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#130 Brian Lopez - Rails 3.0.0
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Hash Date Message
ce04ea9 2010-08-23 mysql2 adapter is being maintained in the mysql2 gem itself
ab64dc9 2010-08-23 no need to depend on mysql2 master anymore
7dbc99e 2010-08-21 reload bob after his journy to a new timezone
2d68183 2010-08-09 move mysql2 adapter into core
b02751c 2010-08-09 ignore this test for mysql2
3ccf350 2010-08-09 skip the before_type_cast_on_datetime test entirely for ...
98384b1 2010-08-09 typo
a263a8f 2010-08-09 update tests for mysql2 support
bf2ee89 2010-05-04 add support for mysql2 adapter to dbconsole
7aad851 2010-05-04 Allow pre-casted values (other than nil) to pass through...
a96bf4a 2010-02-05 Add yajl-ruby as a JSON parsing backend
69bc204 2009-06-09 enable *real* IO parsing for the libxml, nokogiri and re...
b0de061 2009-05-17 Allow ParamsParser to parse YAML from the request body I...
53dda29 2009-05-17 Add support for parsing XML and JSON from an IO as well ...