0bc5 2012-07-26 * Do not convert digest auth strings to symbols. CVE-201...
0dc356e 2012-07-25 Merge pull request #6654 from stevecj/postgresql-auto-re...
3b3ca13 2012-07-19 adding Rails::Queueing::Container
e482100 2012-07-18 Revert "Merge pull request #7084 from LTe/logger_default...
939f014 2012-07-17 Merge pull request #7076 from kennyj/fix_class_eval
d08fee3 2012-07-13 teaching the mysql adapter how to typecast strings retur...
0736e16 2012-07-13 fixing tests to deal with data differences between prepa...
d7b8f0c 2012-07-10 Merge pull request #6874 from robbkidd/rename_sequences_too
d481170 2012-07-09 deprecate `describe` without a block.
5921cf0 2012-07-08 we still need `describe` as the implementation differs f...
22bc12e 2012-07-08 minitest provides "it" and "describe"
3270156 2012-07-08 minitest is a gem dep, so remove this conditional
a5efd58 2012-07-05 Revert "push parameter instantiation to one method"
a7826bd 2012-07-05 Merge branch 'master' into testclean
c8d6dde 2012-07-04 Merge branch 'master' into testclean
6f74d36 2012-07-04 activesupport gem dependencies should reflect the versio...
9669f6f 2012-07-04 push parameter instantiation to one method
7ef6a27 2012-07-04 add Mime.fetch so we can have default mime types
142d50e 2012-07-04 make the default environment have actual defaults
5ee2763 2012-07-04 assing the request on the response only once
4f2cd3e 2012-07-04 group things that are alike
9f4dafb 2012-07-04 push functional test specific methods to it's own module
b5442b5 2012-07-03 test should be testing to_param not to_s, remove Array s...
e136fbd 2012-07-03 push the cookie writing stuff out of the controller
4528cd0 2012-07-03 extend the controller with special logic on recycle
9eef933 2012-07-03 push req / res setting to the test runner
46eba6c 2012-07-03 extract response setting to a method
b7a4fe1 2012-07-03 remove duplicate requires of mocha.
089da2e 2012-07-03 hook mocha in through m/t before_setup, after_teardown h...
ada571b 2012-07-03 remove the runner method copied from minitest
a967487 2012-07-03 Merge pull request #6946 from threedaymonk/queue-refs
b8a5bb2 2012-07-02 push response creation down since third param is never u...
ee74366 2012-06-26 Merge pull request #6839 from bcardarella/async-actionma...
e1838bf 2012-06-23 eliminating another string subclass
03e9a64 2012-06-22 fix some accidental nils
6d71080 2012-06-21 use mutex_m rather than use a delegate system
188cc90 2012-06-21 stop subclassing string
26a4e5e 2012-06-20 logger is a singleton, just flush the singleton
8edd6de 2012-06-20 explain listener does not care about time, so use evente...
b9f9951 2012-06-20 use thread local queues.
3a1cac4 2012-06-20 Merge pull request #6789 from takoyakikamen/aptests
f945d15 2012-06-20 run the notes tests in isolation
265f134 2012-06-20 run railties tests in parallel, default to 2 cores
7b6efb9 2012-06-19 join any extra args to the tmp path
c445f0d 2012-06-19 expand the tmpdir to the realpath so tests on OS X pass
056dbf4 2012-06-19 Merge branch 'remote'
bf8e205 2012-06-19 move fanout back to a global variable, add a mutex for s...
7896f35 2012-06-19 use system tmpdir rather than our own
a6fd462 2012-06-19 make logger a singleton on the class
c6af764 2012-06-19 listeners are per thread, so remove nested hash
b2ca26a 2012-06-19 subscribers are per thread, so remove the nested hash ac...
e4de78a 2012-06-19 reduce thread locals
644a179 2012-06-19 remove global cache
a01d9da 2012-06-19 make the fanout notifier local to the current thread
0b38152 2012-06-19 documenting concurrency rules for the Fanout class
30d8c39 2012-06-18 Merge pull request #6775 from takoyakikamen/events
8b35a23 2012-06-15 TestCase does not need to be loaded when loading the fra...
b92860f 2012-06-14 adding a test for #6459
10da140 2012-06-14 Revert "AV::TestCase does not need to be loaded when eag...
cd4a0a3 2012-06-14 we raise a subclass of LoadError, so rescue that
f5e7cb8 2012-06-14 AV::TestCase does not need to be loaded when eagerly loa...
b9b9e39 2012-06-14 i suck, fixing error message
99c9d18 2012-06-14 Wrap up missing helper exceptions
5d50bef 2012-06-14 using hax to fix tests on Ruby 2.0
56a1bb2 2012-06-12 raise the same exception in order to keep path info
00d8ee8 2012-06-12 fixing security email address
2be40a8 2012-06-12 Merge branch 'master-sec'
24894fc 2012-06-12 Array parameters should not contain nil values.
5f91ea3 2012-05-31 Merge branch 'master-sec'
060c91c 2012-05-30 Strip [nil] from parameters hash.
9340f89 2012-05-30 predicate builder should not recurse for determining whe...
1b07522 2012-05-30 Merge pull request #5810 from kennyj/fix_5797
7c1b61e 2012-05-30 Merge pull request #6386 from kennyj/fix_logs_name_consi...
1ca3133 2012-05-26 Merge pull request #4132 from Juanmcuello/clone_structure
0777773 2012-05-25 Merge pull request #5872 from evtuhovich/prepared_statem...
d476129 2012-05-24 do not set the ENGINE_PATH to nil
d5dc462 2012-05-24 `name` should be public.
