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#8 Carlos Antonio da Silva - This month
Showing 16 commits

Hash Date Message
e432714 2014-08-20 Fix failing railties tests
6e420aa 2014-08-20 Fix blank link on config/application.rb app template [ci...
156ba1b 2014-08-20 Use the released turbolinks gem
2f7ac9c 2014-08-20 Fix setting simple values to the new config.x
de48913 2014-08-19 Improve custom configuration
c9cd532 2014-08-18 Use the released beta of i18n
eb714d4 2014-08-17 Allow usage of bundle local config for rack by specifyin...
9074589 2014-08-12 Remove old setup from AS test case
c27883c 2014-08-12 Merge pull request #16472 from y-yagi/patch-1
700968e 2014-08-08 Merge pull request #16428 from tomkadwill/activerecord_a...
9a0e059 2014-08-07 Fix typo [ci skip]
82f6061 2014-08-05 Merge pull request #16404 from bogdan/move-create-with-bang
ab2a358 2014-08-05 Fix AS docs / changelog with wrong method [ci skip]
d44702e 2014-08-05 Remove unused text? predicate method and delegation
28f6b89 2014-08-05 Call public methods rather than class_eval'ing
20405e5 2014-08-01 Use available method rather than macro name checking