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#121 Angelo Capilleri - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 30 commits

Hash Date Message
74c3b7f 2013-03-13 fix absence validator doc for boolean field
8b3483f 2013-03-13 absence validator doc
40c1ee8 2013-02-19 added more accurate test for add_on_empty
3543fde 2013-01-08 improved different_target conditions
7771595 2013-01-08 target_reflection_has_associated_record? refactoring
d9a9d31 2013-01-08 change unless !blank? to if blank? in get_primary_key
0a9172f 2013-01-02 refactoring to_sym of Symbol in preload
1564b08 2012-12-31 refatctoring of some code repetition in spawn_methods
6415d3a 2012-12-28 small refactoring, added blob_or_text_colum? in Abstract...
c2267db 2012-12-22 return Mime::NullType if format is unknown
8322342 2012-12-14 Removed :if and :unless from fragment cache option in fa...
a8560fa 2012-10-31 if format is unknown NullMimeTypeObject is returned
08927cf 2012-10-14 refactoring of uniqueness validate_each
f224b4f 2012-09-29 small refactoring of build_relation in uniqueness
93b6faf 2012-08-03 calculate errors_options one time in validate_each
fde7fd8 2012-07-03 small refactoring of as_json method
17fa4ef 2012-07-03 observer update refactoring
c3a5be0 2012-06-21 changed the firm of changes_from_zero_to_string?
b9ec47d 2012-06-19 Validates_numericality_of is skipped when changing 0 to ...
5646d65 2012-05-23 changed xml type datetime to dateTime, fixes #6328
0bbcc91 2012-05-15 corrected some misspelling
3b6c0e3 2012-05-15 corrected some misspelling
f9ae1ba 2012-05-13 clean the erros if an object that includes validations e...
c81f11d 2012-05-13 Merge pull request #98 from acapilleri/mispelling_asset
8e4148b 2012-05-13 mispelling asset_tag_helper
2e9c7cd 2012-05-13 Changed the changelog and documentation about
64af96b 2012-05-13 Always include the options :include_blank if the select ...
984bc75 2012-05-12 missplelling error in abstract_mysql_adapter
47570d4 2012-05-12 mispelling errors in render_text_test.rb and sqlite_spec...
39eff2d 2012-05-12 mispelling error in actionpach changelog