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#73 Akshay Vishnoi - All time
Showing 78 commits

Hash Date Message
8841f45 2014-09-17 [ci skip] ActionView and ActionMailer CHANGELOG docs fixes
57a893b 2014-09-17 [ci skip] ActiveModel CHANGELOG docs fixes
f92ac24 2014-09-17 Grammar correction in ActiveSupport CHANGELOG [ci skip]
7a8fb28 2014-09-17 [ci skip] ActiveSupport CHANGELOG fixes
9fddcdd 2014-09-17 [ci skip] AJ docs fixes
4a634e5 2014-09-15 [ci skip] Fix typo `equals to` --> `equal to`
8f87a54 2014-09-05 cover all cases of `For not` --> `Do not`, related to #1...
12ce5b1 2014-08-13 [ci skip] fix spelling of override
51a759a 2014-08-12 use 'based on' instead of 'based off' [ci skip]
6bc7e27 2014-07-29 Add missing test case for Array#to_sentence, collect all...
00979fd 2014-07-29 Move array test files under array
a45d1f6 2014-07-28 Move object test files under object
2e679ac 2014-07-24 Calling require_self twice in css raises Sprockets::Argu...
28b3180 2014-07-22 Fixes #16255 [ci skip]
4b2eb17 2014-07-21 Remove not-required file class/subclasses
ddad329 2014-07-06 [ci skip] /sqlite/i --> SQLite
3ac3760 2014-07-03 [ci skip] /javascript/ -> JavaScript - cover whole app
c420a8d 2014-06-19 Move to_param to to_query, also Improve tests
73dc6d7 2014-06-16 Correct typo, add test for validates_absence_of, correct...
fb48fcc 2014-06-14 [ci skip] Update #has_secure_password docs
513c69c 2014-06-14 [ci skip] Use `an` for SQL
889e65e 2014-06-14 /mysql/i -> MySQL, Spell correct in continuation to #15555
9bc9126 2014-06-14 Use `@existing_user` while updating existing user, fixin...
cabbc8f 2014-06-14 SecurePassword - Validate password must be less than or ...
7a979b2 2014-06-13 [ci skip] BigDecimal#duplicable? returns false in 1.9.x
bb5c132 2014-06-13 Add missing test cases for #assert_no_difference
48af90f 2014-06-12 [ci skip] Correct output of #assert_not
ccdd976 2014-06-11 No need to require to_param, it is already required in t...
5505131 2014-06-11 Move test for blank.rb under object
75e3464 2014-06-11 Remove deprecation warning
f648195 2014-06-11 Add test cases for #in? and #presence_in
294ddff 2014-06-10 [ci skip] Add Docs for strip_insignificant_zeros option ...
bd43203 2014-06-10 Remove deprecated method ActiveRecord::Base.quoted_locki...
9bb0f1e 2014-06-10 [ci skip] Correct output and use valid options of number...
b6760d8 2014-06-07 [ci skip] Fix capitalization
6da0072 2014-06-05 Remove deprecated method ActiveRecord::Migrator.proper_t...
f02346b 2014-06-04 Correct result, previously showing wrong result
79b88e0 2014-05-31 [ci skip] Correct output of Hash#symbolize_keys
6976c72 2014-05-31 Test `except!` in other cases too
775a13c 2014-05-31 [ci skip] Correct documentation of HashWithIndifferentAc...
fd3f3c5 2014-05-29 [ci skip] Include ActiveModel::Model in a class instead ...
fccb752 2014-05-27 Add test case for clear mappings
5c22db2 2014-05-27 Test Case - Change method name
93c193e 2014-05-25 Fix test cases for inflector.rb
3f829a8 2014-05-24 [ci skip] Improve doc for ModuleConstMissing.guess_for_a...
8ae3ed3 2014-05-23 [ci skip] Remove Duration#=== when we drop support for 2...
1e7b8ae 2014-05-03 Typo, grammar and textual changes [ci skip]
91d7b6f 2014-05-03 Test typecasting on instance rather than class itself
c1e3a8c 2014-05-03 Use #include? instead of #any?, make it simpler
290b83d 2014-04-23 Correct comment [ci skip]
0c2854f 2014-04-20 [ci skip] builtin -> built-in
fe8a6ba 2014-04-18 "subhash" --> "sub-hash"
89a1809 2014-04-18 multibyte_conformance.rb --> multibyte_conformance_test.rb
e120d21 2014-04-15 Object#duplicable?
e753148 2014-04-13 [ci skip] Improve doc, fix grammatical issue
d815ca2 2014-04-13 Move tests for deep_dup and duplicable to object directory
075a1e2 2014-04-11 Add more test case for #demodulize, Improve documentation
8c1406c 2014-04-10 [ci skip] Remove false documentation
41548df 2014-03-20 Deprecate Class#superclass_delegating_accessor
a71a8e2 2014-01-14 [ci skip] Grammar correction
d4197bc 2013-12-19 Prevent creation of instance methods when `instance_read...
2fb582f 2013-12-18 #none documentation updated [ci skip]
db765ec 2013-12-18 #none documentation updated [ci skip]
687cd75 2013-12-16 test case for #limit added - picking latest value from l...
c758093 2013-12-15 Spelling and Grammar check [ci skip]
5fccd77 2013-12-12 Spelling and Grammar checks
ef0f633 2013-12-02 Typo and grammatical fixes [ci skip]
e0326f5 2013-11-30 Typo fixes [ci skip]
e6bccef 2013-11-29 Typo fix
33b69c4 2013-11-29 #type_cast - improve performance & readability
0f2ef7b 2013-11-25 avoiding calling of #option_value_selected? two times
5a406ff 2013-11-25 `delgated` => `delegated`
5190f3a 2013-11-19 [ci skip] `apropriate` => `appropriate`, spaces added
7865805 2013-11-16 avoiding iterations and calling of underscore on all ele...
dbcd085 2013-11-14 avoiding next statements
fdf36d8 2013-11-14 class methods moved to already defined class<<self block
1529e61 2013-11-14 #presence used
3134605 2013-11-14 Ruby's new Hash syntax applied in actionmailer