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#21 Arun Agrawal - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 137 commits

Hash Date Message
8dc8926 2011-12-22 [docs] added missing "}" fixes #4126
490c00b 2011-12-20 It should be README.rdoc fixes #4067
ff502d9 2011-12-18 Warning removed in test
1e50af9 2011-12-18 No need 'abstract_unit' here. It's already in 'generator...
4fac64b 2011-12-17 Fixed test "ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments(1 f...
23334be 2011-12-17 warning removed "warning: instance variable @variable_fo...
aa39149 2011-12-16 Warning removed "warning: (...) interpreted as grouped e...
ac4763f 2011-12-04 SQlite3 Bump
c4f1868 2011-12-03 Simplifying test in app/generator
3d550e5 2011-12-02 Added doc about pluck for active_support core ext
9a59475 2011-12-02 indentation fix warning
9f623e2 2011-12-02 [Docs] Information about ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions...
330db28 2011-12-02 Adding information about ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions
8ef1ec4 2011-11-28 global variable `$rails_rake_task' not initialized Warni...
e7dff9c 2011-11-28 Revert "fixed typo in getting started form_for for comme...
28e3935 2011-11-27 [Docs] Adding RequestId middleware in configuring middle...
0ce64ba 2011-11-27 Documentation about config.log_level config options
cd6c567 2011-11-26 Tests added for monday and sunday
fc20d6b 2011-11-26 Let's say this 3.1.3 instead of 3.1.1 in docs
9817a8b 2011-11-26 Warning removed unused variable
13847cc 2011-11-22 Bump Mysql2!
be9d3a2 2011-11-20 Bump Arel
d806ea2 2011-11-19 Warning removed for shadowing variable
c3ae1d2 2011-11-17 It should be @calculated_ip not @calculate_ip
5ccd9bc 2011-11-17 No need to `readlines` then `join`, just use `read` :heart:
76b6027 2011-11-15 Unused variable removed
f642724 2011-11-09 CHANGELOG =>
5f826ea 2011-11-09 Refactor test:uncommitted task.
fe67501 2011-11-08 Should be checking if file exists or not.
b3175f6 2011-11-08 Warnings removed.
b53f77e 2011-11-08 CHANGELOG to
6da5586 2011-11-04 Fix test as one more has_many added
3fa8f36 2011-10-29 method redefined warning removed!
0c7c1db 2011-10-29 ActiveRecord is no more in controller directory.
95d9c12 2011-10-27 More checks for instance writers.
80fc29f 2011-10-27 Adding more checks for instance_writer false
485b996 2011-10-27 Test fix Allow instances to disable record_timestamps
b6fc412 2011-10-24 Unused variable removed
244dcfe 2011-10-24 ActionPack test fix for RBX
c930170 2011-10-22 No need to check ruby version here
bc5d334 2011-10-22 Using middleware name to show proper name in the info
50dfd58 2011-10-22 Warnings removed from RequestIdTest
4ea21b6 2011-10-22 Updated rack version in docs for 3.2
6d5b92c 2011-10-22 Rails version to 3.2.0.beta in docs
50be423 2011-10-22 Middleware details updated for 3.2
c495cbc 2011-10-21 Checking blank if tag might coming nil or blank
5c5d5b3 2011-10-20 Adding ActionDispatch::RequestId in middleware test
124bb17 2011-10-18 Bump Rack to 1.3.5
91be318 2011-10-17 Bump sprockets
af7eeaa 2011-10-10 ambiguous first argument; put parentheses or even spaces...
ca219a2 2011-10-09 Warnings removed when running with 1.9.3
2886513 2011-10-09 URI.escape is obsolete : warning removed
6c9090d 2011-10-08 Sqlnet should also be ignored into the app gitignore
1e8feb8 2011-10-08 sqlnet.log file to gitignore. Generates when running wit...
34d950b 2011-10-08 Fixed for tests! for wrong argument
b30ffbb 2011-10-01 Use of :: in void context Warning removed
b0b436e 2011-09-30 warning removed : '&' interpreted as argument prefix
e81c427 2011-09-30 possibly useless use of :: in void context Warning removed
d589d9f 2011-09-18 fix test error when running with postgresql.
afa78fe 2011-09-17 Fixed test for JRuby.
b2bf725 2011-09-17 Bump AR-JDBC version.
abbd27f 2011-09-10 No need to use </form> here. It's already in whole_form ...
fb73be8 2011-09-10 Not used variables removed. Warnings removed.
5e35d62 2011-09-05 Uglifier bump
76e9401 2011-09-05 Sort here to make sure the order is ok.
9066e34 2011-09-04 We need to recorder here. Need to drop the order from de...
fc5e3ff 2011-09-04 We can't simply check the first line of the backtrace,
a6c6022 2011-09-04 Modified content in guides and comments
c8d0dc3 2011-09-04 Warnings removed for "assert_match /" Please do
34618e6 2011-09-04 Warnings removed for using shadow variable.
bf4117a 2011-09-03 Need to add here to pass the test
651ef61 2011-08-26 Removed Unused Variable.
a840172 2011-08-25 Yes we need this to pass the test. we are using config.l...
