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#1 Aaron Patterson - This month
Showing 47 commits

Hash Date Message
9f63a78 2014-07-28 remove the mounted? method
099fd0e 2014-07-28 remove some caching
0b773c3 2014-07-23 specify N=0 to prevent parallel tests (just run tests on...
d4c8068 2014-07-18 reporting is only done in one thread, so we can safely r...
be9f868 2014-07-17 %i doesn't work on 1.9
5737c8e 2014-07-17 fix thread safety issues
5751b7e 2014-07-17 pass the test reporter by reference
abd7430 2014-07-17 fix filesystem race condition
8d126c9 2014-07-17 do not restart the service, just stop it
d548a36 2014-07-17 only parallelize on forking systems
c64bff2 2014-07-17 [EXPERIMENTAL] run actionpack tests in parallel
932386b 2014-07-17 `recall` should be `path_parameters`, also make it required
212057b 2014-07-17 pass the route name to define_url_helper
2888f86 2014-07-17 use a strategy object for generating urls in named helpers
a9765c5 2014-07-17 helper methods are public, so we can just call them
c6a97b8 2014-07-17 subclass Rails::Engine
0e26271 2014-07-17 extract path building to a method
69799ed 2014-07-17 break out path building logic to methods
f875331 2014-07-17 only extract :params from the options hash once
1e930e7 2014-07-16 we do not need to dup the options hash, it is private an...
9b15828 2014-07-16 push rails app testing up
4a7b959 2014-07-16 Rails-ish apps should descend from Rails::Railtie
d66536d 2014-07-16 app should always be a class (I suppose)
832d2c4 2014-07-16 we should be checking if the app is a class
f636652 2014-07-16 extract inner options before delegating to the helper
90f0cdc 2014-07-16 always transcode the file to utf-8
7880f39 2014-07-16 Fix 1.9. uggghhhhhh get it together @tenderlove :bomb:
993ca82 2014-07-16 fix for 1.9 kwargs syntax
1ae9f05 2014-07-16 routed applications will respond to these methods
f3c1832 2014-07-15 stop passing recall to url_for
8e105a5 2014-07-15 rack 1.6 encodes the filenames in posts correctly now
3ef98a1 2014-07-15 fix warnings
8eb7bcb 2014-07-15 stop calling url_for with recall parameters and actually...
a3ca700 2014-07-15 execute a request and check the path_parameters
ab1e322 2014-07-15 set `set` in the setup method
07f7f3a 2014-07-15 remove useless ivar set
0777b17 2014-07-15 RouteSet should be in charge of constructing the dispather
85343d9 2014-07-14 Merge pull request #16089 from eileencodes/refactor-refl...
f6007d6 2014-07-11 Merge branch 'rosetta_flash' of
695af7d 2014-07-11 Merge branch 'rosetta_flash' of
6e76031 2014-07-10 * gcampbell-rosetta_flash:
93fb4c1 2014-07-10 Merge branch 'rosetta_flash' of
97d62a3 2014-07-08 Merge pull request #13999 from jamox/update_rack
e0c6b35 2014-07-07 test i18n against a routed app
1e7f28c 2014-07-07 remove the mounted_helpers respond_to check
09eeb3f 2014-07-07 always test against a routed rack app so there are alway...
9d599ab 2014-07-02 do not hold on to a stale connection object. fixes #15998