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#42 Arthur Neves - Edge
Showing 114 commits

Hash Date Message
f26c955 2014-12-16 Merge pull request #18053 from georgemillo/patch-2
fb390df 2014-12-16 Merge pull request #18046 from stephenminded/counter_cac...
4d331b8 2014-11-29 Merge pull request #17838 from claudiob/remove-ruby19-re...
8e1e9f6 2014-11-24 Fix sprockets-rails dependency dance
96393c5 2014-11-24 Add `.reflections` change to release note [skip ci]
c837259 2014-11-23 Merge pull request #17723 from marocu/patch-1
31b3069 2014-11-23 Update reflections public API doc
5dc5988 2014-11-23 Add changelog entry for .reflections API change
f28d1dd 2014-11-21 Merge pull request #17705 from fgo/patch-14
707e2e8 2014-10-10 Add regression test for router was overwriting PATH_INFO
f8b44d1 2014-09-23 Merge pull request #17032 from tgxworld/update_contribut...
c36ca05 2014-09-22 Better regression test for Fixtures with fk as a symbol
a6db1ed 2014-09-02 Add and Remove string/strip require
c7c2df2 2014-08-19 Add default .raise_in_transactional_callbacks option to ...
a7ac7b3 2014-08-19 Add missing AS require
31b3ae8 2014-08-19 Merge pull request #16554 from y-yagi/patch-2
98c3f55 2014-08-18 Fix after_commit warning message
b11b1e8 2014-08-18 Add option to stop swallowing errors on callbacks.
2e90fe7 2014-08-15 Fix regression on after_commit in nested transactions.
0002954 2014-08-15 Use *_transaction methods in TransactionManager
a7060a6 2014-08-05 Fix digest ETAG test.
8298d3a 2014-08-05 Cleanup Transaction inheritance.
057c237 2014-07-31 Replace ClosedTransaction with NullTransaction
62c75f4 2014-07-31 Move TransactionManager to bottom of class
4140797 2014-07-31 Make ClosedTransaction a null object
dac9c92 2014-07-31 Remove parent on Transaction object
91e4b65 2014-07-31 Remove being/number methods from transaction class
dd9829a 2014-07-29 Remove @state.parent assignment on commit
d37bcc1 2014-07-28 savepoint_name should return nil for non-savepoint trans...
97bb76d 2014-07-28 Transactions refactoring
368525a 2014-07-24 Remove finishing? method from transaction.
c17c262 2014-07-24 Make HWIA copy the default proc too.
8c48a70 2014-07-23 Merge pull request #16237 from tonytonyjan/patch
2cb862a 2014-07-21 Merge pull request #16242 from vadivelan-k/content_verifier
86433b8 2014-07-18 Add CHANGELOG for #14886
6bee389 2014-06-24 Merge pull request #15887 from RudyOnRails/patch-1
c965de3 2014-06-24 Dont swallow errors when bad alias_method
bd3fde0 2014-06-20 Add regression test for NameError#name
b36df0f 2014-06-20 Make dependencies.rb add a name to NameError
6071d62 2014-06-13 Merge pull request #15690 from deeeki/activemodel_model_doc
4a15c53 2014-06-11 Add has_one? docs [skip ci]
3681e1a 2014-06-10 Merge pull request #15611 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
34c77bc 2014-06-10 Use HasAndBelongsToMany instead of HABTM
a6c8cde 2014-06-07 Merge pull request #15542 from Gaurav2728/gaurav-remove_...
6b6eb94 2014-06-02 Merge pull request #15477 from aripollak/actioncontrolle...
b67e2ad 2014-05-29 Merge pull request #15407 from ShunsukeAida/correct_mode...
709ce3d 2014-05-28 Keep closer to other methods that touch @transaction
8570f93 2014-05-27 Fix redefine a has_and_belongs_to_many inside inherited ...
00b0242 2014-05-26 Refactoring .reflections public method.
0bd909a 2014-05-24 Merge pull request #15303 from JohnKellyFerguson/guides-...
6259e4e 2014-05-24 Use .to_s on _reflections lookup
09ac448 2014-05-24 Merge pull request #15210 from arthurnn/fix_hbtm_reflection
1a6b255 2014-05-21 Merge pull request #15221 from laurelfan/doc-fix-redirec...
