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#25 Akira Matsuda - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 39 commits

Hash Date Message
b74aedf 2011-11-12 Unneeded require memoizable
be7ab83 2011-11-10 A test case to ensure that AC::Metal#response_body= alwa...
a658fd2 2011-11-09 Extend IRB right before starting IRB to remove dependenc...
6d09f27 2011-11-09 Modulize Rails console methods so that other console lib...
74c6e80 2011-11-08 exclude ORDER BY clause when querying Relation#exists?
cc3e738 2011-11-07 Fix AC::Metal#response_body= to store same value on Ruby...
42cf5eb 2011-11-07 Remove redundant blank line at the bottom
aff9e68 2011-11-07 document fix: remove_column takes multiple column_names
55b203d 2011-11-07 self.up, self.down => up, down
7102a3d 2011-11-03 move Rails console top level methods to IRB context
4a025f0 2011-10-12 status is a number in Rails 3
87eab59 2011-10-05 ruby193: String#prepend is also unsafe
9c4fe30 2011-10-05 override unsafe methods only if defined on String
0a0da9d 2011-08-24 do not compute table names for abstract classes
9cd1f75 2011-07-15 convert multiple Date parameters into a nil if any of it...
99d598a 2011-07-14 need magic comments
9c60860 2011-07-13 treat fullwidth whitespace as a blank character
c7359e3 2011-07-13 documentation fix: wrong result
d1545bc 2011-07-09 fix AR having() not to raise NoMethodError when the give...
7c921fb 2011-07-09 formats
dab0de4 2011-07-08 Use Enumerable#with_index. We're on Ruby > 1.8.7 (part II)
49bf859 2011-07-08 Use Enumerable#with_index. We're on Ruby > 1.8.7
d02726c 2011-07-08 minor document edit
c4bd477 2011-07-07 :include => includes
4d4819f 2011-07-07 :conditions => where
a3683fd 2011-07-07 find(:all) => all
b2816ae 2011-07-07 :joins => joins
6c94f69 2011-07-07 find(:first) => first
7d3a61a 2011-06-28 correct invalid HAVING query
cfab51c 2011-06-28 correct invalid GROUP BY query
90887cb 2011-06-01 s/a/an/
6014e1d 2011-06-01 s/an/a/
bcb466c 2011-05-28 No need to pass options which is never used
d8f4988 2011-05-28 No need to override for just calling super
9fb51e7 2011-05-28 Disable IdentityMap by default for ActiveRecord testing
05adf52 2011-05-25 Ensure RDoc::Task exists even if 'rdoc/task' was not req...
24b28a2 2011-05-25 require 'rake/rdoctask' if failed to require 'rdoc/task'
696c2ea 2011-05-20 Tests for new create_table DSL
993e8c5 2011-05-20 No "t." for the migration DSL!