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#77 Aditya Sanghi - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 21 commits

Hash Date Message
3c19064 2013-01-16 adding regression test in master for #8631
2bacacd 2013-01-04 removed dangling whitespace in generated database yml
193c31c 2012-12-01 Add Mailer Callback section to Mailer guides
e8502ed 2012-11-20 fix guide with field_with_error proc example
74bd134 2012-10-10 Add missing CHANGELOG related to addition of callbacks t...
b12d048 2012-10-10 Revert "Add changelog/release note entries for missing A...
f16ec8c 2012-10-10 Add changelog/release note entries for missing ActionMai...
fd6b9f3 2012-09-06 Added information about dynamic delivery options to acti...
d016dec 2012-09-06 Dynamic Delivery Method Options
75dc195 2012-09-06 fix bad changelog example
8fc8763 2012-09-04 Allow delivery method options to be set per mail instance
9515038 2012-08-06 add changelog for #7202
7c8424e 2012-07-30 allow perform deliveries to be set within mailer action
d6c831c 2012-04-25 and one more time
67ede88 2012-04-17 another attempt at the language
6f80ea2 2012-04-17 review changes for #5875
0232543 2012-04-17 stamp out ruby-debug19 with extreme prejudice :)
41af36f 2012-04-13 Hey, let's just make it easier for everyone and dump the...
f49ec92 2012-02-18 Do get it right this time. Fixing the documentation arou...
abcaa9b 2012-02-18 Add note about Rails 4.0 changes
910f7aa 2012-02-18 Add a note about :dependent => :restrict on has_one and ...