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#188 Alexey Muranov - All time
Showing 23 commits

Hash Date Message
efd8631 2013-04-13 Document nested attributes as hash of hashes
694c9ed 2013-03-12 Fix my typo
b6cf111 2013-03-12 Align indentation in comments
99c741e 2013-03-12 Document nested attributes as hash of hashes
506b9f2 2012-11-17 Add a deprecation before removing find_table_name
c9ccef5 2012-10-07 Move/rename files to follow naming conventions
bf4d6a2 2012-10-07 Add CHANGELOG entry for "Fixtures" -> "FixtureSet"
d871807 2012-10-07 Deprecate "Fixtures" constant
a94220b 2012-10-07 Rename "Fixtures" class to "FixtureSet"
5ecd14c 2012-05-11 Remove unused private method yaml_fixtures_key
9810555 2012-05-09 Remove deprecated use of ::instantiate_fixtures
f02e7dc 2012-05-09 Deprecate ::instantiate_fixtures unused parameter
12ceb45 2012-05-09 Rename some variables
af44c2b 2012-05-09 Remove unused parameter in ::instantiate_fixtures
caeca1f 2012-05-09 Remove unused private method in fixtures.rb
7162ea2 2011-12-30 Fixture's table name be defined in the model
b52d9d0 2011-12-30 Fixes for TestFixtures::setup_fixture_accessors
d3e6e7e 2011-12-30 Test case: fixture table name is defined in model
6468ff4 2011-12-30 Test fixtures with custom model and table names
e0ef093 2011-12-30 Use foo/bar instead of foo_bar keys for fixtures
64f106d 2011-12-28 Use the correct table name from fixture
ae8bb11 2011-12-27 Fix a fixtures test case with table prefix/suffix
adb917a 2011-12-22 Fix a fixtures test case with table prefix/suffix