83eec4c 2011-08-15 Requiring delegate.
45ccd64 2011-08-15 Unused variable removed.
10b99f2 2011-08-15 Need to include public_send
ac287b2 2011-08-13 Adding Basic file for ActiveModel. @vatrai and @sukeerth...
30ef55d 2011-08-13 Removing extra requires from the test. Already loaded in...
3d2bda9 2011-08-13 magic comment test only if encoding_aware?.
1deb025 2011-08-13 Test add for plugin new generator generate mailer
0e715d0 2011-08-13 Rack::Sendfile is no more default middleware.
8015acf 2011-08-13 Adding more info as rake about is fixed
5bc87cc 2011-08-13 We need [] method here. previously it's an array.
8196c84 2011-08-12 We actually don't need a reverse_merge! here. dup remove...
f635998 2011-08-04 Adding more info as rake about is fixed
8362b07 2011-08-04 Rack::Sendfile is no more default middleware.
60af023 2011-08-04 Extra "l" removed before h2.
3c7b29d 2011-08-03 Test added to check mass_assignment_sanitizer is not pre...
ec7457e 2011-07-31 Removing extra requires from the test. Already loaded in...
329409d 2011-07-30 magic comment test only if encoding_aware?.
4fe2c99 2011-07-29 Test add for plugin new generator generate mailer
0fb0973 2011-07-23 For svn files also spilt required
7d9cf9a 2011-07-23 Spliting the ouput of git ls-files for running tasks Fix...
fbf4bee 2011-07-21 This conditions is required to work with database create...
d4f4626 2011-07-17 Checking with to_s. As regexp fail with 1.8.7
24d67cc 2011-07-17 As we are adding db folder in it. Required in test also.
2b046e7 2011-06-28 fix test when running Jruby. If Jruby Platform is availa...
cd48bd2 2011-06-28 Using not effected timezone in tests.
8c1f62a 2011-06-28 No need to register again. As it's default now.
1b95717 2011-06-28 Fix test to use Mime::Zip
4700e1f 2011-06-25 StringToParameterizeWithNoSeparator: dashed parameter wi...
deb60a7 2011-06-23 Using slice for instead of gsub to pass with 1.8.7
3534ea8 2011-06-22 Tests added when no option is given with #jruby. It shou...
b2a19ad 2011-06-22 Making tests according to the changes #jruby
b7bce73 2011-06-22 Test added for jdbc-adapter
d3b7f49 2011-06-20 Closing </yaml>
41aba82 2011-06-19 Removing require_relative gem. Linecache new version 0.4...
13f8b28 2011-06-16 Using lib/assets only. Javascripts/Stylesheets people ca...
536e156 2011-06-16 Bump mysql2 to 0.3.5
0bdeddb 2011-06-15 Jruby => JRuby, Mysql => MySQL
57ace98 2011-06-15 Moving hint down. As required after all database examples.
8f05a2f 2011-06-15 Using "Finally" at the end of database section.
900dbca 2011-06-15 Added Doc for Postgresql database with Jruby Platform. #...
aed8537 2011-06-15 Added doc for Mysql database with Jruby platform #jruby
d5b1cf5 2011-06-15 Adding doc for Sqlite3 database for Jruby platform #jruby
5d78d81 2011-06-06 Fix for CI server. Dependent on RAILS_ENV=development
8e51383 2011-06-05 loading_test.rb with RAILS_ENV=development
11d41e8 2011-06-05 framework_test.rb also dependent on RAILS_ENV=development
0695eb6 2011-06-03 Test added for namedscope target.
7d447c4 2011-06-01 Adding comment
85f9a5c 2011-05-31 sprockets gem update to beta9
e04f2c1 2011-05-31 Opening class CascadedEagerLoadingTest at once.
2e57b66 2011-05-31 Adding comment to work with 1.8.7. Nested Attribute fix.
cfb5f1b 2011-05-31 Fix nested attribute for memory record.
0094351 2011-05-26 Adding tests for file_from_xml for XmlMini_JDOM #jruby
d164663 2011-05-26 Adding __content__ into XmlMini_JDOM
5d89675 2011-05-25 Database.rake file fixed for load_generators
d9204c1 2011-05-25 Using load_generators
c302670 2011-05-25 fixed test_deliver_is_notified need base_mailer
8e55d3e 2011-05-25 Fixed failing tests for generators_test
ed4f2b9 2011-05-24 import to java_import.
89da0d3 2011-05-24 Using java_import instead of import. Need to do this wit...
f75df05 2011-05-24 Not loading file if PLATFORM not available.
531095e 2011-05-23 We don't need to load version any more as Sprockets.beta...
4c99f32 2011-05-21 Not loading ruby-debug specially.
b85694f 2011-05-21 Loading action_controller twice removed.
1ffc306 2011-05-21 No more need rubygems here.