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#21 Arun Agrawal - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 84 commits

Hash Date Message
e1fbf7f 2013-06-06 As we have moved to rails/docrails from lifo/docrails
9be7ad9 2013-04-01 Turning on warnings in "rake test" for railties
d67f761 2013-03-25 Skipping test for OpenSSL::PKCS5 JRuby
28afe45 2013-03-22 StringIO is not required by default in JRuby
106e159 2013-03-15 Warning removed unused variable task_name
53ea940 2013-01-20 Removing warning: shadowing outer local variable
c936218 2013-01-17 Removing : warning: ambiguous first argument;
92ab7ac 2012-12-30 warning removed: shadowing outer local variable
f71aa35 2012-12-28 Remove 'assigned but unused variable' warning
601cc60 2012-12-13 Fixed test names for generated_attribute_test.rb
4a7a858 2012-11-20 Initialize accessors to remove some warnings in Ruby 2.0
5ff5cce 2012-11-11 Removing warning : ambiguous first argument
c33c991 2012-11-10 Removing warning : assigned but unused variable
d065938 2012-11-01 Small change to remove warning unused variable.
ea14e76 2012-10-16 redcarpet gem will not work with JRuby!
11f01be 2012-10-12 warning removed: shadowing outer local variable - value
fdc4c84 2012-10-11 No need to test for rack-cache present in Gemfile
3121ac0 2012-10-10 warning fixed: ambiguous first argument; put parentheses...
2105167 2012-10-01 warning fixed: (...) interpreted as grouped expression
3e4458b 2012-09-17 Fix build for Queue.
ff04bb8 2012-09-15 Few more warnings removed.
948a055 2012-09-14 warning removed: shadowing outer local variable - message
5138a30 2012-09-14 Build fix for ActionMailer
a28efd8 2012-09-12 Fix build Rails.queue
84a52c6 2012-09-12 warning removed.
b7a695c 2012-09-09 removed warning: shadowing outer local variable
7bed3ab 2012-09-06 More fixes for action pack tests with Dalli.
dd62069 2012-09-06 Let's run action pack tests with Dalli
72bcd9e 2012-08-28 removed : warning: `*' interpreted as argument prefix
1f5f5cf 2012-08-27 More fixes for action pack tests with Dalli.
834a5a9 2012-08-27 Let's run action pack tests with Dalli
88f8081 2012-08-05 Remove warning: `*' interpreted as argument prefix
6f6111e 2012-06-21 Removed warnings.
ddf58fa 2012-06-12 Need a assert here in tests
05558a4 2012-06-10 Build fix broken here 03f2249153ae4d2078646e6796d8b9e5ef...
5fa8728 2012-06-08 We should not include engine.rake file into rake
cbfcabc 2012-06-08 Removed protected as we already doing it above.
a48b3f1 2012-05-31 Add code statistics for Javascript and
397e47d 2012-05-30 Unused variable warning removed.
05f8802 2012-05-30 More assert_match warnings fixed.
4646b2e 2012-05-30 Warnings removed for "assert_match /".
3335cb7 2012-05-29 JRuby return different Array for module contents.
22e3177 2012-05-13 Need to include "OutputSaftyHelper" here to prevent
91c26e8 2012-05-13 Fixed ruby-prof changes and let's use latest ruby-prof now.
757a0ce 2012-05-08 Adding test for humans.txt
9250e24 2012-05-07 Locking ruby-prof for now.
1cfa34f 2012-05-02 Fix build for railties generators
1206e88 2012-05-02 build fix for SharedGeneratorTests
7f24807 2012-04-30 build fix for observing_test.rb
f56d4de 2012-04-30 Build fix for observed_classes
bca1458 2012-04-30 railties variable is not required here.
68aadbc 2012-04-26 Shadowing variable warning removed
42b8bd5 2012-04-24 Upgrading mocha 0.11.2
57baa0e 2012-04-16 fixed broken build after multi_json upgrade
ba3e275 2012-04-16 fix scaffold_generator_test.rb and model_generator_test.rb
dab9638 2012-03-31 warning removed: `&' interpreted as argument prefix
27a8e69 2012-03-31 no more deprecation required.
6a24082 2012-03-31 No more BufferedLogger so it can be LoggerTest
40c38d9 2012-03-31 warning removed: (...) interpreted as grouped expression
4cd0b4e 2012-03-27 removed unused variables
ef864c3 2012-03-24 removed warning: shadowing outer local variable - exception
62e0337 2012-03-18 Build fix for app_generator_test.rb
3c81045 2012-03-06 warning fix : mismatched indentations at 'end' with 'case'
d03076f 2012-02-25 put and patch both are allowed for update
bfb84cf 2012-02-03 Verbose output for tests.
1d3bc50 2012-02-01 No verbose the output for tests.
74a191d 2012-02-01 Build fix when running isolated test
ae3b015 2012-01-31 warning removed: mismatched indentations
ae0b472 2012-01-31 warning removed: shadowing outer local variable - klass
88eede2 2012-01-23 Unused var removed
29b5e5f 2011-12-27 Revert "This conditions is required to work with databas...
cc45032 2011-12-23 [docs] pluck docs reverted for activesupport
08f3645 2011-12-22 [docs] Added missing "}" fixes #4126
a3c1dc2 2011-12-21 removed warning "warning: ambiguous first argument; put ...
0f510e9 2011-12-21 Using uuid which is supported in 1.9
e3c383c 2011-12-21 More tests deep including through habtm
7276fc6 2011-12-21 'with_kcode' removed.
de78c7e 2011-12-21 Removed test which works only < 1.9
b4073c9 2011-12-21 No Ruby 1.8 stuff. No more checks in code.
ec26dd0 2011-12-20 No need to check here now for < 1.9.3
c01124e 2011-12-20 Removal dead code from my side :-)
568777b 2011-12-20 It should be README.rdoc fixes #4067
1bc6467 2011-12-20 [docs] Ruby upgrade
ff573c4 2011-12-20 4.0.0.beta now :-)