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#8 Carlos Antonio da Silva - This week
Showing 23 commits

Hash Date Message
20405e5 2014-08-01 Use available method rather than macro name checking
fe24ba8 2014-07-31 Rename method for clarity
ddb0d4b 2014-07-31 Realign assignments :scissors:
0b859df 2014-07-31 Do not reassign variable when mutation is happening
091a593 2014-07-31 Only concatenate path if it was given rather than conver...
fafff35 2014-07-31 Rename variable to better show its intent
2772471 2014-07-31 Simplify conditional
8d61463 2014-07-31 Push options check up so we can simplify internal methods
dccdee7 2014-07-31 Simplify code branch, remove #tap
a9c0eb4 2014-07-31 Avoid a new hash object
4e09c50 2014-07-31 Fix assertion arguments order
c1dadf3 2014-07-31 Avoid creating an extra hash
d97ba0d 2014-07-31 Remove unnecessary call to #tap
29a6a17 2014-07-31 Properly assert for the expected messages
811604f 2014-07-31 Avoid defining the test if it does not need to when not ...
72c96de 2014-07-31 Use default argument when testing generators without the...
bfc2b23 2014-07-31 Simplify path setup
9023e3b 2014-07-31 Simplify plugin tests a bit, leave the regexp work for m...
c8c8fe9 2014-07-31 Invert unless..else conditions on JRuby checks
dc9a682 2014-07-31 Merge pull request #16352 from gchan/remove-unnecessary-...
5d4fce6 2014-07-31 Remove some more globals from tests
32f4961 2014-07-31 Fix / improve some assertions
5fc5665 2014-07-31 Remove some globals from configuration tests