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#116 Andreas Scherer - All time
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Hash Date Message
26ad104 2009-05-14 'TIP.' replaced with 'TIP:' for consistent formatting.
968a0ad 2009-03-10 Replace comma with full-stop in scoping chain.
7ed698e 2009-03-10 Revision of i18n guide, final sections.
ffe2ddb 2009-03-10 Revision of i18n guide, chapter 4.
edd5d7f 2009-03-10 Revision of i18n guide, chapter 3.
c9806fe 2009-03-09 Touch-up the 'i18n' part while reading the first two sec...
bd45029 2009-02-21 RedCloth 4.1.9 is OK.
58e064a 2009-02-20 More spurious backticks replaced/removed.
079eda9 2009-02-20 Don't use backticks for markup.
8ba1fc1 2009-02-19 Copyediting of the 'migrations' guide.
07a1d64 2009-02-19 Consistent UPCASE setting of 'SQL'.
d9f037e 2009-02-18 Sorry, wrong patch applied.
791407d 2009-02-18 Fix typos and formatting in 'security' from chapter 8 to...
b64dd9c 2009-02-18 Copyediting of the 'security' guide from chapter 8 to th...
bec07bc 2009-02-18 Verbatim markup does not escape angle brackets.
4d4e78f 2009-02-18 Don't use underscore for emphasis around function contai...
245c776 2009-02-17 Remove superflous 'notextile'.
fa6494d 2009-02-17 Formatting bugs corrected.
16c82cb 2009-02-17 Copyediting the 'Security' guide up to chapter 8.
71947e3 2009-02-17 Fix two errors.
48791dd 2009-02-17 Remove empty line that breaks 'code' formatting.
5c4af59 2009-02-17 Use tables for object properties and their purposes.
d5376a2 2009-02-17 Fix a programming error.
e805343 2009-02-16 Consistent monospaced markup for command options.
ce49b75 2009-02-16 Delete superfluous escape characters.
f1f5de2 2009-02-16 Fix two typos.
74c8ff5 2009-02-16 More tables headers formatted.
e2aecce 2009-02-16 Mark table headers.
c2c08c1 2009-02-16 Fix a typo.
3a4f25f 2009-02-16 Genitiv apostrophe added.
2c6fd1b 2009-02-14 Merge branch 'master' of
8eb7ad2 2009-02-14 Use the controller name 'Greetings' consistently.
3bfbbeb 2009-02-12 Improvements for Association Basics.
d7a5db2 2009-02-12 Use ndash for numerical relations.
115f352 2009-02-12 Use n-dashes for ranges/relations.
1ce05c5 2009-02-11 <code> formatting and TIP: formatting improved.
b6fcc47 2009-02-11 Use explicit HTML charnames for textile-formatted <code/>.
37411e9 2009-02-11 Fix some formatting errors
a088848 2009-02-11 More consistent use of 'an' in front of 'h'.
36f33ef 2009-02-11 Improvements for the forms helper guide.
2012650 2009-02-10 Mistyped HTML corrected.
542e618 2009-02-10 Fix more typos.
b42fb93 2009-02-10 Missing 'code' marker added.