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#21 Arun Agrawal - Rails 4.0.1
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Hash Date Message
64ce091 2013-08-02 Using URI.parser.unescape to avoid warnings
5b9f667 2013-07-17 Fixed README link in API [ci skip]
fafe47e 2013-07-17 Fixed typo in guides [ci skip]
61d3138 2013-07-17 Added routing in test for actionpack
078bc2f 2013-07-17 Running isolated tests
110a3d3 2013-07-15 No need to add config for x_sendfile_header
7f96bb0 2013-06-27 README update for code links [ci skip]
a87fc1a 2013-06-06 As we have moved to rails/docrails from lifo/docrails
2f00e75 2013-06-05 Unused variable warning removed