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#8 Carlos Antonio da Silva - Edge
Showing 101 commits

Hash Date Message
e432714 2014-08-20 Fix failing railties tests
6e420aa 2014-08-20 Fix blank link on config/application.rb app template [ci...
156ba1b 2014-08-20 Use the released turbolinks gem
2f7ac9c 2014-08-20 Fix setting simple values to the new config.x
de48913 2014-08-19 Improve custom configuration
c9cd532 2014-08-18 Use the released beta of i18n
eb714d4 2014-08-17 Allow usage of bundle local config for rack by specifyin...
9074589 2014-08-12 Remove old setup from AS test case
c27883c 2014-08-12 Merge pull request #16472 from y-yagi/patch-1
700968e 2014-08-08 Merge pull request #16428 from tomkadwill/activerecord_a...
9a0e059 2014-08-07 Fix typo [ci skip]
82f6061 2014-08-05 Merge pull request #16404 from bogdan/move-create-with-bang
ab2a358 2014-08-05 Fix AS docs / changelog with wrong method [ci skip]
d44702e 2014-08-05 Remove unused text? predicate method and delegation
28f6b89 2014-08-05 Call public methods rather than class_eval'ing
20405e5 2014-08-01 Use available method rather than macro name checking
fe24ba8 2014-07-31 Rename method for clarity
ddb0d4b 2014-07-31 Realign assignments :scissors:
0b859df 2014-07-31 Do not reassign variable when mutation is happening
091a593 2014-07-31 Only concatenate path if it was given rather than conver...
fafff35 2014-07-31 Rename variable to better show its intent
2772471 2014-07-31 Simplify conditional
8d61463 2014-07-31 Push options check up so we can simplify internal methods
dccdee7 2014-07-31 Simplify code branch, remove #tap
a9c0eb4 2014-07-31 Avoid a new hash object
4e09c50 2014-07-31 Fix assertion arguments order
c1dadf3 2014-07-31 Avoid creating an extra hash
d97ba0d 2014-07-31 Remove unnecessary call to #tap
29a6a17 2014-07-31 Properly assert for the expected messages
811604f 2014-07-31 Avoid defining the test if it does not need to when not ...
72c96de 2014-07-31 Use default argument when testing generators without the...
bfc2b23 2014-07-31 Simplify path setup
9023e3b 2014-07-31 Simplify plugin tests a bit, leave the regexp work for m...
c8c8fe9 2014-07-31 Invert unless..else conditions on JRuby checks
dc9a682 2014-07-31 Merge pull request #16352 from gchan/remove-unnecessary-...
5d4fce6 2014-07-31 Remove some more globals from tests
32f4961 2014-07-31 Fix / improve some assertions
5fc5665 2014-07-31 Remove some globals from configuration tests
05fde24 2014-07-09 Include missing module in tag_helper
c5c0bad 2014-06-04 Merge pull request #15482 from laurocaetano/fix-regressi...
ccda54a 2014-05-31 Merge pull request #15448 from akshay-vishnoi/doc_changes
2926a9a 2014-05-25 Merge pull request #15310 from tgxworld/small_refactor_g...
c4c5801 2014-05-13 Fix assertion order and :scissors: extra spaces
c6c1642 2014-05-13 Get rid of unused method
e2ae787 2014-05-13 Simplify merge call on polymorphic helpers
d4fafeb 2014-05-11 Merge pull request #10662 from take/change-test-name-for...
33fcdff 2014-05-08 Merge pull request #14992 from fredwu/habtm_relation_siz...
b6bab2a 2014-05-05 Merge pull request #14951 from jenrzzz/module_table_name...
a8d85c4 2014-05-05 Get rid of unused method in AR Post test model
9381d82 2014-05-05 Get rid of extra local var that does not add to the logic
9b2b36f 2014-05-04 Fix examples indent and improve #process docs a bit [ci ...
