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#239 Andrey Deryabin - All time
Showing 17 commits

Hash Date Message
b187912 2014-11-12 Follow the coding conventions
fd1364e 2014-11-10 remove never called method `limited_update_conditions`
5e4a998 2014-11-10 tiny code improvement in sqlite3 adapter:
2dc86ea 2013-06-25 Fix doc in Postgres database creation
da67d19 2012-11-30 Revert "Fix annoy warning, when executing testcase."
1f98493 2012-06-19 handle joins/includes correctly for pluck and calculation.
3aec521 2012-04-28 removed deprecation warnings
d42b60a 2012-04-27 fix tests for SQLite3Adapter
dd05a49 2012-04-27 renamed class SQLiteColumn to SQLite3Column
3cc9b5f 2012-04-27 removed tail of old sqlite versions
1a3d4f7 2012-04-27 fix SQLite3Adapter doc
fc1bf36 2012-04-27 Upgrade sqlite3 version to 1.3.6
27dea76 2012-04-27 fix tests for sqlite3
7572efc 2012-04-27 merged sqlite and sqlite3 adapters
9fd6403 2012-04-26 EXPLAIN only for sqlite3
53362fc 2012-04-25 cleanliness in method parameters
d6b3dbe 2012-04-25 already defined in quoting