5bda6e0 2014-05-16 Remove unecessary require
535f299 2014-05-15 Clear transaction state if callback raise rollback
e3d223b 2014-05-15 Small refactoring on clear_transaction_record_state
b1d52a7 2014-05-13 Use i18n master to run tests
7ec6653 2014-05-13 Fix regression on `assert_redirected_to`.
b769b5f 2014-05-10 Fix broken proc syntax for 1.9.3
198d9e3 2014-05-09 Reverts "Fix bugs with changed attributes tracking when ...
e019ffa 2014-05-09 Use ruby 2.1.2 on travis
b0fa7cf 2014-05-07 Dup the changed_attributes otherwise we could lose them
37c2389 2014-05-07 Keep track of dirty attrs after after rollback.
4346102 2014-05-07 Merge pull request #15002 from vanderhoop/master
5fb2e92 2014-05-06 Merge pull request #15000 from gregmolnar/guides_fix
176b1b1 2014-05-06 Ensure that .process return the method return
ca20037 2014-04-29 Merge pull request #14909 from jonatack/patch-7
3f5d14f 2014-04-28 Merge pull request #14890 from fuzzyalej/patch-1
d160ca4 2014-04-28 Merge pull request #14889 from kiela/master
650585d 2014-04-23 Merge pull request #14840 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
5adf6ca 2014-04-20 Merge pull request #14826 from stevegraham/action_contro...
0044bfb 2014-04-20 Merge pull request #14821 from jonatack/patch-5
d39a0d8 2014-04-19 Merge pull request #14804 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
c0b6e16 2014-04-18 Regression test for irregular inflection on has_many
4db2e1f 2014-04-17 Bring SQLite3Adpter init API closer to others
8fab384 2014-04-16 Merge pull request #14771 from heironimus/i18n_guide_reo...
fa83601 2014-04-16 Merge pull request #11836 from mcfiredrill/engines-testi...
ccdea7b 2014-04-15 Merge pull request #14762 from dwo/master
4baa866 2014-04-13 Merge pull request #14737 from nickborromeo/disable-asse...
45195b3 2014-04-09 add services: memcache to travis
39a54c6 2014-04-07 Merge pull request #14626 from eileencodes/fix_incorrect...
c45939e 2014-04-05 Merge pull request #14612 from acallaghan/patch-1
edb6f7d 2014-04-04 Merge pull request #14599 from spagalloco/patch-1
815c9de 2014-04-03 Block a few default Class methods as scope name.
6da3e9a 2014-04-03 Merge pull request #14590 from czak/improved_kindlerb_er...
21a674a 2014-03-31 Fix release task
c7a307c 2014-03-19 Merge pull request #14429 from chriskohlbrenner/fix_typo...
e64875f 2014-03-18 Add counter cache test for class_name
f870c4d 2014-03-15 Fix MailerPreview broken tests
e3b12f6 2014-03-15 Merge pull request #14394 from zoltankiss/fix_typo
eb31a86 2014-03-14 Merge pull request #14387 from huoxito/touch-api-doc
433b19d 2014-03-13 Make select_all on query cache accept a Relation without...
0693494 2014-03-12 Merge pull request #14364 from why-el/better-docs-for-up...
7058321 2014-03-12 Change usec to 0 on tests that compare seconds
66d61ab 2014-03-12 Unit test for mysql quote time usec
2ed1cbb 2014-03-12 Changelog entry for mysql56 microseconds
5a934e6 2014-03-12 Test microsecond on mysql 5.6
3c23f76 2014-03-11 Remove mocking on save, when not necessary
e5f15a8 2014-03-10 Fixes STI when 2+ levels deep.
d39bba7 2014-03-07 Make sure we clean preview_interceptors
5ecb52c 2014-03-07 Merge pull request #14316 from the4dpatrick/master
a94966e 2014-03-07 Fix to return self instance.
7d98247 2014-03-04 Cache key should be different when is Array.
774160b 2014-02-28 Remove unnecessary db call when replacing.
7c92e0b 2014-02-27 Merge pull request #14216 from garethson/routes-docs-typo
a9a767b 2014-02-25 travis s/2.1.0/2.1.1
82158ae 2014-02-24 Merge pull request #14182 from mecampbellsoup/fix_typo_i...
cb172db 2014-02-23 Extract local cache middleware
020c783 2014-02-20 Merge pull request #14131 from kuldeepaggarwal/upgrade-r...
9e4c1ab 2014-02-20 Merge pull request #14086 from jingweno/master
f96831e 2014-02-20 Add regression test for collection proxy reader
d038a72 2014-02-20 Revert "speed up the collection proxy reader method, but...
7a025b1 2014-02-19 Methods silence_stream/quietly are not thread-safe [skip...
5dc6bf5 2014-02-18 Merge pull request #14098 from Amit-Thawait/master