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#31 Carl Lerche - Rails 3.0.4
Showing 15 commits

Hash Date Message
dd3afdd 19 Nov 2010 Raise an ArgumentError when passing an invalid argument ...
22f8253 17 Nov 2010 Anchors should be allowed on constraints that are not on...
a46b777 17 Nov 2010 The PRE part of the rails version is a string or nil
65b6fb8 17 Nov 2010 Removing the old release.rb script
1e37653 17 Nov 2010 Small cleanup of the release task
217a7de 17 Nov 2010 Add a task to tag the commit and push
161bd52 17 Nov 2010 Ignore the dist directory
f9bd6d8 17 Nov 2010 Add a task to commit the changes
b3b6c71 17 Nov 2010 Add some sanity checks to the gem push script
882d2c8 16 Nov 2010 Remove some useless comments from the release task
2bf085f 16 Nov 2010 Update the main Rakefile to use the new release tasks
6fb2913 16 Nov 2010 Add a new file containing tasks related to releasing
42ed7ed 16 Nov 2010 Bump up the version.rb file for ActiveRecord to 3.0.3
a27e80b 16 Nov 2010 Update the version.rb files to include a PRE part
9dd4db4 16 Nov 2010 Remove the old gem release task