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#231 Alvaro Pereyra - Rails 4.0.0
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Hash Date Message
b1e2d7b 2012-12-01 Cleans and removes 'Examples' tag [ci skip]
4940d6d 2012-12-01 Cleans and removes useless 'Examples' tag [ci skip]
20e61a6 2012-12-01 Fixes wrong typo on FormHelper [ci skip]
5ab0c5d 2012-12-01 Cleans documentation from Helpers [ci skip]
33f6209 2012-12-01 Removes unneeded 'Example' tags and whitespaces [ci skip]
cd026d7 2012-12-01 Improves documentation of Capture helper [ci skip]
20b40c8 2012-12-01 Removes :nodoc: tag on AtomFeedHelper [ci skip]
e166f02 2012-12-01 Removes :nodoc: label [ci skip]
e1c0aa4 2012-12-01 Improves documentation on favicon_link_tag
95fde2c 2012-05-28 Updates Array conversions method documentations and clea...
2bef137 2012-05-28 Adds to Batch processing documentation [ci skip]
39e872b 2012-05-28 Merge branch 'master' of
19de3d8 2012-05-28 Updates examples for FinderMethods [ci skip]
72973a3 2012-05-28 Merge branch 'master' of
0118636 2012-05-28 Adds examples to FinderMethods#first [ci skip]
422d3a4 2012-05-28 Updates documentation with cleaner examples and texts [c...
da4252f 2012-05-28 Updates validations examples to be more attuned on the n...
fabd2ce 2012-05-28 Merge pull request #102 from xenda/master