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#131 Brian Lopez - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
89adadd 2011-06-17 bump mysql2 to 0.3.6
d2b1340 2011-06-16 bump mysql2 version
7b04e50 2011-06-16 on second thought, lets keep casting on by default. it c...
aeb7beb 2011-06-14 mysql2 casting changes require mysql2 >= 0.3.3
e56567c 2011-06-14 Turn off eager casting for mysql2, so ActiveRecord can l...
7eb554b 2011-02-13 switch over to Mysql2::Client#ping for the mysql2 connec...
6d796a7 2010-08-23 mysql2 adapter is being maintained in the mysql2 gem itself
bde3d7f 2010-08-23 no need to depend on mysql2 master anymore
82e389e 2010-08-21 reload bob after his journy to a new timezone
1888555 2010-08-09 move mysql2 adapter into core
94cff67 2010-08-09 ignore this test for mysql2
ee9c950 2010-08-09 bringing over latest from master
d8b9011 2010-08-02 skip the before_type_cast_on_datetime test entirely for ...
42035fd 2010-08-02 move reload after touch
ab64499 2010-08-02 reload the owner model after update
954de99 2010-08-02 Merge branch 'master' into mysql2
2353e82 2010-08-02 typo
21e81da 2010-08-02 update tests for mysql2 support