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#55 Alexey Vakhov - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 69 commits

Hash Date Message
e925d56 2012-06-18 Fix misprint in UrlHelper module
cb25bce 2012-05-25 Fix unbalanced braces in Hash#typecast_xml_value interna...
b4167d3 2012-05-25 Fix Range#sum optimized version
a1a16de 2012-05-25 Clean Date#beginning_of_month description
d834111 2012-05-25 Update examples of Array #in_groups and #in_groups_of
05ae220 2012-05-25 Fix ActiveSupport Cache decrement method description
fe7038e 2012-05-22 Use new hash syntax for generators gem method
09be692 2012-05-22 Remove obsolete comment from generator gem method
1fed1f1 2012-05-22 Fix `rails db -h` and cosmetic fixes in usage banners
a060c41 2012-05-22 Use relative path to sqlite3 db in `rails db` command
5b7b705 2012-05-21 Fix AR preloader example
e4569b5 2012-05-21 Add instance_accessor option to class_attribute
117382f 2012-05-19 Make AC::LogSubscriber#send_file like #send_data
2baa8ba 2012-05-16 Fix misprint in AR changelog
0e07a80 2012-05-16 Update AR has_one association example
7a95d07 2012-05-14 Missed colon
0d19a08 2012-05-04 Improve assert_template layout checking
4bd05a7 2012-05-04 Fix assert_template :layout => nil assertion
df36c5f 2012-05-04 Fix assert_template assertion with :layout option
616de66 2012-05-04 Fix ActiveModel README example
b214ddd 2012-05-02 Fix example url in text helper
7b9faf7 2012-05-02 Fix form tag with non GET/POST method example
5d685f9 2012-05-02 Add Rails::DBConsole tests
c6dbaac 2012-04-28 Fix misptint
dab6c3a 2012-04-28 Update guides - run single test for AR testing
7e75dcb 2012-04-28 Update contributing guide - run single test
ea6bcce 2012-04-28 Update AM example
2497fd9 2012-04-26 Fix misprints in assert_file & assert_instance_method docs
5decf83 2012-04-26 Namedspaced generator indent method test refactoring
6ac9e49 2012-04-25 Don't indent blank lines in named base generators
93bcb0c 2012-04-25 Remove lonely number sign
7322bd4 2012-04-24 Use leap years trick in distance_of_time_in_words only f...
ff5b0d6 2012-04-24 Distance of time in words should work correct if from ti...
e6de208 2012-04-24 Missed checked in Form Helper example
594997f 2012-04-22 Add distance_of_time_in_words example for seconds
63b4a00 2012-04-21 Comma missed
8d2487d 2012-04-17 Fix redirect with block example
86b30c4 2012-04-17 Fix example in flash middleware
38148a0 2012-04-13 Fix comment in AD http response
74f9bdd 2012-04-13 Fix HTML sanitizer allowed_css_properties comment
00725d0 2012-04-12 Remove obsolete code
c007d87 2012-04-07 Fix example action dispatch in mime type
0693bc2 2012-04-05 Add AC record identifier example with not-persisted object
e39b9b0 2012-04-04 Fix AC responder example
e527347 2012-04-03 Remove non-obligatory params in AC respond_to examples
806f4d8 2012-04-01 Small #label method refactoring, thanks @rafaelfranca
7f6bb2d 2012-04-01 Tests :if option of force_ssl method
889bb4b 2012-04-01 Block version of label should wrapped in field_with_erro...
891392a 2012-03-30 Remove obsolete reader from AC::MethodNotAllowed excepti...
0d2a400 2012-03-30 Remove AC::RenderError class second declaration
fbccdf9 2012-03-27 Proc objects for caches_page no need controller object
23b3ea5 2012-03-24 Fix AC actions caching comment
6880489 2012-03-24 ActionController caching small String#split optimization
a9f6886 2012-03-13 Fix AM Guide
c16f4f1 2012-03-10 Fix exceptions messages in AC layouts
23c4efb 2012-03-10 Fix layout method doc formatting
2562404 2012-03-09 Fix comment about layout folders lookup
48a7df9 2012-03-09 In AR depths use &:to_i before :uniq to process mixed ar...
b27c29e 2012-02-28 Fix layout lookup for anonymous controller
2b1c853 2012-02-23 Remove unused global variable in controller filters test
9e1b2d8 2012-02-23 Remove skip_filter block param
f75f5d2 2012-02-23 Cosmetic fixes in AM changelog
eb26af6 2012-02-19 Fix AbstractController#controller_path doc
6bd8b66 2012-02-18 Fix actionpack readme weblog example
774e2c4 2012-02-18 Fix AbstractController::Base#hidden_actions comment
7f33a44 2012-02-15 Fix AM format_paragraph helper method if a first word is...
393d4ec 2012-02-15 Cosmetic fixes in block_format AM helper method + test
dadace4 2012-02-15 Fix AM block_format helper method description
8934bda 2012-02-12 Cosmetic fix in AM readme