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#443 Brooks Reese - All time
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Hash Date Message
8e94137 13 Aug 2015 [ci skip] SQL is written using statements, not sentences
61004e2 12 Aug 2015 [ci skip] Removed link to - site closed
5d11fc4 12 Aug 2015 [ci skip] Swap ruby -v and the installation tip
f5c3f41 11 Aug 2015 [ci skip] Fix broken link markup
ab36031 10 Aug 2015 [ci skip] Add link to testing guide
c939bb7 10 Aug 2015 [ci skip] Modify introduction text and bullets to be con...
0082ffe 09 Aug 2015 [ci skip] Note that each action maps to a specific CRUD ...
4445e79 08 Aug 2015 [ci skip] Give in-depth explanation of migrations vs. se...
1a0e8e0 05 Dec 2014 Fix sentence structure [ci skip]
3e9c16a 05 Dec 2014 Fix grammar in Rakefile markup [ci skip]