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#458 Amparo Luna - All time
Showing 8 commits

Hash Date Message
5f1dc8e 2013-02-02 Add --rc option to support the load of a custom rc file
a1e1af9 2013-02-01 Add --no-rc option to skip the loading of railsrc file
0433d79 2013-01-03 Updating default application templates to use update ins...
03ac174 2013-01-03 Change guides to use update instead of update_attributes
d826f14 2013-01-03 Add Changelog entry regarding update_attibutes being ren...
1bb0200 2013-01-03 Change docs to use update instead of update_attributes
1f3a1fe 2013-01-03 Rename update_attributes method to update, keep update_a...
8fc0c98 2012-11-29 Gemfile source url for plugins updated