880481a 2012-05-23 use File.join rather than depend on Pathname
9875574 2012-05-23 Revert "require the constants we use. ensure that root a...
d77b576 2012-05-23 require the constants we use. ensure that root always re...
4001835 2012-05-23 removing more pathnameisms
4e5175e 2012-05-23 use File.join to decrease dependencies on Pathname
43893f3 2012-05-23 Merge pull request #6463 from jrochkind/connection_pool_...
d7de7a7 2012-05-23 I guess we have to return a pathname object. o_O
3f870f6 2012-05-23 use File.realpath and avoid making Pathname objects
580333f 2012-05-22 initialize instance variables
8662722 2012-05-22 initialize our instance variables
1ca1b1a 2012-05-22 use RUBY_PLATFORM in case of cross compiled ruby
edb87b1 2012-05-21 using __method__ for the command method calls
254c042 2012-05-21 Merge pull request #6425 from pinetops/resolver_concurre...
513a052 2012-05-21 Merge pull request #2549 from trek/RoutingErrorForMissin...
d2901f0 2012-05-21 Merge pull request #6416 from pmahoney/threadsafe-connec...
525839f 2012-05-21 Merge pull request #6143 from senny/composed_of_converte...
fa41c92 2012-05-19 Merge pull request #6397 from kennyj/fix_translate_excep...
23fad29 2012-05-19 Merge pull request #6398 from pmahoney/threadsafe-connec...
476ef2d 2012-05-18 port some mocha to minitest/mock
8067857 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6238 from pwnall/pgsql_bytea_limit
1b604c7 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6215 from erichmenge/fix_has_secure_...
6ada771 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6250 from iGEL/dont_destroy_readonly...
66d0be6 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6365 from kennyj/fix_warning_20120518
47971a1 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6360 from bcardarella/logger_debug_fix
0821295 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #5453 from JonRowe/patch_uniq_has_and...
fc3b3b9 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6357 from takai/improve_logging_of_m...
9c734c5 2012-05-17 Merge pull request #6358 from jfirebaugh/schema_define
7aa96a1 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #2237 from jackdempsey/log_redirect_to
835df6f 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #6192 from danmcclain/add_inet_and_ci...
66cbde0 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #5369 from Greenie0506/add_separator_...
8e5f07d 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #5535 from markmcspadden/issue_5527_r...
78b6fdd 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #6337 from bcardarella/patch-1
d6e4c06 2012-05-16 assuming there is only one column, we can simplify the t...
2a38fd5 2012-05-16 MySQL returns "SUM(DISTINCT(credit_limit))" as the colum...
2a67a8c 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #6136 from mhfs/sqlbypass_fixes
4025efb 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #6349 from erichmenge/patch-raise-typ...
2ee8ed4 2012-05-16 Merge pull request #6353 from nashby/safe-interpolation
1c3e5be 2012-05-15 Merge pull request #5571 from jarkko/5559-fix-dst-jump-b...
df0324f 2012-05-09 Merge pull request #5362 from zenprogrammer/quoting_bug
9bf1a0d 2012-05-09 Merge pull request #6226 from gnufied/master
58950ee 2012-05-04 Merge pull request #3713 from kf8a/master
d5cc711 2012-05-04 need to dup the default options so that mutations will n...
d4838fd 2012-05-04 make sure the superclass matches so load order does not ...
9ce057d 2012-05-04 Merge pull request #6160 from carlosantoniodasilva/resou...
26e7678 2012-05-04 session creation methods to a module
e2218b7 2012-05-04 create a request session in the cookie stores
638d002 2012-05-04 create a request::session object in the memecache store ...
b13849d 2012-05-04 Merge branch 'master' into session
7a3e43c 2012-05-03 Merge pull request #4452 from tapajos/e5425c8f68fbb720fc...
c4f0229 2012-05-03 bread AD::Request::Session to it's own file, consolidate...
e539b2a 2012-05-03 Merge pull request #4496 from makeable/master
9aa5bb4 2012-05-03 extract options finding to a method
2601042 2012-05-03 Merge pull request #5153 from mhfs/first_finder_fix
5b360db 2012-05-03 testing session store behavior
dc2352c 2012-05-02 initialize instance variables
1ef527f 2012-05-02 converted session hash to delegation
385afd4 2012-05-02 session hash imported
c2807fb 2012-05-02 oops, forgot some semicolons
8d33be7 2012-05-02 remove unused ivar
6c62883 2012-05-02 use hash fetches to populate the :id value
0830738 2012-05-02 imported options, switched to object composition
2914b92 2012-05-02 Merge pull request #6122 from amerine/add_fetch_to_actio...
976e7e4 2012-05-02 * move exception message to exception constructor
7d2df5f 2012-05-01 Merge pull request #6089 from frodsan/delete_all_limit
b2a24a1 2012-05-01 Merge pull request #6092 from jsanders/issue_4001_error_...
206b43a 2012-04-30 Merge pull request #6063 from marcandre/observer_extra_args
d7d3799 2012-04-30 remove useless assertions
de6a067 2012-04-30 return value of block is returned
f0182d5 2012-04-30 only yield to finder block if something is found
f975a86 2012-04-29 Merge pull request #5942 from bcardarella/confirmation_e...
55fefdb 2012-04-29 Merge pull request #6067 from Locke23rus/patch-2
c19acab 2012-04-29 Merge pull request #6062 from marcandre/tweak_observer
e4c48ff 2012-04-28 Merge pull request #6028 from sikachu/master-fix_plpgsql
3e8d88f 2012-04-27 Merge pull request #6023 from carlosantoniodasilva/fix-q...
