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#77 Aditya Sanghi - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
a59a67d 2011-05-10 Explain the implication of using :ignore_date on time_se...
5e23527 2011-05-06 Made language consistent with the rest of the comments i...
a8cfcec 2011-05-06 be consistent
cdf1842 2011-05-06 review fixes
9b5c290 2011-05-06 default orm and test_framework to false; change applicat...
75e1e21 2011-05-06 When skipping skip active record, mark config.generators...
65a9563 2011-05-06 strip space
ae7d0d8 2011-05-06 Take leap years into account more seriously when calcula...
7d0f267 2011-05-05 Multiparameter POLA, time_select fixes. See LH4346
8bce6e7 2011-04-29 DRY this baby up
36ee2ba 2011-04-29 fix typo
bf5cf5d 2011-04-28 :if should not fire on validations when not in context w...
610e4d9 2011-04-28 add more documentation; remove unused assignment
a869382 2011-04-28 Allow AM/PM in datetime selectors
3a7c7dc 2011-03-23 Fix test for prepend giving a false positive. [#5716 sta...
6fc3750 2010-12-15 eternal confusion! fixed doco to inform correctly
7a237d5 2010-12-08 Ensure that boolean false is properly serialized [#6079 ...
f07ff29 2010-11-29 Merge branch 'master' of
6308f1f 2010-11-29 Merge branch 'master' of
2025775 2010-11-29 Merge branch 'master' of
8601f16 2010-11-29 Merge branch 'master' of
04922ba 2010-11-27 grammar fix
f289161 2010-11-27 Resolves LH #6063, should be :expires_in not :expire_in
5b9f6a7 2010-11-26 Resolving LH #5986, cookies doc updates
330d65d 2010-11-14 deliver_* is no more
920660b 2010-11-11 patching to ensure separator is printed with order [#581...
3ca1665 2010-10-29 reverting last change to javascript helper; needs more i...
74f3f74 2010-10-29 fixed javascript helper doc to close issue #10 raised by...
5a36f9f 2010-10-16 Merge branch 'master' of
40398a1 2010-10-16 The deleted examples are redundant.
a0b53b2 2010-10-12 fix time.to_formatted_time(:time) example
582a088 2010-10-11 Fix test helpers to ensure get method forms are properly...
3686251 2010-10-09 test that skip active records does not load fixtures
990719b 2010-10-06 mailer comment should use namespace in comment
ae812e9 2010-10-06 adding test for namedspaced mailers
297cf0b 2010-10-02 added test for form_for with search_field
8d1df88 2010-10-02 Fixing search_field to remove object attribute from opti...
de88030 2010-09-25 review comments
db8b3e7 2010-09-25 add section about email with name
c94e92e 2010-09-25 Add section about multiple recipients