3561565 2014-05-04 Use the reader attribute rather than the instance var wh...
c61eebd 2014-05-04 Simplify building options hash in rename column method f...
9aa63b2 2014-05-04 Get rid of conditional since column_for handles raising now
816efac 2014-05-04 Simplify unless conditional with OR
872a17d 2014-05-04 Convert column name to string only once
add9560 2014-05-03 Remove duplicated fixture addition
c588850 2014-05-03 Refactor test to not care about the specific result of v...
2b6e305 2014-05-03 Add missing require to fix test :bomb:
8828916 2014-05-03 Add branch to arel on Gemfile to allow local bundle conf...
dbaceba 2014-05-02 Move dup destroyed test to specific file that tests dup ...
9a8af0c 2014-04-10 Only call uniq on the conditional that actually needs it
cf0e44c 2014-04-10 Remove extra collect call
70c83f4 2014-04-07 Remove useless begin..end
5aa4157 2014-04-02 Fix cookie serializer docs
654dd04 2014-04-02 Move require to actual file
5cf456a 2014-03-27 Merge pull request #14505 from davefp/patch-1
a2a7f8b 2014-03-20 Merge pull request #14271 from akshay-vishnoi/fixes
656f4f2 2014-03-20 Remove extra indirection for testing exceptions and mess...
97229c6 2014-03-20 Remove some indirection in rake dbs test
66dc576 2014-03-20 Check if the output is empty rather than asserting for e...
bebe4a9 2014-03-20 Improve touch docs with extra attributes passed in [ci s...
140ea22 2014-03-20 Merge pull request #14423 from yakko/persistence-touches...
e0235c3 2014-03-20 Refactor assertion of line numbers matching 4 spaces
29aff93 2014-03-20 Move booting/loading tasks setup to the rake notes helpe...
9c5c0bc 2014-03-20 Extract rake notes command and lines scan boilerplate
3a3a386 2014-03-20 Remove extra space assertion
dcf7a16 2014-03-20 Extract common setup for loading tasks in rake notes tests
1330274 2014-03-17 Fix assertions
bae7f1d 2014-03-14 Obey `validate: false` option for habtm
13cdb5f 2014-03-14 Avoid duplicated conditionals
80b27c2 2014-03-10 Merge pull request #11616 from arunagw/removed-applicati...
45efd0e 2014-03-08 Move changelog entry to the top, highlight module name [...
ab1bd7c 2014-03-04 Always return an array from formats so there is no need ...
8ed0f54 2014-03-04 Inline block to fix indent [ci skip]
7231a13 2014-03-04 Use 1.9 style hash on docs [ci skip]
8b1ccd5 2014-03-04 Simplify handling of defaults/options in button_tag
ffcc617 2014-03-03 Merge pull request #14258 from shuhei/fix_deep_munge_log
34c74f8 2014-02-27 Fix concerning module reference [ci skip]
c20fe91 2014-02-27 Pass strings to demodulize method
89b4b51 2014-02-26 Merge pull request #14149 from tjschuck/bcrypt_gem_rename
1d298bd 2014-02-26 Remove inclusion of rubysl gem for rbx on generated Gemfile
7c2ce04 2014-02-25 Merge pull request #14200 from spencer1248/fix_typo_in_a...
7aa500d 2014-02-25 Optimize getting started guide images, and use png inste...
c023a6f 2014-02-25 :scissors: [ci skip]
71b3910 2014-02-25 Point master changelogs to 4-1-stable branch
2403869 2014-02-24 Group assets options in production env template
467cb90 2014-02-21 Merge pull request #14140 from WojtekKruszewski/optimize...
53d7b2f 2014-02-20 Merge pull request #14129 from joankaradimov/fix-render-...
1774618 2014-02-20 Merge pull request #14120 from gregmolnar/guides
20c3b4b 2013-01-30 Merge pull request #9123 from renatosnrg/3-0-stable