3fc16a9 2012-04-27 ensure that draining the queue will raise exceptions
0c076c0 2012-04-27 adding the `jobs` method to the test queue for getting a...
90e90d6 2012-04-27 oops!
2187b5f 2012-04-27 Extend stdlib queue for the test queue
673fe05 2012-04-27 do not depend on time
3ca7b13 2012-04-27 Merge pull request #6020 from 7even/test_queue_order
cd50b60 2012-04-27 add a factory method for queue construction so that apps...
8de4d71 2012-04-27 Merge pull request #5698 from dougcole/support_postgresq...
bc7309c 2012-04-25 Merge pull request #5973 from academia-edu/master
481ed89 2012-04-24 Merge pull request #5959 from carlosantoniodasilva/refac...
ed81083 2012-04-20 Merge pull request #5865 from tiegz/minor_fixes
1d26fcb 2012-04-17 Revert "Merge pull request #5864 from vatrai/remove_orde...
86c640a 2012-04-16 Merge pull request #5864 from vatrai/remove_ordered_hash...
b8f7482 2012-04-16 opening a connection will block if the pool is full
1c8e222 2012-04-11 Merge pull request #5649 from rafaelfranca/fix-delete_all
174cf8b 2012-04-05 Merge pull request #5750 from ahoward/master
3b378a7 2012-04-03 use File.binread to pull in the schema cache
a3dc8ba 2012-04-02 Merge pull request #5708 from romanvbabenko/refactor/add...
0244c0d 2012-04-01 use undef_method to avoid NameError exceptions all the time
25f1d5d 2012-03-31 use tsort_each to avoid intermediary array
ad95a61 2012-03-31 Merge pull request #4911 from Floppy/master
130064d 2012-03-30 Merge pull request #5661 from carlosantoniodasilva/ar-pk...
1555023 2012-03-29 Merge pull request #5617 from Empact/paths
e96d04a 2012-03-27 attributes are cached by string keys, so to_s to support...
bca7770 2012-03-27 favor composition over inheritance
4946107 2012-03-27 favor composition over inheritance
41dfc46 2012-03-27 Merge pull request #2621 from icco/master
b36f240 2012-03-26 Merge pull request #5601 from carlosantoniodasilva/cooki...
281b31b 2012-03-26 Merge pull request #5331 from castlerock/remove_unused_r...
a2a861f 2012-03-26 still need to ensure the path is a directory
33da24a 2012-03-26 eliminating a branch we do not need. thanks @jeremy
47db156 2012-03-26 stop using *args in order to simplify our constructor
de9c0ef 2012-03-26 Merge pull request #5561 from carlosantoniodasilva/form-...
045197f 2012-03-26 Don't depend on ivars. Thanks @fesplugas
2e8129e 2012-03-26 Merge pull request #5595 from guilleiguaran/sprockets-ra...
65f4d80 2012-03-26 no need to freeze things all the time
6289f45 2012-03-26 test against ruby features in order to fix tests on Ruby...
e8b5c8e 2012-03-26 Merge pull request #5593 from lukesarnacki/activemodel_n...
beb51b4 2012-03-24 Merge pull request #5567 from tpope/xhr-boolean
7422f44 2012-03-23 chdir before globbing so that we don't need to escape di...
ea482d3 2012-03-23 oops, forgot to commit the tests! :bomb:
e944b29 2012-03-23 Merge pull request #5550 from schneems/schneems/server_env
b4115fd 2012-03-22 properly namespace the fixture exception
fad83d8 2012-03-22 Merge pull request #5552 from lest/patch-3
b6c128d 2012-03-21 remove duplicate requires. thanks @atambo
c7847f1 2012-03-21 evented listeners can subscribe to any message
6989db9 2012-03-21 evented subscribers work
f08f875 2012-03-21 start / finish events are sent by the instrumenter
60736fe 2012-03-21 push the autoloads up to requires
d99c790 2012-03-21 split subscribers based on pattern type
bdf7624 2012-03-20 probably should require the objects we monkey patch.
c317c5b 2012-03-20 search private and protected methods for convert_key
440559f 2012-03-20 bigdecimal can be duped on Ruby 2.0
2b5cb1c 2012-03-18 Merge pull request #5486 from kennyj/fix_5435
090156a 2012-03-16 use empty? on the hash to avoid another method call
4c8a5a0 2012-03-16 removed unnecessary calls to "freeze"
273054d 2012-03-16 remove some mocha stubs
0ae5807 2012-03-16 make stubbing easier
e61e0c0 2012-03-16 Merge pull request #5327 from kennyj/fix_explicitly_inhe...
b9c21aa 2012-03-15 Merge pull request #5457 from brianmario/typo-fix
a7dee1a 2012-03-15 Merge pull request #5456 from brianmario/redirect-saniti...
e6c95fe 2012-03-15 errors should probably be logged as errors
94a20d9 2012-03-15 Merge pull request #5451 from yahonda/address_hstores_fa...
f961ec4 2012-03-15 Merge pull request #5437 from kennyj/fix_5430
8f5f92c 2012-03-15 Merge pull request #5337 from mreinsch/static_invalid_by...
dbdbe96 2012-03-13 Merge pull request #5416 from kennyj/fix_5399
10e1ce4 2012-03-12 use AS::Logger so we are consistent
51aeae9 2012-03-12 allow people to specify custom formatters, use the defau...
0bb6fcb 2012-03-12 Merge pull request #5294 from robinroestenburg/master
0210c44 2012-03-12 make sure connections returned after close are marked as...
