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#55 Alexey Vakhov - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 34 commits

Hash Date Message
814a4c3 2011-12-01 Fix argument error message for length validation
448df2d 2011-11-27 Cosmetic fixes in AM validatations docs
efbb735 2011-11-19 Small docs fix in Active Model callbacks module
b5c3987 2011-11-10 Fix and simplify highlight regexp
983a2dc 2011-11-10 Cosmetic fix in number_to_currency docs
979f3f8 2011-11-08 Fix small typo in link_to_function doc
949b3e7 2011-11-06 Docs cosmetic fixes in Action View form_helper.rb
a846873 2011-11-03 Fix javascript_include_tag examples in documentation
7463317 2011-11-03 Fix small typos in routing docs
5f45508 2011-11-01 Fix typo in constraints method documentation
d106b34 2011-10-31 Update routing guides, root route should be at the top o...
98fbb50 2011-10-24 Remove needless to_param in scaffold functional test
bed5825 2011-10-18 Remove superfluous assignment in cookies
8f473dc 2011-10-15 HTMl -> HTML: html scanner comment fix
f247c5f 2011-10-15 Update AC::RecordIdentifier example
50d262f 2011-10-11 Support symbol and string actions in AC#respond_to options
419d4c0 2011-10-11 Add ActionController#head example
a4515b6 2011-10-08 Remove unnecessary dup in expire_page
22b6e82 2011-10-08 Fix params hash example in AC::Base comment
d42d97d 2011-10-06 Fix comment in AbstractController callbacks
8df7fe3 2011-10-03 normalize arg for ActionView::TestCase tests method
0defbc6 2011-10-03 normalize arg for ActionMailer::TestCase tests method
8e946da 2011-10-03 normalize arg for AC::TestCase tests class method
f51cb36 2011-10-03 missed underscore in AV::TestCase helper_method document...
0eb80fa 2011-10-03 use safe_constantize instead constantize in AC::TestCase
1bd88fd 2011-09-27 add missing require to html sanitizer
80f1d40 2011-09-26 update ActionMailer example using last truncate helper m...
893ee7f 2011-09-26 fix ActionMailer readme example
5ffa697 2011-09-25 escape options for the stylesheet_link_tag method
f916474 2011-09-24 remove superfluous to_s in ERB::Util.html_escape
7531aa7 2011-09-15 update guides, use html safe translations in i18n
19ec3c1 2011-09-03 fix helpers behavior description
fddf7ea 2011-09-02 current_page? returns false for non-GET requests
e61d6af 2011-09-02 fix indent for generator environment method