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#25 Akira Matsuda - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 51 commits

Hash Date Message
48a013d 2011-07-23 documentation fix: wrong result
8a4fdbb 2011-07-09 formats
7f37ed0 2011-07-09 fix AR having() not to raise NoMethodError when the give...
3cb67e4 2011-07-09 find(:first) => first
6f3d997 2011-06-06 s/a/an/
4c716e6 2011-06-06 s/an/a/
f3fa66f 2011-06-06 Ensure RDoc::Task exists even if 'rdoc/task' was not req...
84fac20 2011-06-06 require 'rake/rdoctask' if failed to require 'rdoc/task'
37304e3 2011-05-28 Disable IdentityMap by default for ActiveRecord testing
0cd38a4 2011-05-18 on.upcase!
cce4615 2011-05-18 be sure to parenthesize the arguments when the first one...
9aa10a7 2011-05-18 initialize @inside_template
32b9cef 2011-05-18 parenthesize the arguments with splat
22ed6cb 2011-05-18 for ... in => .each
486a890 2011-05-18 why not use JOIN statement for joining tables? (vol. 2)
a615563 2011-05-18 why not use JOIN statement for joining tables?
df13f55 2011-05-18 remove unused table from FROM clause
d54c778 2011-05-18 always enable `pp` on the Rails console
4d1752b 2011-05-16 generate HTML5 number_field tag for integer fields
cbe1d24 2011-05-16 Don't add DEFAULT_TOKENIZER to every instance of LengthV...
35c5ccb 2011-05-16 Remove unneeded merge with default false options
acb3dbb 2011-05-12 eliminating the noise
00379ee 2011-05-12 Revert "Delegate everything to the generator"
9d8ce55 2011-05-12 remove update:javascripts rake task
1c5d5ad 2011-04-19 NilClass is a singleton
9bf5cdd 2011-04-03 s/ERb/ERB/g (part II)
bd3cdee 2011-04-03 s/ERb/ERB/g
071ddb8 2011-03-06 more "SSL everywhere" for GitHub URLs
5bed377 2011-03-06 "SSL everywhere" for GitHub URLs
112c802 2011-03-06 s/a/an/
d91be36 2011-03-06 fix typos
22faa2c 2011-03-05 wrong SQL statement
65e08cf 2011-02-07 do not to_s where you are testing that a string value is...
40aefb9 2011-02-07 avoid nil.dup
cb9fa52 2011-02-01 auto_link: avoid recognizing full width chars as a part ...
8a85f64 2011-02-01 Accept 'postgres' as a PostgreSQL driver name in dbconso...
5dd803e 2011-02-01 Accept String value for render_partial :as option
817e370 2011-02-01 Make before_type_cast available for datetime fields
2e11213 2011-01-31 "rails dbconsole t" must not load "production" but "test"
78ecb24 2011-01-29 make the example code a bit more accurate
8f24471 2011-01-28 Fix indentation
018a88c 2011-01-28 missing parentheses
a329e7d 2010-12-26 use https to fetch files from GitHub
4e50c6c 2010-12-24 .erb => .html.erb
0a1f5f7 2010-12-24 for ... in => each ... do
a3fbbb6 2010-12-17 'nil' => nil
1662aa1 2010-11-28 Added a space before "do" keyword
2029187 2010-11-28 s/myqsl/mysql/
4d9b2da 2010-09-02 "rails console t" must not load "production" but "test"
37e0c15 2010-09-01 fix typo(?)
db24aab 2010-08-30 The command for creating the sessions table has changed