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#21 Arun Agrawal - Rails 3.1.0
Showing 67 commits

Hash Date Message
f4e535e 2011-08-15 Notification Test Fix
801cd66 2011-08-15 Including delegation
5a5171b 2011-08-14 Need to use initializers true here to pass the test.
322b978 2011-08-14 Bringing back the jquery-rails. One test is dependent.
d761ec4 2011-08-13 We actually don't need a reverse_merge! here. dup remove...
e3e1109 2011-08-04 Adding more info as rake about is fixed
9232033 2011-08-04 Rack::Sendfile is no more default middleware.
8cefafb 2011-08-04 Extra "l" removed before h2.
3248c5d 2011-07-31 skiping magic comment test. checking encoding_aware?
e414d4f 2011-07-23 Backporting from master fixes #713
8dc4745 2011-07-21 This conditions is required to work with database create...
09f5780 2011-07-17 Not creating script/rails in full mode. from master.
777fcc5 2011-07-17 More changes for plugin_new_generator.
e35d520 2011-07-17 Adding tests for gemspec file creation
ae94305 2011-06-30 Fix test for plugin_new_generator_test.rb
23f7dad 2011-06-28 Using not effected timezone in tests.
57bdf7e 2011-06-23 Closing </yaml>
7e7ac12 2011-06-19 Removing require_relative gem. Linecache new version 0.4...
35ee51f 2011-06-18 Jruby => JRuby, Mysql => MySQL
05648ea 2011-06-18 Moving hint down. As required after all database examples.
cf2818a 2011-06-18 Using "Finally" at the end of database section.
0e1e615 2011-06-18 Added Doc for Postgresql database with Jruby Platform. #...
739f8e9 2011-06-18 Added doc for Mysql database with Jruby platform #jruby
f43ae97 2011-06-18 Adding doc for Sqlite3 database for Jruby platform #jruby
bf588c6 2011-06-16 Mysql bump
e909fa4 2011-06-06 Fix for CI server. Dependent on RAILS_ENV=development
077ffe0 2011-06-06 loading_test.rb with RAILS_ENV=development
710dfff 2011-06-06 framework_test.rb also dependent on RAILS_ENV=development
596f6ec 2011-06-05 Loading multi_json instead of i18n gem.
42b8fb1 2011-06-01 Import => java_import performance test #jruby
68fc6ba 2011-06-01 Indented as required.
88813e1 2011-06-01 Fixing XMLMini_JDOM
425c892 2011-06-01 Fixed tests for JDOM. File From Xml is working now
60c9b7b 2011-06-01 Using java_import instead of import. Need with rake 0.9.0
98cd7ca 2011-06-01 Loading files if PLATFORM available.
7f34d5b 2011-06-01 Adding comment
69bad8f 2011-05-22 Let's load jruby-openssl now for all. #jruby
40e3377 2011-05-21 Removal require again from tests.
f72f591 2011-05-20 Not updating rubyforge for new versions. Result of "gem ...
36e330b 2011-05-19 Sprockets version update.
e3eaeb4 2011-05-19 Example Usage updated for actionpack and actionmailer.
8630cd4 2011-05-19 README updated for for => each
28cf893 2011-05-18 Putting back mysql2 and sqlite3 in database.yml docs. In...
ed119aa 2011-05-17 Fixed InnerJoinAssociationTest. Need to load essays fixt...
565865e 2011-05-16 Link changes lighthouse to github
546db69 2011-05-14 Fixed failing tests for namespaced_generators_test. in 1...
e72a6f8 2011-05-13 Test added for getting route segment values
975fd56 2011-05-13 rack-mount gem updated.
9870afb 2011-05-10 Some readme fixes as required.
4addc99 2011-05-07 Updated change log for jdbc* adapters template.
976a9d9 2011-05-05 Grouped the ruby-prof into test.
745c9f3 2011-05-05 Removing from duplicate places. Only in Ruby platform ne...
2f331fd 2011-05-05 Adding jruby-openssl in Gemfile by default. #jruby
dd9200c 2011-05-04 Fixed tests for new_plugin_generator.
ffc9374 2011-04-27 Minor fixes in databases.rake
8fd9982 2011-04-27 Allowing jdbcsqlite3 to drop database, clone structure. ...
c810281 2011-04-26 Re-factored database.rake to allow Jdbcpostgresql. #jruby
348b5b9 2011-04-25 Using sass directly as new version is out.
253ba77 2011-04-25 Database creation for jdbcpostgresql #jruby
51854de 2011-04-23 Adding jdbcsqlite3 name in comment.
d59a950 2011-04-23 Looks more friendly.
b335533 2011-04-23 jdbcsqlite3 support added into template. #jruby
d42e43b 2011-04-22 Fixed images path in plugin_new_generator
6cea243 2011-04-22 Start Adding jdbcmysql support to new rails template.
eb59929 2011-04-22 Images path fixed in test.
92537b8 2011-04-18 File should be open in read/write mode. When doing lock ...
d1f10e7 2011-04-17 Test failing with Jruby "uninitialized constant TestJSON...