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#25 Akira Matsuda - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 154 commits

Hash Date Message
ea5daeb 2013-03-25 Fix some typos
e21f6c1 2013-03-25 s/Textmate/TextMate/
0725007 2013-03-25 s/Github/GitHub/
9a5d428 2013-03-24 s/app\/model\//app\/models\//g
2fb1cdd 2013-03-05 Typppo
2d4068d 2013-03-02 :scissors: extra blank line
39394ab 2013-02-26 No need to send public methods
c2c203c 2013-02-20 Better not use tab chars in the generator template
18c57c7 2013-02-18 Bump up minitest dependency and remove our own reinvente...
57b0ae8 2013-02-18 Gist URLs are now namespaced
9d2187e 2013-02-01 Prefer over
517cfbe 2013-02-01 --no-rc in the railties tests
b40bd16 2013-02-01 Missing require hash/keys
9c1cd6b 2013-02-01 Missing or unneeded require extract_options
ee4a2bb 2013-01-31 Missing require extract_options
9ec14c2 2013-01-31 Missing require extract_options
eba172f 2013-01-29 'minitest/parallel_each' might not always be available
71862ca 2013-01-29 Needs to explicitly require 'minitest/parallel_each'
c385156 2013-01-29 s/ERb/ERB/
5f30b54 2013-01-28 Use Encoding::UTF_8 constant :do_not_litter:
59deaec 2013-01-28 Use already defined Encoding constants rather than creat...
fb2ecaa 2013-01-26 :scissors: "raise" duplication
a8eb13a 2013-01-24 Default dead_connection_timeout to 5
8dc7ef9 2013-01-24 Describing the reason for defining BlankTopic#blank? whi...
0400139 2013-01-24 Revert "Unused methods, module, etc."
4e05bfb 2013-01-24 Unused methods, module, etc.
b7b27fc 2013-01-24 Set Thread.abort_on_exception for the whole AS, AP, and ...
07c7cb4 2013-01-24 Unused test model
f228ab5 2013-01-24 Goodbye there, very special rubbish!
4bdcd7a 2013-01-24 proxy_{owner,reflection,target} are no more available
68418fb 2013-01-24 Unused model DeprecatedPostWithComment
4beb4de 2013-01-23 A test case name needs to start with "test_"
9b0f3fa 2013-01-23 Fix some wrong String extensions tests
6343227 2013-01-23 Test that a DateTime acts_like_date
740d363 2013-01-23 Test that rescue_from accepts a class name in String
389ae05 2013-01-23 Test String#dasherize
ffd0dd3 2013-01-23 Test Kernel#quietly
4c5c98d 2013-01-23 Missing AS::Deprecation::DeprecatedObjectProxy test
ce0f977 2013-01-23 Test that DeprecatedConstantProxy does not warn when acc...
36ff09d 2013-01-23 Test try! with a block
1e8d5e6 2013-01-22 Merge branch 'isolating_tests'
e56c80a 2013-01-22 Reset SchemaMigration after updating
484a0fd 2013-01-22 Just ignore all PRAGMA queries
9b520d3 2013-01-22 Restore I18n.locale after running tests
5538a02 2013-01-21 Be sure to clear schema cache
d1c02a7 2013-01-21 Make sure to reset default_url_options
59e2630 2013-01-21 Missing repair_validations
1d7221c 2013-01-21 Preload some join table schemas
2c613f9 2013-01-21 Reset table_name_{prefix,suffix}, and table_name after e...
31ccedd 2013-01-21 Ignore schema queries on SQLite 3 as well
5a350cd 2013-01-21 Ignore "SHOW search_path" when counting PostgreSQL queries
cb60a83 2013-01-18 "Asynchronous Mailers" will not be available in 4.0
9da9763 2013-01-18 s/it's/its/
8b0e525 2013-01-18 script => bin
02902e0 2013-01-18 use tap with block parameter
9b6de9c 2013-01-08 Reset test data, and fix bug that the inserted data were...
c0b49cf 2013-01-08 Reset AR::Migration.verbose change to avoid depending on...
94a636f 2013-01-07 Instance_variable_names are strings. That is the most im...
813e4cc 2013-01-06 Fix failing test under sqlite3
3c21237 2013-01-06 Reduce number of Strings a bit
033248b 2013-01-06 Needs to reset SchemaMigration first, or the tests fail ...
c8e632b 2013-01-06 Namespace HashWithIndifferentAccess
85afc11 2013-01-06 Missing require
24a202a 2013-01-06 These are already required through AS/rails
2f8e5f6 2013-01-06 Needless requires
5fd143e 2013-01-06 Missing requires
15bd0f6 2013-01-06 These are already required through AS/rails
253cdc8 2013-01-06 Update generated app's README [ci skip]
70ae89c 2013-01-06 Remove unnecessary begin..rescue..end, use only rescue
3e8134a 2013-01-06 The controller generator invokes assets generator in add...
dc88d71 2013-01-06 Fix generated migration file name in model generator USAGE
930646b 2013-01-06 Update mailer generator USAGE
85c13b7 2013-01-05 beginrescueend has ended
ab3cf01 2013-01-04 fix failing test broken in 15fb7889c5566ddade1d8f74f49bb...
15fb788 2013-01-04 misleading error message that prompts non-existing command
d2b937b 2013-01-04 get rid of unused .empty_directory files in the app gene...
c91a7db 2013-01-04 undecorated_table_name was moved and refactored
2573484 2013-01-04 Ruby 1.8 support had gone
ffaad63 2013-01-04 get rid of outdated "`server` with Different Backends" s...
