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#18 Andrew White - Rails 4.0.1
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Hash Date Message
e45d965 2013-10-10 Respect `SCRIPT_NAME` when using `redirect` with a relat...
76e231e 2013-09-22 Merge pull request #11474 from bogdan/time-with-zone-succ
a38bb56 2013-07-25 Allow overriding of all headers from passed environment ...
2f73ad7 2013-07-21 Clear named routes when routes.rb is reloaded
1ad6c8d 2013-07-17 Refactor to reduce number of loops
748e09b 2013-07-17 Fix failing test missed for the past year :(
aba0a17 2013-07-16 Skip Rack applications and redirects when generating urls
8dec2e7 2013-07-15 Only raise DelegationError if it's is the source of the ...
9a6c063 2013-07-10 Add missing require so that DateTime has the right super...
5b790ca 2013-07-10 Keep sub-second resolution when wrapping a DateTime value
ad01b8d 2013-07-10 Add failing test for #9562
cd6c235 2013-07-09 Return local time for backwards compatibility
3f97aab 2013-07-09 Retain offset and fraction when using Time.at_with_coercion
51be99c 2013-06-25 Fix shorthand routes where controller and action are in ...
56b50af 2013-06-13 Revert "Keep sub-second resolution when wrapping a DateT...
a08d3c9 2013-06-13 Keep sub-second resolution when wrapping a DateTime value
927df2d 2013-06-08 Override to work with Time-like values