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#222 Andy Lindeman - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 10 commits

Hash Date Message
6b692ee 2012-12-21 Correctly shows RAILS_ENV=development even when ENV['RAI...
33b3fa6 2012-12-21 Revert "Make sure that RAILS_ENV is set when accessing R...
5c2eb88 2012-12-10 `config.action_mailer.async` is no longer used
fdb41cb 2012-11-28 Clarifies the cookie store docs a bit and uses correct M...
4ac92c6 2012-11-26 Corrects typo in test name
ba34110 2012-09-27 ConstantLookup is not needed in every TestCase decendant
299e057 2012-09-27 Also includes ConstantLookup dependency for controller a...
abfcdc6 2012-09-27 Adds missing dependency to ActionView::TestCase::Behavior
1f87adf 2012-07-11 Fixes typo in CommentsController#create example
a544e00 2012-05-03 Allows assert_redirected_to to accept a regular expression