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#104 Abdelkader Boudih - All time
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Hash Date Message
6e75e7e 2014-08-20 [Rdoc] Make clear that we are sending an AR object [ci s...
d162934 2014-08-20 Fix typo in rdoc [ci skip]
06b185c 2014-08-19 Make ActionMailer::Previews methods class methods.
68c643f 2014-08-18 [ActiveJob] Add queue_name_prefix so all queue are prefi...
080296b 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] require global_id/railtie
9a34262 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] Add deserialize_arguments method to job
931cfc4 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] Fix tests for sucker_punch
2f7b239 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] Use globalid gem
b06d919 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] remove ruby warnings
3954fdf 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] Convert ActiveJob::Arguments into module
fdc7dbc 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] require files in logging.rb
299d1f2 2014-08-17 [ActionMailer] Rename ActionMailer::DelayedDeliveryJob t...
6a2ca14 2014-08-17 [ActiveJob] Fix test syntax
8147e22 2014-08-14 Update resque_adapter.rb
18303f6 2014-08-14 Refactor DeliverLater into MessageDelivery
b937ea8 2014-08-14 Make ActionMailer::Previews methods class methods.
9b20960 2014-08-13 Clean adapter_test.rb and skip test for sidekiq in unsup...
67f8b6b 2014-08-13 Added ActionMailer::DeliverLater
0c23277 2014-08-12 Remove activejob integration tests
a75f085 2014-08-12 Add 'activejob/' from commit '14f74a8331f94150dfee653224...
f378f23 2014-07-14 Treat invalid uuid as nil
d966ee0 2014-07-12 [Bug report templates] Added rack master to the Gemfile
f367f2e 2014-07-03 Add arel to the controller template
392c482 2014-07-03 require both variant of resque-scheduler
c5c7497 2014-07-03 require 'resque-scheduler' fix #97
ba49be1 2014-06-30 [feature] ActiveJob generator
35591d3 2014-06-28 [Postgresql tests] remove duplicate helper
b58ec66 2014-06-27 rename sequence only if it exists
a4d2916 2014-05-29 Sidekiq::Client does not support symbols as keys
aa34815 2014-05-29 Update
895f22a 2014-05-29 Update
bffd462 2014-05-26 Update
af117de 2014-05-22 Railtie hook on ActiveJob::Base
0cb85a6 2014-05-21 Active Job Railtie
6187cf8 2014-05-21 DRY
dae0a31 2014-05-20 Use ActiveJob::Base.logger instead ActiveJob::Logging.lo...
a76ec4e 2014-05-20 Update
5adc311 2014-05-20 Silence logger
6d00950 2014-05-20 Add Que Adapter/Wrapper
ca8b2fd 2014-05-19 Setting the adapter load the required gem.
bc9bd57 2014-05-19 Use case/when
91461dc 2014-05-18 Lazy-load adapters, fixes #6
68543de 2014-05-18 Add Sucker Punch adapter/wrapper
53f08f9 2014-05-18 Correct typo in version.rb
a712c07 2014-05-18 Add Sidekiq adapter/wrapper fixes #3