7f40b9c 2012-03-12 make the tagged formatter extend the existing formatter
0f5b32c 2012-03-12 Merge pull request #5394 from erichmenge/master
fd22471 2012-03-12 Merge pull request #5375 from nertzy/assert_template_wit...
dea486d 2012-03-12 Merge pull request #5380 from benmmurphy/escape_unicode_...
2b05585 2012-03-12 Merge pull request #5393 from jrochkind/clear_to_reap
657095d 2012-03-09 ensure that released connections move between threads
d523504 2012-03-08 make active_connection? return true only if there is an ...
085cb3b 2012-03-08 Merge pull request #5287 from nashby/hash-slice-extract
447ecb0 2012-03-08 Merge pull request #5162 from kennyj/schema_cache_dump
89cef07 2012-03-07 Merge pull request #5315 from travisjeffery/enhance_post...
d467351 2012-03-06 Merge pull request #5309 from carlosantoniodasilva/ad-up...
f3a3203 2012-03-06 Merge pull request #5304 from kennyj/fix_connection_depe...
b5c939d 2012-03-02 only log an error if there is a logger. fixes #5226
139963c 2012-03-01 Merge branch 'master-security'
f9995ce 2012-02-29 Merge pull request #5203 from avakhov/anonymous-controll...
1d21528 2012-02-29 Merge pull request #5219 from mattfawcett/2781-fix-query...
8cecb47 2012-02-29 reduced localhost check to two method calls
f07a957 2012-02-28 Merge pull request #5208 from ysoslow/ef79b8400f064361b2...
acf7e86 2012-02-28 Revert "only mutate the scope object in the `bind` method"
f42c963 2012-02-27 call binmode on the tempfile for Ruby 1.8 compatibility
1b9e19c 2012-02-27 only mutate the scope object in the `bind` method
4f82553 2012-02-27 bind value creation refactoring
2adf78d 2012-02-27 removing dead code
4bc2ae0 2012-02-27 use bind values for join columns
a4e4d28 2012-02-27 Merge pull request #5191 from rafaelfranca/fix-393
699e460 2012-02-27 Merge pull request #5168 from kennyj/fix_5152
a19dd29 2012-02-27 Merge pull request #5173 from kennyj/fix_3931-2
9ad7767 2012-02-27 Merge pull request #5179 from RalphShnelvar/Binary_mode_...
9ef701d 2012-02-25 use regular ruby for fewer method calls. we do not need ...
e04fa0e 2012-02-24 Merge pull request #5144 from nashby/input-name-nil
3f8dc55 2012-02-22 Merge pull request #5084 from johndouthat/patch-1
abf3f67 2012-02-22 Merge pull request #4998 from fbuenemann/feature/configu...
a328f2f 2012-02-22 add some tests, yay!
36d9fd7 2012-02-22 Merge pull request #5133 from rafaelfranca/fix-build
cdc1885 2012-02-22 Merge pull request #5132 from rafaelfranca/fix-build
ef5670e 2012-02-22 Merge pull request #5119 from kennyj/fix_5114
66b7eb1 2012-02-22 bumping up arel
fd39847 2012-02-22 prepared statements can be disabled
19c7124 2012-02-21 more ruby 2.0 respond_to? changes
5d0c181 2012-02-21 ruby 2.0 makes protected methods return false for respon...
12e2405 2012-02-21 Merge pull request #5108 from mirakui/patch-1
fd74cd7 2012-02-21 Merge pull request #5116 from rubenfonseca/delete_with_b...
f48a33b 2012-02-21 tag bind params with a bind param object
563df87 2012-02-20 use Hash#delete with a default block
07dc909 2012-02-20 search private / protected methods in trunk ruby
eff507f 2012-02-20 Merge pull request #5082 from willbryant/assigns_should_...
977183a 2012-02-20 Merge pull request #5096 from lawso017/master
663c9f3 2012-02-17 Merge pull request #5076 from petmit/migrate_status_with...
decafdd 2012-02-16 use rather than $$
aaff1a4 2012-02-16 database connections are automatically established after...
a03e9c6 2012-02-15 fixing AP tests
5cc47e4 2012-02-15 adding tests to document behavior for #4817
848c3d4 2012-02-14 Merge pull request #3544 from amatsuda/_field_changed
957da55 2012-02-13 Merge pull request #4834 from sskirby/fix_usage_of_psql_...
04c0aea 2012-02-13 Merge pull request #5000 from flavorpill/master-with-mul...
3a5a01f 2012-02-13 Merge pull request #5012 from waseem/alias-reconnect-mysql2
9bcfb1a 2012-02-13 Merge pull request #5018 from hammerdr/issue-4659-docs
d94e427 2012-02-11 Merge branch 'master' into instance_reader
c50cb4a 2012-02-11 PG column consults oid types when typecasting
fa6cda5 2012-02-10 dynamically populate casting objects via the pg_type table
f7b915b 2012-02-10 Merge branch 'joelhoffman-postgres_schema_builder' into ...
522b72f 2012-02-10 Merge branch 'master' into instance_reader
3092324 2012-02-10 Merge pull request #4956 from mhfs/pg_partial_indices
fc3fad8 2012-02-10 Merge pull request #4985 from shigeya/range_overlaps_to_...
