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#94 Aditya Kapoor - This year
Showing 34 commits

Hash Date Message
f551a04 2014-10-16 remove unneeded file
ce086b2 2014-10-16 use require_command! instead of calling its definition
3212b15 2014-09-09 [ci skip] change the line orientation on asset precompil...
eb9f1ef 2014-08-20 [ci skip] add doc for STEP in migration
2858e31 2014-08-20 [ci skip] correct docs about the migration generation
8644690 2014-08-18 fix broken link [ci skip]
32e1848 2014-08-13 [ci skip] add note about the ERB escape in generator docs
2c87145 2014-08-13 [ci skip] correct default cache store class
1df925d 2014-08-11 [ci skip] add guide for ActiveModel::SecurePassword
1f72ab3 2014-08-03 [ci skip] add tip for uglifier in execjs error
8c8e5be 2014-07-05 [ci skip] add guide for ActiveModel::Naming
7b1a42c 2014-07-02 automatically include ActiveModel::Validations when incl...
94b6207 2014-06-28 remove unneeded test model for ActiveModel test cases.
d770ec0 2014-06-23 remove unnecessary require for json serialization test c...
876908d 2014-06-20 [ci skip] Add Tip for change_column_null and change_colu...
b81f364 2014-06-17 [ci skip] fix doc for the Hash#assert_valid_keys
c195317 2014-06-17 Add test cases for Migration#inverse_of
7ddaf10 2014-06-16 [ci skip] /javascript/ ~> JavaScript
ae1b42c 2014-06-16 [ci skip] add API doc for AR Group.
eb5d802 2014-06-16 [ci skip] correct doc for serialization in accordance wi...
57fe5fd 2014-06-14 [ci skip] update wiki link for MVC
1505f8b 2014-06-14 [ci-skip] correct wikipedia MVC link
c782641 2014-06-14 remove unnecessary substitution for space in ActionView:...
fedb16a 2014-06-14 Add test cases for Hash#asset_valid_keys
bb075e3 2014-06-11 [ci skip] correct docs for conversion
2399207 2014-06-11 [ci skip] add tests for ActionModel::Conversion
f651d35 2014-06-10 Correct Bundler link [ci skip]
9505a21 2014-06-10 [ci skip] Fix doc for javascript_helper
885ebda 2014-06-07 Add Missing Test Cases for the constantize
269ad13 2014-06-07 Correct Example output in Rails guides [ci skip]
d7c06a3 2014-05-31 [ci skip] correct doc for ActionView::Helpers::DebugHelper
5e36411 2014-05-26 correct docs for (asset|image)_path [ci skip]
6d8beaa 2014-05-26 correct doc for (audio|video)_tag [ci skip]
c22a253 2014-05-26 Correct Documentation for asset_tag_helpers