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#21 Arun Agrawal - Rails 3.1.1
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Hash Date Message
32df5b6 2011-10-01 Warning Use of :: in void context Warning removed
2d4ac4f 2011-09-18 fixed test for JRuby.
4d2089c 2011-09-17 Bump AR-JDBC version.
1ca38c6 2011-09-10 Warnings removed unused variables. Please don't add them
38c7a67 2011-09-10 Adding assert for "test_form_for_with_isolated_namespace...
1b1bd6c 2011-09-05 Sort here to make sure the order is ok.
c0f73be 2011-09-04 Changelog updated for find_in_batches fix.
e8761b3 2011-09-04 We need to recorder here. Need to drop the order from de...
5df885e 2011-09-04 We can't simply check the first line of the
8be13b5 2011-09-04 require bcrypt to pass the test
f397ced 2011-09-04 stop circular require warnings
9859928 2011-09-04 Modified content in guides and comments
009a0f8 2011-09-04 Warnings removed for "assert_match /" Please do
2a959d8 2011-09-04 Warnings removed for unused variables.
891d0d7 2011-09-03 We need to check here for the table name.
df01e2e 2011-09-03 Warning removed.
e7eba93 2011-09-03 pg does not allow aliases in the having clause, but func...
dcb5f2b 2011-08-25 Yes we need this to pass the test. we are using config.l...