415424f 2012-02-10 Merge pull request #4988 from kennyj/fix_4720-3
a9a1270 2012-02-09 fixing indentation, moving class methods together
3f5b984 2012-02-09 removing dead code
e0eef11 2012-02-09 typecast columns based on the returned types
e0cba3a 2012-02-09 Merge branch 'master' into instance_reader
6c50c07 2012-02-09 fixing the list of cached columns
f26fcc0 2012-02-09 only exclude serialized columns from cacheable columns
a8c150e 2012-02-09 Merge pull request #4975 from kennyj/bump_tzinfo
b02c87e 2012-02-09 Merge pull request #4973 from kennyj/fix_4909
f86b198 2012-02-08 removed unnecessary translator object
857bd73 2012-02-08 use the key name yielded to the fetch block
69e84e1 2012-02-08 return early if the cast attribute has been cached
3f97a97 2012-02-08 always call `read_attribute` from the reader method
e54d5cc 2012-02-08 use the pg column to cast values
828d29c 2012-02-08 Merge pull request #4947 from rafaelfranca/fix-build
06b9c90 2012-02-08 Merge pull request #4930 from ask4prasath/ordered_hash_r...
0f1b759 2012-02-07 cache attribute if it is supposed to be cached
41f21fa 2012-02-07 pgcolumn knows how to typecast binary columns
2927007 2012-02-07 only unescape bytea after it has been read from the data...
9821175 2012-02-07 hstores can be typecast
20440fd 2012-02-07 return early from typecasting if the value is nil
a92af3f 2012-02-07 columns are lazily typecast, so no more calls to `result...
9454076 2012-02-07 mapping more oids
5396fca 2012-02-07 give each PG type a `type` method and decortate tz attri...
3efbd7f 2012-02-07 taking column width in to account when fetching decimal ...
15b0dcd 2012-02-07 postgresql correctly typecasts back to Ruby, so change a...
9fd3bde 2012-02-07 many of the OIDs mapped and implemented
ab6ebcc 2012-02-07 copy over columns hash on reload
d592ea3 2012-02-07 wrap and cache columns for typecasting
00b62ab 2012-02-07 moving column types to an ivar on the result
dd1eb78 2012-02-07 column_types hash is used for doing typecasting
9bcb9cd 2012-02-07 column types are passed from the result set to the insta...
9c07e38 2012-02-07 moved attribute translation to an object
ee161d1 2012-02-07 moved most of the evald code in to regular ruby code
422cc57 2012-02-07 copy the columns hash to the active record instances, ty...
55cc16f 2012-02-07 always flush all logs. fixes #4277
3e0ecde 2012-02-06 adding a comment for myself
5dec3dd 2012-02-06 delegate attribute typecasting to the column
321b4c8 2012-02-06 pg supports real booleans, so handle the case when `true...
393f797 2012-02-06 Merge pull request #4905 from herimedia/to-infinity-and-...
6342cdd 2012-02-06 Merge pull request #4910 from sskirby/fixes_regression_i...
2abaa19 2012-02-02 Merge pull request #4856 from ihid/store_null_bug
203962d 2012-02-02 *args is already an array. :'(
cd3bdb3 2012-02-02 Merge pull request #4853 from rafaelfranca/fix-build-again
55686ae 2012-02-02 removed whitespace errors :yellow_heart::blue_heart::pur...
215a390 2012-02-02 Merge pull request #4850 from smartinez87/useless_arg
00e192e 2012-02-02 use the class method to (un)escape binary values
ab58c5e 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4830 from rafaelfranca/restrict-fix
33d8b62 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4829 from rafaelfranca/restrict-fix
6da8ec1 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4806 from KL-7/do-not-serialize-nil
78d5d6f 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4809 from cfeist/feist-sqlite-binary...
7bfdbea 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4784 from semaperepelitsa/constantize
d613d60 2012-02-01 Merge pull request #4799 from arunagw/warning_fixed_for_...
c4469e6 2012-01-31 Revert "Merge pull request #4746 from jenslukowski/issue...
d6e41f3 2012-01-31 QueryCache will just dup an AR::Result, AR::Result can d...
c091ab0 2012-01-31 always return the result set from select_all
40ce682 2012-01-31 made the result set object act more like an array
77c6706 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4735 from arton/master
d9c4862 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4742 from petervandenabeele/master
5cad7a0 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4746 from jenslukowski/issue4718
bb842e8 2012-01-31 Merge pull request #4803 from lucascaton/master
69816a8 2012-01-27 Merge pull request #4726 from rafaelfranca/create_join_t...
2fd9816 2012-01-27 Merge pull request #4709 from ask4prasath/refactor_valid...
578c94a 2012-01-27 Merge pull request #4722 from kennyj/fix_4708
25d5c94 2012-01-27 Merge pull request #4724 from kennyj/fix_warning_20120128
82ba5c4 2012-01-26 bumping journey to 1.0.1
33fda1c 2012-01-26 Merge pull request #4696 from rafaelfranca/issue-4653
ef7fc6e 2012-01-26 global variables may not be set depending on the match. ...
522c0fd 2012-01-25 The primary key is always initialized in the @attributes...
e2edfe1 2012-01-25 Merge pull request #4645 from brainopia/deprecate_dateti...
c421870 2012-01-25 Merge pull request #4644 from ask4prasath/refactor_test
eee5a6c 2012-01-25 Merge pull request #4646 from lest/patch-1
aa8ebea 2012-01-25 Merge pull request #4658 from pwim/unicode-paths
0581c1a 2012-01-25 use fetch rather than both Hash#key? and Hash#[]
6a88302 2012-01-24 Merge pull request #4606 from lest/patch-1
6fe02f9 2012-01-24 deprecated AR::TestCase in favor of AS::TestCase
dcf0558 2012-01-24 Moving AR::TestCase in to the AR tests directory
8478b0c 2012-01-24 Merge pull request #4514 from brainopia/update_timezone_...
ad6f689 2012-01-24 Merge pull request #3775 from karevn/master
82e2f19 2012-01-24 Merge pull request #4630 from lest/patch-2
29aa20d 2012-01-24 Merge pull request #4637 from railsaholic/error_message_fix
dea2523 2012-01-24 initialized the @segment_keys instance variable
8d26f87 2012-01-24 Added custom regexps to ASTs that have literal nodes on ...
bce3b5c 2012-01-23 moved the `get` testing method to a module
5e81021 2012-01-23 updated the warning signature
e848c52 2012-01-23 Deprecated multi args to http route methods
01176a7 2012-01-23 Merge pull request #4558 from stephencelis/type-cast-unk...
