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#215 Alexey Gaziev - All time
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Hash Date Message
b955939 2012-10-30 Make caller attribute in deprecation methods optional
d785b29 2012-05-07 Changes for numeric api for Time because Time.current wo...
8b67a02 2012-05-07 Added tests for comparsion operator for Range
66e0e42 2012-05-07 Fix some guides for AS core_ext
aa5dd14 2012-05-06 Guides for deep_dup
657b4ff 2012-05-06 Nice logic for deep_dup in rails
0765364 2012-04-29 Tests for regexp separator in String#truncate
432a65f 2012-04-28 String quotes and trailing spaces
f122051 2012-04-28 Indentation for private methods
9257224 2012-04-28 AS core_ext refactoring pt.2
1946d7b 2012-04-28 AS core_ext refactoring
6da2bc5 2012-04-25 Valid ips v4 and v6. Right logic for working with X-FORW...
b815676 2011-12-29 Backward compatibility with 3.1 cache storing
f7b1906 2011-12-27 Safe getting value from cache entry
91bbb8e 2011-06-20 Removed tests for rescue branch for Rails 2.x compatibility
78cd3f9 2011-06-20 Removed rescue branch for Rails 2.x compatibility
ca04411 2011-06-20 Fix regexp in generators for right catching error message
93f488e 2011-06-20 Removed shadowing variable warning in activerecord railties
87329ef 2011-06-20 Removed warnings about shadowing variables
171491b 2011-06-16 Change version of nokogiri gem