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#249 Aman Gupta - All time
Showing 16 commits

Hash Date Message
bcbce4e 2015-01-05 add parens to fix warning
683f541 2015-01-03 fix whitespace to match surrounding code
3a30b12 2015-01-03 use self.method syntax to resolve circular argument issues
d22e238 2015-01-03 parse stringified mime type
98dbc5e 2015-01-03 fix yaml compat on ruby 2.2
79e45a8 2015-01-03 fix regex case
afb4fb9 2015-01-03 restore I18n.locale after test
8945a12 2015-01-03 convert another incompatible assert_raise invocation
4d70f97 2015-01-03 blacklist test-unit's @internal_data ivar
a51bb36 2015-01-03 try using newer test-unit gem
8fd5270 2014-12-23 fix ruby 2.2 warning: circular argument reference
30ba7ee 2013-11-20 Expand double-negative in String#blank? regex
bd308a0 2013-03-05 avoid extra method calls for appending newlines
b1c4469 2013-03-05 Use ActionView::OutputBuffer#safe_append= from templates
cc986db 2013-03-05 Call String#gsub with Hash directly
af89c58 2010-04-04 Use a constant proc to generate ActionView::Template fin...