47addcc 2012-01-23 Merge pull request #4563 from amatsuda/ar_relation_pp
e6c9902 2012-01-23 Merge pull request #4576 from guilleiguaran/bump-require...
a0ed45c 2012-01-23 Merge pull request #4581 from kennyj/remove_unused_argument
e407eb3 2012-01-23 Merge pull request #4620 from carlosantoniodasilva/count...
90410b4 2012-01-20 stop splatting so much. We don't need :star:args everywhere
cb6ccad 2012-01-20 broadcasting to the console and remove file tailing midd...
a0da46e 2012-01-20 pushed broadcasting down to a module
f02cec3 2012-01-20 defined the actual logger signature
14d1029 2012-01-20 fixed test for more informative message
04241f3 2012-01-20 added the backtrace so errors can be found
d42b3d4 2012-01-20 add a broadcasting logger so we can split logs
e7e1890 2012-01-20 made the broadcast logger quack more like a logger
983bf6d 2012-01-20 restored logging to the log file and display on the console
de41f5a 2012-01-20 Merge pull request #4528 from j-manu/log-tailer-fix
8c2dc4c 2012-01-20 Merge pull request #4556 from brainopia/remove_old_cruft
79f7bbb 2012-01-20 Revert "just use an alias. The target method is public,...
eb1b729 2012-01-20 push ivar initialization down to a common method
17064ac 2012-01-20 adding tests for previous_changes hash
be7d224 2012-01-20 just use an alias. The target method is public, so make...
0c35610 2012-01-20 remove unused captures
642752c 2012-01-19 avoid useless is_a checks
8129a09 2012-01-19 move tagged logging to a module, stop proxying every met...
0a3f57e 2012-01-19 do not do reverse lookups on incoming requests for webri...
0056a75 2012-01-19 Merge pull request #4531 from exviva/pessimistic_with_lock
01cde0b 2012-01-19 Merge pull request #4538 from kennyj/should_use_uri_parse
b70236c 2012-01-18 Merge pull request #4523 from rafaelfranca/av-logger
5f07953 2012-01-17 Merge pull request #4487 from sarenji/fix-reset-counters
18a62ac 2012-01-17 disable transactions for this test
ee190b8 2012-01-17 Merge pull request #4500 from kennyj/should_deprecate_ra...
21afd9b 2012-01-16 stop more ddl changes
86a73cd 2012-01-16 stop ddl modifications for another test
b731593 2012-01-16 use one based indexes for the mock migrations
867f504 2012-01-16 stop making ddl changes for migrator tests
ccbd201 2012-01-16 actually use the variable I created. :bomb: thanks @exviva
15daa14 2012-01-16 move another migrator to use sensors
247d274 2012-01-16 moving verbosity tests to the migrator test, removing dd...
5364338 2012-01-16 silencing migrator tests, refactoring the migration test...
7312b83 2012-01-16 fix tests on sqlite3
8037c51 2012-01-16 prefer method sensors over actual ddl changes
8739a42 2012-01-16 testing the current version method
5b833f5 2012-01-16 test that migrations have connections, and method missin...
0691866 2012-01-16 making sure the temp connection and the real connection ...
f84478f 2012-01-16 Merge pull request #4462 from spohlenz/fix-routing-tests
b1e5551 2012-01-14 make sure the migration table is alive and empty
e0f0afb 2012-01-13 refactor schema migration table creation to the schema m...
5e61637 2012-01-13 deprecate the block argument to Migrator#migrate
b932310 2012-01-13 convert the migration list to a Set, remove duplicate code
8a3dcd7 2012-01-13 stop depending on the filesystem for interleaved migrati...
d0bb43d 2012-01-13 use the schema migration model to dump schema info
280e4cb 2012-01-13 refactor the migrate method to filter migrations before ...
0f743bc 2012-01-13 move schema dumper tests to the correct class
f3f8f0e 2012-01-13 use the schema migration model to create a new record
ff5c385 2012-01-13 move another migrator test, use schema migration model
ad2af42 2012-01-13 move another migrator test to the correct class
85e5fac 2012-01-13 use the model to delete records
145ad7b 2012-01-13 adding a test class for table renaming
01f86cd 2012-01-13 moving migrator tests to a migrator test class
5baa66c 2012-01-13 fixing test class name
6c7b66f 2012-01-13 moving more migrator tests to the right test case
6e7ba44 2012-01-13 test code that finds migrations
dea59f0 2012-01-13 removing migration files as they are no longer needed
e6f7960 2012-01-13 moving more renaming tests to the proper test case
977df64 2012-01-13 moving more column renaming tests
28bb02a 2012-01-13 moving column attributes tests to their own class
cd930c8 2012-01-13 moving rename column tests to their own class
706d8ea 2012-01-13 move another index related test case
66fe507 2012-01-13 use ruby rather than mocha
a394985 2012-01-13 move tests regarding index modification to their own class
3c2e7a8 2012-01-13 remove unused code
06b8dc0 2012-01-13 move more schema modification tests
5c8da16 2012-01-13 decoupling more tests from AR::Base
67fba0c 2012-01-13 add a migration schema model
ee4e242 2012-01-13 use skip rather than conditionally define tests
c0c7ba9 2012-01-13 skip openbase test
cc88ffe 2012-01-13 remove dependency on the filesystem
a85625d 2012-01-13 instantiate our own broken migration rather than relying...
