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#66 Bogdan Gusiev - Rails 3.2.0
Showing 23 commits

Hash Date Message
40c8aa7 2012-01-03 AS::Callbacks: remove __define_runner
5b8d270 2012-01-03 Refactor AS::Callbacks
4e8286f 2012-01-03 AS::Callbacks: improved __define_runner performance
9f8f4c2 2012-01-03 AS::Callbacks: improve __define_runner perfomance
a382d60 2011-11-30 ActiveRecord::Relation#pluck method
8483c7c 2011-11-11 AS::Callbacks::Callback#_compile_option refactored
08cc49b 2011-11-10 AS::Callbacks.__run_keyed_callback: remove unused cache
bf6e29e 2011-11-10 AS::Callbacks#_define_runner refactored
f2f05da 2011-08-25 Moved strict validation changelog entry to right place
cbb1479 2011-08-25 Typo fix
afe04da 2011-08-24 Add change log entry on strict validation
a5e925c 2011-08-24 Add strict validation example to guides
8620bf9 2011-08-17 Implemented strict validation concept
f86f770 2011-08-13 MassAssignmentProtection: consider 'id' insensetive in S...
b93a918 2011-07-28 MassAssignmentProtection: consider 'id' insensetive in S...
0fab8c3 2011-07-07 Rails app template: setup different mass assignment sani...
e7bec4e 2011-07-05 Fixed AR::Relation#sum compatibility with Array#sum
8ba0c1a 2011-07-05 Fixed CollectionAssociation#find to be compatible with A...
0fdac01 2011-06-30 Fixed ActionView::FormOptionsHelper#select with :multipl...
69fdfab 2011-06-17 Select tag helpers: remove some code dups
faba406 2011-06-08 Fixing select[multiple] html specification problem.
aa2639e 2011-05-30 ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity.mass_assignment_sani...
c7567c9 2011-05-26 MassAssignmentSecurity: add ability to specify your own ...