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#24 Carl Lerche - Rails 3.0.4
Showing 15 commits

Hash Date Message
dd3afdd 2010-11-19 Raise an ArgumentError when passing an invalid argument ...
22f8253 2010-11-17 Anchors should be allowed on constraints that are not on...
a46b777 2010-11-17 The PRE part of the rails version is a string or nil
65b6fb8 2010-11-17 Removing the old release.rb script
1e37653 2010-11-17 Small cleanup of the release task
217a7de 2010-11-17 Add a task to tag the commit and push
161bd52 2010-11-17 Ignore the dist directory
f9bd6d8 2010-11-17 Add a task to commit the changes
b3b6c71 2010-11-17 Add some sanity checks to the gem push script
882d2c8 2010-11-16 Remove some useless comments from the release task
2bf085f 2010-11-16 Update the main Rakefile to use the new release tasks
6fb2913 2010-11-16 Add a new file containing tasks related to releasing
42ed7ed 2010-11-16 Bump up the version.rb file for ActiveRecord to 3.0.3
a27e80b 2010-11-16 Update the version.rb files to include a PRE part
9dd4db4 2010-11-16 Remove the old gem release task