974a640 2012-01-13 moving logger test to its own file
452195a 2012-01-13 use skip so we know what tests are being skipped
bc276fb 2012-01-13 construct a migrator with a list of migrations rather th...
488c9ef 2012-01-12 moving to arel 3.0.0
ac483a2 2012-01-12 moving the table and index test to it's own file
e3f7d0d 2012-01-12 depend on journey 1.0.0
487318e 2012-01-12 Merge pull request #4414 from ask4prasath/changes
aa0f955 2012-01-12 Merge pull request #4419 from j-manu/4255-handle-spaces-...
2158a70 2012-01-10 all tested database support migrations, so stop making t...
d41e2f1 2012-01-10 adding missing require
4663070 2012-01-10 move column ordering tests to it's own class
42fd164 2012-01-10 deprecate the subdirectories parameter to `migrations`
7661065 2012-01-10 refactoring migration test
f82e244 2012-01-10 dropping support for `schema_info`.
5301f6d 2012-01-10 Merge pull request #4399 from kennyj/problem_when_i_exec...
2babe0a 2012-01-09 no need for extra method calls inside the framework
e9d44ef 2012-01-09 Merge pull request #4370 from EnlightSolutions/validates...
d8516d7 2012-01-09 Merge pull request #4371 from rafaelfranca/test_unit_cle...
686f94e 2012-01-07 remove reference to Test::Unit
4a20351 2012-01-07 spec class names can possibly be nil in mt/s < 2.6.1, so...
fec6f1b 2012-01-07 Merge pull request #4360 from rafaelfranca/patch-1
1c09c29 2012-01-06 register spec subclasses for people who spec
aa7857b 2012-01-06 started converting AS::TestCase to minitest
b15d2c0 2012-01-06 require minitest rather than test/unit
a58fb10 2012-01-06 backport assert_not_same
9342492 2012-01-06 require test/unit and sort test order
f65559f 2012-01-06 make sure the test case name is nil
056b838 2012-01-06 removing unnecessary requires
579acb4 2012-01-06 just mix the run method in for minitest
0579f30 2012-01-06 rescue the assertion exception
f8964bd 2012-01-06 add the class name to the assertion message
984ce0c 2012-01-06 use a regular expression for the number of passes. We o...
9699eeb 2012-01-06 convert build_message to sprintf
6548fc6 2012-01-06 use assert_equal and assert_operator
a0dc9ca 2012-01-06 use sprintf rather than build_message
a0bab37 2012-01-06 Just use assert_equal
d28a15e 2012-01-06 refactor assert_response
01d1794 2012-01-06 test response assertions
180eb8f 2012-01-06 no need for assert_block
48ed7e6 2012-01-06 stop using build_message for creating a string
6a383f4 2012-01-06 use assert_includes rather than calling includes? specif...
d971a1c 2012-01-06 just use assert and refute rather than building messages
3abacc0 2012-01-06 Merge pull request #4357 from rafaelfranca/patch-1
cac0bd1 2012-01-06 Merge pull request #4327 from Karunakar/minor
aec8172 2012-01-06 Merge pull request #4354 from rafaelfranca/patch-1
8f309e3 2012-01-06 convert railties to use AS::TestCase
b8d8c50 2012-01-06 use AS::TestCase as the base class
a2d68c1 2012-01-06 activeresource tests use AS::TestCase
8350ce9 2012-01-06 Revert "More 1.9 way"
fd918fe 2012-01-06 AP tests should inherit from AS::TestCase
5d09d39 2012-01-06 test cases should inherit from AS::TestCase
38a0606 2012-01-06 test a subclass so that the removed method does not imac...
4d073df 2012-01-05 Revert "remove deprecated API"
f53c247 2012-01-05 remove deprecated API
4fa1030 2012-01-05 fix some whitespace errors
39625d1 2012-01-05 Merge pull request #4330 from lest/remove-call-mbchars
d2a6908 2012-01-05 do not require a file that is not used
f63fff6 2012-01-05 delete reaping frequency from the db config
07f187b 2012-01-05 Merge pull request #4301 from Karunakar/refactor_tests
f4ef09c 2012-01-05 Merge pull request #4304 from lest/refactor-truncate
351a600 2012-01-05 Merge pull request #4315 from larskanis/allow_setting_of...
1dbbe7b 2012-01-05 Merge pull request #4316 from wrozka/time_advance_nsec
dcd317b 2012-01-05 Merge pull request #4325 from juanpastas/master
f306f9a 2012-01-05 call super from setup
fb8b17c 2012-01-05 just use the list of formatting keys we care about
e96b3e8 2012-01-05 call super
39489d1 2012-01-05 clear the sql counter on teardown so the GC can do it's ...
1b276d5 2012-01-05 fix some formatting
8e051a1 2012-01-05 use regular expression or statement. loltargetrichenviro...