40c3d80 2013-01-04 update the example of generated postgresql config
a802fa3 2013-01-04 A Relation is not a collection of records. So let's not ...
034982e 2013-01-04 Revert "TODO typo fix"
8ffac1c 2013-01-03 No such feature in Rails anymore. That's Bundler's business
86a4881 2013-01-03 no, call <%= yield %>
cd1cc47 2013-01-03 update directory tree in the generated README
02e422b 2013-01-03 we don't have public/index.html anymore
2161434 2013-01-03 update the scaffold generator outputs
8572f32 2013-01-03 .all does not return an Array
db4af11 2013-01-03 deliver_ is an old API
f89fa2a 2013-01-03 `Model.all` alone does nothing
4b7137e 2013-01-03 need to to_a the Relation to execute SQL here
3d1bc89 2013-01-03 remove meaningless use of Relation#all
79255fa 2013-01-03 PUT => PATCH
eed9f25 2013-01-03 let's get started with PATCH method rather than PUT
1030b7b 2013-01-03 test PATCH method for update action in generated scaffol...
b6aa593 2013-01-02 missing changelog entry for #8682
7bc224d 2013-01-02 remove meaningless AS::FrozenObjectError
f817bb2 2013-01-01 s/ERb/ERB/
6c7699f 2013-01-01 PUT => PATCH or PUT
7496c8c 2013-01-01 wrong model name
7f49599 2013-01-01 Observers was extracted from Active Model as `rails-obse...
3bf1267 2013-01-01 find + conditions is deprecated in AR 4
542d6b5 2013-01-01 unused scope
fec6661 2013-01-01 find_or_initialize_by is deprecated in AR 4
2565c81 2013-01-01 find_or_create_by is deprecated in AR 4
44717a9 2013-01-01 find_last_by is deprecated in AR 4
ad82753 2013-01-01 find_all_by is deprecated in AR 4
545ee23 2013-01-01 scoped_by is deprecated in AR 4
b2e3539 2013-01-01 Model.scoped is deprecated in favour of Model.all
6f3fbc6 2013-01-01 correct raw GitHub URLs
ffbcb09 2013-01-01 no more supporting 1.8
c22fbea 2013-01-01 "SSL everywhere" for GitHub URLs
08cf17d 2012-12-24 chmod -x from non-script files
e8cf06e 2012-12-24 "warning: ambiguous first argument; put parentheses or e...
a2ce1de 2012-12-24 we're not supporting SQLite 2
de75af7 2012-11-29 Relation.where with no args can be chained with not, lik...
4ed645b 2012-11-27 default source in Gemfiles to :rubygems rather than hard...
919cec8 2012-11-27 unshift html-scanner into $LOAD_PATH rather than append
6bcbd60 2012-11-27 rails gem has no lib directory to require
38f7eba 2012-06-26 :update_details method no more exists on @lookup_context
998ef50 2012-06-11 current AR::ConnectionAdapters::SQLite3Adapter supports ...
2d3e488 2012-06-11 ignore .gitignore'd files in rake test:uncomitted
73d1046 2012-06-11 TimeZone format is always /[+-]\d{2}:\d{2}/ in Ruby 1.9
588bb6b 2012-06-11 Range#cover? is not implemented in AS now
fa2af42 2012-06-11 Proc always respond_to :binding
ef9bbb8 2012-06-06 reduce number of Strings
7fe6002 2012-06-06 MiniTest::Spec shipped with Ruby >= 1.9.3 always respond...
2635a29 2012-06-06 no need to to_s here. Both String and Symbol can be inte...
edee2c7 2012-06-06 stop `to_s`ing method names
0996396 2012-06-06 Symbol responds_to :upcase & :downcase in Ruby >= 1.9
2488966 2012-06-06 fix meaningless test case
566c8d5 2012-06-03 AR::Relation#model would be a better API than AR::Relati...
37a4dd5 2012-06-03 a test case that ensures AR::Relation#merge can merge as...
ec106e9 2012-06-01 remove unneeded blank line from !namespeced? controller ...
c1ea574 2012-06-01 improve readability of AR explain result
76531cb 2012-06-01 Revert "Only include Rake::DSL if it's defined."
c8882c1 2012-06-01 unused method arguments
212a74d 2012-06-01 modulize AR::NullRelation
851b816 2012-04-19 be sure to currectly fetch PK name from MySQL even if th...
20ca766 2012-02-27 ruby19: no need to rescue when requiring 'rdoc/task' in ...
71d8c77 2012-02-21 delete vulnerable AS::SafeBuffer#[]
dcf0964 2012-02-21 use AS::SafeBuffer#clone_empty for flushing the output_b...
71b95bd 2012-02-21 add AS::SafeBuffer#clone_empty
bdb6c4e 2012-02-14 A test case for GH #3544 to ensure that a field named fi...
0bd44f9 2012-02-14 Rename field_changed? to _field_changed? so that users c...
fcfe1fa 2012-01-23 properly memoize {field_type,select_type} as class variable
bf5f483 2012-01-23 no need to module_eval here anymore
bd60339 2012-01-21 change AR default_timezone to :utc since it's the defaul...
1c49b61 2012-01-20 let AR::Relation pretty_printed like an Array
2c72f2a 2012-01-16 show stats for app/mailers
612d671 2011-12-28 refactor AR::PredicateBuilder.build_from_hash
1877cf9 2011-12-28 where(foo: [1, nil]) becomes "WHERE foo = 1 OR foo IS NULL"
c8711e4 2011-12-28 no need to compact an already compacted Array
ed2eac8 2011-11-09 Remove j alias for ERB::Util.json_escape