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#25 Akira Matsuda - This month
Showing 36 commits

Hash Date Message
f02c972 2014-08-20 "warning: assigned but unused variable"
31abbe5 2014-08-20 Fix SyntaxError
0df2a83 2014-08-20 Clear deliveries in order not to affect other tests
9ea8028 2014-08-20 Ignore Postgresql "SELECT tablename FROM pg_tables" when...
4b7ac2e 2014-08-20 Drop schema_migrations table only when exists
db7b280 2014-08-19 "warning: assigned but unused variable"
abbf7bf 2014-08-19 =>
6d92dcc 2014-08-18 "warning: `*' interpreted as argument prefix"
b30b99c 2014-08-18 Expectations first
87228a2 2014-08-18 Expectations first
393e19e 2014-08-17 Preload UnicodeDatabase outside the loop
80ceb0b 2014-08-17 format
cc9d1c5 2014-08-16 Avoid mutating the constants in a test case
5643cac 2014-08-16 Avoid polluting String class globally in a test case
de2fab5 2014-08-16 Unused ivar in a test suite
4954de6 2014-08-15 create_table + transactional_fixtures = :bomb:
2cc1a64 2014-08-15 s/Dont'/Don't/
c8ede23 2014-08-14 Ignore MySQL "SHOW VARIABLES" when counting queries
cf38bda 2014-08-14 Be sure to reset PK name renamed in the test
9a7d762 2014-08-14 Warm up Symbols with where method
b5c4c50 2014-08-14 Ignore SCHEMA queries in some habtm tests
76ea9f9 2014-08-14 Make sure that fixtures are loaded before finding
4bb823b 2014-08-14 Format
e76379b 2014-08-14 Clear validators before and after each test
2440933 2014-08-14 Finally! None of our tests are order_dependent!
1a299b6 2014-08-13 Missing ActiveSupport require for calling String#first
2ef0d3b 2014-08-13 actionmailer_tests_are_order_dependent!
bf0a679 2014-08-13 Railties tests are order_independent! Hopefully.
655c2c8 2014-08-13 Fix Railties tests that were order dependent
cbde413 2014-08-13 AS tests are now order_independent!
6e440a0 2014-08-13 Reset ActiveSupport::Dependencies.mechanism to make test...
fe873df 2014-08-13 Duplicated method in the test helper
bc116a5 2014-08-13 AM, AP, AV, and AMo tests are already order_independent!
9424b48 2014-08-12 CHANGELOG entry for TestCase.i_suck_and_my_tests_are_ord...
6ffb29d 2014-08-12 users_dont_suck_but_only_we_suck_and_only_our_tests_are_...
3dfcae6 2014-08-06 defined? should actually work in current implementation