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#21 Arun Agrawal - Rails 3.0.10
Showing 26 commits

Hash Date Message
b0334db 2011-07-31 skiping magic comment test. checking encoding_aware?
edfcf47 2011-07-25 Fix rake rails:template to tell user to pass LOCATION va...
b490fd8 2011-07-23 fixed task for rake test:uncommitted
a13317d 2011-06-29 It should be in Json format to work with JsonGem
0ed8dea 2011-06-28 Using not effected timezone in tests.
2771b91 2011-06-22 Test added to check default option with jruby. It should...
ecddc65 2011-06-22 Modified .yml files according to master changes. As this...
fb495cd 2011-06-22 Tests added for jdbc option
2fc22bf 2011-06-22 Convert database names to ones appropriate for JRuby
2aeabdc 2011-06-22 Add generic 'jdbc' database option
25e5ad2 2011-06-22 Remove superfluous pg driver install instructions
4bfbdd1 2011-06-21 Fixed for sqlite3 checking with jdbc
3b05231 2011-06-21 Only mysql and jdbcmysql.
14bfe83 2011-06-21 More specific for jdbc-sqlite
3e7af42 2011-06-21 For more specific for jdbc postgresql databases.
48fcd22 2011-06-19 Removing require_relative gem. Linecache new version 0.4...
110de0f 2011-06-11 Using different constant.
2b4a7ca 2011-06-11 Modified database.rake file to run with jdbcsqlite3
9da2a10 2011-06-11 Allow database.rake tasks to perform opreation with jdbc...
d5b9ea3 2011-06-11 Fixed error when running db:create with jdbcmysql
7f4bf01 2011-06-11 Adding Jruby-openssl in gemfile for 3-0-stable.
bcd9145 2011-06-11 Adding JDBCpostgresql template for Jruby in 3-0-stable.
680e5d2 2011-06-11 Adding jdbcsqlite3 in comment
871a0fc 2011-06-11 Adding JDBCsqlite3 template for Jruby in 3-0-stable.
0e0be35 2011-06-11 Tests added for activerecord-jdbcmysql
4448988 2011-06-11 Adding JDBCmysql template for Jruby in 3-0-stable.