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#67 Bogdan Gusiev - Rails 4.0.0
Showing 49 commits

Hash Date Message
046e27a 2013-01-06 Simplify code in AS json encoder
fa73cf7 2012-11-21 Fix postgresql adapter to handle bc timestamps correctly
3cb0f3f 2012-11-10 Do not create useless database transaction when building...
f11fc73 2012-09-10 Revert "Changelog entry for PR #7560"
ca80067 2012-09-10 Changelog entry for PR #7560
6777f7b 2012-09-07 AS::Callbacks: deprecate monkey patch of object callbacks
79a0c8c 2012-08-10 RouteSet: refactor internals
2e4f798 2012-08-06 AM::Validation#validates: ability to pass custom excepti...
9e03c6a 2012-08-04 RouteSet: cleanup some unneeded compexity
d89161e 2012-08-04 Renamed _path_segments to _recall
422b3d7 2012-08-04 Simplify logical statement
92641ef 2012-07-31 AR::Relation#order: make new order prepend old one
fd0004b 2012-07-29 More polite cleanup for sqlite tests
c175563 2012-07-10 AM::Validations: remove documentation duplicates
88230b7 2012-06-26 AS::Callbacks: deprecate monkey patch code
911a085 2012-05-18 AS::Callbacks: fix run_callbacks for objects with negati...
8a72e7e 2012-05-17 AS::Callbacks: simplify logical statement
30b31f5 2012-05-16 AS::Callbacks remove useless code, improve performance
1ab0523 2012-05-03 RouteSet: optimize routes generation when globbing is used
da88d80 2012-05-02 RouteSet: remove some code dups
02f2e3d 2012-05-02 ActionPack routes: remove some useless code.
ce5c2b8 2012-05-02 ActionPack: remove tests for hash_for_* methods
764f69e 2012-04-27 AS::Callbacks optimized to reduce call backtrace
0129499 2012-04-24 ActionDispatch::HTTP::Url#url_for refactor method
65ec1e9 2012-04-24 RouteSet: decomplecting a way to handle positional args
15c5060 2012-04-24 RouteSet: simplify routes helpers generation code
ef7815b 2012-04-23 Add missing requires in routes
791251b 2012-03-15 ActiveRecord::Core#initialize: improve performance
7d1379f 2012-03-14 AM::MassAssingmentSecurity: improve performance
10bac29 2012-02-22 AS::Callbacks: deprecate rescuable option
534dc4c 2012-02-20 AM::Errors: allow :full_messages parameter for #as_json
f1a3e7b 2012-02-16 ActionDispatch: add missing test for callbacks
a379cb2 2012-02-08 AR::Relation#pluck: improve to work with joins
24b75fc 2012-02-05 AS::Callbacks: remove unused code
4f53091 2012-02-04 AS::Callbacks: rip out per_key option.
7661955 2012-02-03 AS::Callbacks: :skip_after_callbacks_if_terminated option
1c61f7e 2012-02-03 AC::Callbacks: remove usage of :per_key option from filters
a21b577 2012-01-17 AS::Callbacks: Refactor :per_key option
19357a7 2012-01-12 AS::Callbacks: remove unused runner
30468f5 2012-01-07 Fixed after_initialize callbacks call on AR model #dup
c4ceee8 2012-01-02 Fixed path to local gemfile.
2a78886 2011-12-30 AS::Callbacks: remove __define_runner
99433e4 2011-12-28 Refactor AS::Callbacks
7e75dc5 2011-12-25 AS::Callbacks: improved __define_runner performance
66a587c 2011-12-25 AS::Callbacks: improve __define_runner perfomance
150217f 2011-12-23 AM::MAS.attr_protected: rework usage example.
46ec756 2011-12-22 Fixed AM::MasAsSec.attr_protected usage example.
24a6609 2011-12-22 Fix AM::MassAssignementSecurity doc
3dc80b7 2011-11-15 AS::Callbacks::Callback refactor