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#75 Agis Anastasopoulos - This year
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
8f7434a 2014-11-25 Local vars should exist in partials for falsy `:object:`...
719d52d 2014-10-13 Autosave callbacks shouldn't be `after_save`
1a787eb 2014-09-19 Delegation works with reserved words passed to `:to`
7a3e5ac 2014-09-13 Time#change can now change nanoseconds (:nsec)
57b2c37 2014-09-04 Time#change throws exception with an out-of-range :usec
d78f3f0 2014-08-24 Don't ignore constraints in redirect routes
291fece 2014-08-24 Don't trim excess whitespace in pg #columns_for_distinct
b7ab73a 2014-08-22 Use system /tmp when testing actionpack
431f8e0 2014-08-20 Only merge scopes with zero arity in has_many through
e67f001 2014-07-11 Use `#bytesize` instead of `#size` when checking for coo...