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#24 Carl Lerche - Rails 3.1.0
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Hash Date Message
cf9324e 2011-02-06 Find all validators for multiple attributes
cd13fbd 2011-02-06 Optionally pass in the attribute being validated to an i...
e9e9ed6 2011-02-06 Be able to pass a validator method to #validates
ed7614a 2011-02-06 Provide a way to specify alternate option keys for valid...
7176ade 2011-02-05 Do not require that validation attributes be specified a...
401c183 2010-11-17 Anchors should be allowed on constraints that are not on...
1deeaf5 2010-11-17 The PRE part of the rails version is a string or nil
dab1d8d 2010-11-17 Add some sanity checks to the gem push script
6b3f521 2010-11-17 Remove some useless comments from the release task
4ff8c59 2010-11-17 Update the main Rakefile to use the new release tasks
fb5b2ba 2010-11-17 Add a new file containing tasks related to releasing
482790d 2010-11-17 Add a task to commit the changes
aa0732d 2010-11-17 Ignore the dist directory
df5fe4d 2010-11-17 Add a task to tag the commit and push
c3dd123 2010-11-17 Small cleanup of the release task
d20eab8 2010-11-17 Removing the old release.rb script
ccd2f3e 2010-11-17 Update the version.rb files to include a PRE part
7e4f9db 2010-11-17 Remove the old gem release task
69789c3 2010-10-15 #transaction on the instance level should take options a...
91ba758 2010-10-13 Update the ActiveRecord tests to not set unused options
0b6af35 2010-10-13 Update the PostgreSQL adapter documentation
941844c 2010-10-13 rb_thread_select should always be used in DB drivers whe...
1da0dc2 2010-09-23 Improve performance of applications using file uploads b...
5ff2b73 2010-09-17 Small tweak the ConditionalGet documentation
117daba 2010-09-17 Update Rails' built in routes to use RouteSet#append
7418a44 2010-09-17 Add RouteSet#append
9362ef6 2010-09-14 Require lazy_load_hooks.rb with the correct path.
d8d8334 2010-09-13 Update changelog
0fe99e8 2010-09-13 Add tests for Rack::Cache
84d0c30 2010-09-13 Allow view helper's #initialize method to be called. [#5...