071c8bf 2012-01-05 active record base class test case should not be public
da4fef8 2012-01-04 use logger.warn for warnings
07c192a 2012-01-04 push exception message formatting to the exception class
b899b7b 2012-01-04 Array.wrap no longer needed
54b4e8e 2012-01-04 just implement the delegate method
fd2d78d 2012-01-04 push target down to the classes that care about it
34551bf 2012-01-04 Merge pull request #4282 from edgecase/order_after_reorder
5708648 2012-01-04 Merge pull request #4296 from kuroda/negative_format
cf32a59 2012-01-04 Merge pull request #4298 from rafaelfranca/patch-2
e094b8d 2012-01-04 Merge pull request #4299 from Karunakar/logger
00c5342 2012-01-03 use File.basename to get the filename minus .yml
7985f64 2012-01-03 Merge pull request #2955 from dmitry/master
d1230a8 2012-01-03 Merge pull request #4283 from lest/fix-singleton-checking
41be0fc 2012-01-03 actually disconnect from the database at the end of each...
29f0f25 2012-01-03 Merge pull request #4274 from joneslee85/changelog-fix
632995c 2012-01-03 Merge pull request #4279 from lest/fix-log
ed17983 2011-12-31 Merge pull request #4237 from castlerock/fiber_available...
641b43e 2011-12-31 updating the reaping frequency documentation
59f2696 2011-12-31 rename start to run and use Thread.pass rather than slee...
405aeb5 2011-12-30 connection pool starts the reaper
3af68df 2011-12-30 just dup the spec now that it will deep copy
ddde548 2011-12-30 connection specification will deep copy the config
41c24eb 2011-12-30 each connection pool has a reaper
cde7692 2011-12-30 introduce a timer class for reaping connections
cceabe0 2011-12-30 raise a pull full error when the connection pool is full...
b1ac881 2011-12-30 connections are only removed if they are inactve
86729eb 2011-12-30 connections can be reaped via the `reap` method
e060cf0 2011-12-30 deal with removing connections associated with the curre...
17ff88c 2011-12-30 connections can be removed from the pool
bf9e6c7 2011-12-30 queue and signal no longer needed
5dc7257 2011-12-30 refactor checking out the connection
df9de6f 2011-12-30 infinite loop is no longer necessary
6769293 2011-12-30 connections must be checked in at the end of a thread
5681f79 2011-12-30 be explicit about where helpers are installed
116b9ed 2011-12-30 Merge pull request #4224 from alexeymuranov/my-fix-for-f...
e43b2b3 2011-12-30 just add the writer rather than adding both and removing...
87dd62a 2011-12-29 stop using __send__ and just module eval in the extensions
cd97d0b 2011-12-29 we know the classes will be a list, so *tell* it to resp...
72c290c 2011-12-29 avoid extra method calls by just defining the delegate
fb3e09a 2011-12-29 don't need the begin / end
0035c54 2011-12-29 don't use instance eval, just reference variables so we ...
88aeeee 2011-12-29 removing dead code.
c0904e4 2011-12-29 decouple initialize from clear!. Initialize ivars in ini...
25b10f4 2011-12-29 modules don't have any instance methods
afd9512 2011-12-29 simplify sweep now that discard and flashes are in sync
bdfd11e 2011-12-29 mutations on the underlying hash should also mutate the ...
dea1602 2011-12-29 rename @used to something a bit more meaningful
ffad492 2011-12-29 mutations can't be done without the consent of our proxy...
21df2bf 2011-12-29 again, use Set#subtract
ea35967 2011-12-29 Use Set#subtract and Set#merge for keeping track of used...
b88a181 2011-12-29 fix method visibility
77df5ba 2011-12-29 no need for bang bang :bomb:
780a222 2011-12-29 Merge pull request #4216 from edgecase/master_fix_reorde...
0b61e3f 2011-12-28 Merge pull request #4222 from amatsuda/ar_predicate_buil...
afe6e05 2011-12-28 Merge pull request #4207 from nashby/deprecate-base64-en...
90df0d4 2011-12-28 Merge pull request #4220 from bensie/singleton-class-master
ac2f68d 2011-12-23 Merge pull request #4140 from kuroda/databases_rake
ead2593 2011-12-23 adding an integration test for splat regexp substitution...
4ee537a 2011-12-23 Adding an integration test. Fixes #4136
3f92e5e 2011-12-22 rack bodies should be a list
de6e92f 2011-12-22 refactoring routing tests
367741e 2011-12-22 Revert "Added Enumerable#pluck to wrap the common patter...
401b266 2011-12-21 just require things once
d4a4fcb 2011-12-21 append puts the routes after the default, which causes a...
e68b72d 2011-12-21 just use def setup
3afeb6b 2011-12-21 DeprecatedUnderscoreRead does not exist anymore
44ff03b 2011-12-21 adding integration test for journey #7
d6d7740 2011-12-21 switch to git journey
abdb105 2011-12-21 Merge pull request #4115 from Karunakar/action_pack
52c214f 2011-12-21 caches should not be global, so no need to clear in the ...
12ce9a2 2011-12-21 removing deprecated methods
78ea731 2011-12-21 Merge pull request #4097 from guilleiguaran/safebuffer-h...
66d8620 2011-12-20 making sure updates work
8daaff5 2011-12-20 hstores can cycle
a8b948d 2011-12-20 do not compile regexp on every call
0d7ca94 2011-12-20 skip hstore tests on PG databases that do not have hstore
776af48 2011-12-20 PostgreSQL hstore types are automatically deserialized f...
135b3a0 2011-12-20 multiple key / values work
96838b5 2011-12-20 can create hstore records via AR API
8cb7bc8 2011-12-20 pg columns should understand the hstore type
3ef20aa 2011-12-20 Merge pull request #4035 from lest/date-type-cast
bb106e9 2011-12-20 remove more uses of deprecated logger methods
a514469 2011-12-20 Revert "Update .travis.yml"
572c3d5 2011-12-20 * BufferedLogger is deprecated. Use ActiveSupport::Logg...