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#140 Andre Arko - Rails 3.2.0
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Hash Date Message
a9044d0 2011-11-16 the object itself isn't the IP, #to_s is the IP
5621abd 2011-11-16 :facepalm: Request#remote_ip has to work without the mid...
f05ccf8 2011-11-16 Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #3640 from indirect/r...
d743954 2011-11-15 GetIp#to_s should never return nil. That's icky.
b8c85de 2011-11-14 add test for bug fixed in 4f2bf64
4f2bf64 2011-11-14 Return the calculated remote_ip or ip
cda1a5d 2011-11-14 memoize the relatively expensive remote IP code
00a0a4d 2011-11-14 cleaner names
9c4532b 2011-11-13 remove ignored flag, fixes warnings
2d063c6 2011-11-13 turns out the tests expect remote_addrs.first
2189bff 2011-11-13 correctly raise IpSpoofAttackError message
8f0085a 2011-11-13 change tests to expect X-F-F over REMOTE_ADDR
317f4e2 2011-11-12 defer calculating the remote IP until requested
9432163 2011-11-12 refactor RemoteIp middleware